University of Chicago

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Adam Anthony Zoology1952 Carl Richard Moore (grad student)
Earl Philip Bendittexperimental pathology1943 Paul Roberts Cannon (research assistant)
Philip M. Bestcalcium channels Lincoln E. Ford (post-doc)
Francisco BezanillaStructure-Function in Voltage Dependent Ionic Channels and Transport proteins
Arthur B. Chapman1931 Sewall Wright (grad student)
Herman Burleigh Chase1938 Sewall Wright (grad student)
Philip Bigelow Dunhamphysiology Zoology1962 H. Burr Steinbach (grad student)
T P. Feng19291930 Ralph Gerard (grad student)
Michael Frederic GuyerCytology1900 Charles Otis Whitman (grad student)
Clarence Martin Jackson19001901 Henry Herbert Donaldson (grad student)
George Karremanmathematical biology and mathematical biophysics, membrane biophysics, photosynthetic mechanisms, quantum biochemistry and quantum biophysics, biological energy transfer, quantum biology, physiological irritability1951 Nicolas Rashevsky (grad student)
Robert I. Maceymembrane transport, human physiology1955 Herbert Daniel Landahl (grad student)
Steven Marston1976 Edwin W. Taylor (post-doc)
Erma Anita Smith Physiology1926 Anton Julius Carlson (grad student)
Alfred Strickholminstrumentation design to permit intra-cellular and voltammetric recording from small neurons to determine synaptic pharmacological pathways and interactions in neuronal systems; redesign of the single electrode voltage and current clamp1960 Julian Tobias (grad student)