University of Washington, Seattle

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Earl Philip Bendittexperimental pathology
Philip M. Bestcalcium channels Bertil Hille (research assistant)
P. Bryant ChaseMuscle physiology and biophysics; cell & molecular biomechanics of cardiac and skeletal muscle; bionanotechnology Physiology and Biophysics19882001 Albert M. Gordon (collaborator)
Kevin Edward Conley
Clement Alfred Finchhematology
Albert M. Gordonmuscle contraction
William Olaf HancockBioengineering, Biophysics, Cell Biology Physiology and Biophysics19941999 Lee Lawrence Huntsman (grad student), Jonathon Howard (post-doc), Albert M. Gordon (grad student)
Bertil HilleIon channels Donner F. Babcock (collaborator)
Lee Lawrence Huntsman
Bruce R. Itoin-vivo cardiovascular19781983 Eric Otto Feigl (grad student)
Thomas Q. NhanPathology, Immunology, Cell Biology2008 Stephen Mark Schwartz (grad student)
Stephen Mark Schwartz1973 Earl Philip Benditt (grad student)
Belding H. Scribnerkidney dialysis
Marni Stott-MillerEpidemiology, Cell Biology, Oncology Epidemiology2012 Stephen Mark Schwartz (grad student)
Richard Van Bibber19931997 Eric Otto Feigl (grad student)
Donna M Van Winkle Physiology19831988 Eric Otto Feigl (grad student)
Felix Viana Physiology 19921993 Albert J. Berger (grad student), Bertil Hille (grad student)