Michigan State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Hesham Abdullah Plant Biology2018 Danny J. Schnell (post-doc)
Ruthie AngeloviciPlant Culture Agriculture Biochemistry20102015 Dean DellaPenna (post-doc)
Nancy N. Artus PRL19831987 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Marlene AyalaAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Physiology2004 Gregory Alan Lang (grad student)
Roger N. Beachy Botany and Plant Pathology1973 Harry Haruo Murakishi (grad student)
Erin Bell1986 Lee McIntosh (grad student)
Marvin Kenneth Beute Botany and Plant Pathology1967 John L. Lockwood (grad student)
Wajid Waheed BhatTerpenoids, metabolic engineering Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology20172021 Bjoern Hamberger (post-doc)
Thomas Peter Boller19771978 Hans Kende (post-doc)
Jose Botella PRL19921993 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Guilherme Tomaz Braz20182020 Jiming Jiang (post-doc)
Ray A. BressanEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics PRL19751978 Philip Filner (post-doc)
Steven P. BriggsComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology, Analytical Chemistry1983 Robert Paul Scheffer (grad student)
Carol Robin BuellGenome biology, bioinformatics, plant biology
Peter S CarlsonCrop Genetics
Tim Caspar PRL19831988 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Clint Chapplelignin, Arabidopsis, secondary metabolism19901993 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Kevin L Childs
Maarten J. ChrispeelsPlant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences19641967 Joseph E Varner (post-doc)
Charles F. Clelandphysiology and biochemistry of flowering19661968 Jan A. D. Zeevaart (post-doc)
Robert A Creelman19791986 Jan A. D. Zeevaart (grad student)
Aureal T Crosscoal geology, palynology, paleobotany
Deborah P. DelmerStructure and synthesis of plant cell wall; cellulose and glycoprotein synthesis in plants
Colleen J. DohertyMolecular Biology, Plant Physiology2008 Michael F. Thomashow (grad student)
Patrick Edger
Anton Earl Erickson
Mark Estelle19831985 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Joseph P Evans20122016 Carol Robin Buell (research scientist)
Kathryne EvertsAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Pathology Agriculture Botany and Plant Pathology1989 Melvyn Leroy Lacy (grad student)
Philip Filner
Dennis W FulbrightPlant Pathology
Thomas GirkeBioinformatics John Beyer Ohlrogge (post-doc)
Norman E Goodphotosynthesis
Pamela J. Green
Rodrigo Gutierrez19972003 Pamela J. Green (grad student)
Sheng-Yang HeMolecular biology of host-microbe interactions, microbial pathogenesis, and hormone signaling in disease.
Ursula Hecht PRL19921993 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Joseph Hirschberg Lee McIntosh (post-doc)
William James Hookerpotato diseases
Jianping Hu MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory Joanne Chory (post-doc)
Suzanne Hugly PRL19871989 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Koh Iba PRL19921993 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Seikichi Izawaphotosynthesis1968 Norman E Good (research scientist)
Jiming Jiang
Mark Johnson2000 Pamela J. Green (grad student)
Man Mohan Johri19651968 Joseph E Varner (post-doc)
Russell L Jones PRL19651966 Anton Lang (post-doc)
Navneet KaurCell Biology Cell and Molecular Biology2013 Jianping Hu (grad student)
Kathleen M. KelleyBotany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2000 Kenneth L. Poff (grad student)
Sunil K. Kenchanmane RajuComparative Epigenomics Plant Biology2018 Chad Niederhuth (post-doc)
Melvyn Leroy Lacyplant pathology
Derek T. A. Lamportplant cell walls
Anton Lang
Gregory Alan Lang
John Vincent Learygenetics of phytopathogens Botany and Plant Pathology1969 Albert H. Ellingboe (grad student)
John L. Lockwood
Michael A Mansfield Michigan State University-Department of Energy, Plant Research Laboratory19861989 Natasha V. Raikhel (post-doc)
Jose-Miguel Martinez-Zapater19891992 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
C. Robertson McClungplant circadian rhythms Microbiology and Public Health19811986 Barry Kingston Chelm (grad student)
Lee McIntoshcontrol of energy and carbon flow in plants
William F. MeggittWeed Control in Field Crops
Maureen Meinert
Norton G Millerbryology, quaternary paleobotany1969 Aureal T Cross (grad student)
Barbara Moffatt PRL19861989 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Harry Haruo MurakishiPlant Sciences
Sybil Myers
Murray Nabors1970 Anton Lang (grad student)
Chad Niederhuth
Ronghui PanBotany Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular Biology2014 Jianping Hu (grad student)
Bibin PaulosePlant molecular biology, Biotechnology, metabolism Plant Biology2016 Danny J. Schnell (post-doc)
Kenneth L. Poff
Peter H. Quail19681971 Joseph E Varner (post-doc)
Natasha V. RaikhelBiochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology
Steven R. Reiser19911995 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Lynn G. L. Richardsonmolecular biology, protein targeting, plant cell biology, organelle biology, chloroplast biogenesis Plant Biology20142019 Danny J. Schnell (grad student)
Robert Paul Schefferplant pathology
Martin Schroeder
Jane Shen-MillerPlant physiology Horticulture19561959 Fred G. Teubner (grad student)
Christine ShyuBotany Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Plant Biology2012 Gregg A. Howe (grad student)
Rajneesh Singhalplant biology Plant Biology2017 Danny J. Schnell (post-doc)
Lawrence B. SmartPlant Physiology, Molecular Biology Plant Research Lab19872002 Lee McIntosh (grad student)
James J. Smith1985 Derek T. A. Lamport (grad student)
Alvin SmuckerSoil Biophysics Crop and Soil Sciences1971 Anton Earl Erickson (grad student)
Christine T Stephens
Crispin B Taylor Genetics19881993 Pamela J. Green (grad student)
Fred G. Teubner
Sharon Thoma PRL19871992 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Michael F. ThomashowBotany Biology, Systematic Biology
Li Tian Biochemistry20002004 Dean DellaPenna (grad student)
Ming Tien1981 Steven D. Aust (grad student)
Frank J. van de Loo PRL19911995 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Esther van der Knaapplant genetics, molecular biology PRL1998 Hans Kende (grad student)
Joseph E Varner
Richard David VierstraGenetics, Plant Physiology, Microbiology Biology1981 Kenneth L. Poff (grad student)
Micha Volokita PRL19841988 Christopher R. Somerville (post-doc)
Tanya Wagner
Curtis G. Wilkerson
F. Lyle Wynd
Donald L. WyseAgricultural Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Soil Science Agriculture1974 William F. Meggitt (grad student), Donald Penner (grad student)
Olen C Yoder1971 Robert Paul Scheffer (grad student)
Jan A. D. Zeevaart
Xinchun ZhangGenetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2009 Jianping Hu (grad student)
Hong Zhang PRL19831988 Christopher R. Somerville (grad student)
Jan Zouhar