Kent State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Irene J. BarnettGeneral, Women's Studies, Obstetrics and Gynecology2003 Gertrude A. Steuernagel (grad student)
Robin L. BowdenModern History, United States History, European History2009 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Thomas W. BrewerGeneral, Public and Social Welfare
Fredrick ButcherGeneral, Public and Social Welfare2012 Thomas W. Brewer (grad student)
Roseann CanforaAdministration Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Public Administration, Special Education2001 Dale L. Cook (grad student)
Mark CassellGeneral, Public Administration
Ryan ClaassenGeneral, Web Studies, Social Psychology
Mark ColvinPublic Administration, Criminology and Penology
Dale L. CookAdministration Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Public Administration, Special Education
Alethia H. CookGeneral, Public Administration2006 Mark Cassell (grad student)
Glen M. DuerrGeneral College of Arts and Sciences / Department of Political Science2012 Landon E. Hancock (grad student)
Kerrie R. FarkasRhetoric and Composition Language, General2003 Christina Haas (grad student)
John A. GrummelGeneral, Black History, General Economics2001 Gertrude A. Steuernagel (grad student)
Serdar K. GulPublic Administration, Criminology and Penology2007 Mark Colvin (grad student)
Christina HaasRhetoric and Composition Language, General
Kathleen HaleGeneral, Public Administration, Law2005 Karen Mossberger (grad student)
Awilda HamiltonAdministration Education, Finance Education, General
Landon E. HancockGeneral
Steven L. HaynesModern History, United States History, International Relations History2012 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Mary A. HeissUnited States History, Middle Eastern History, Modern History, International Law and Relations
Erik JefferisPublic Administration, Criminology and Penology
Renee J. JohnsonPublic Administration, Health Care Management, Public and Social Welfare
Aysegul Keskin ZerenInternational Law and Relations, Middle Eastern Studies Political Science2014 Landon E. Hancock (grad student)
Bridgett A. KingGeneral, Black Studies, African American Studies Political Science2012 Renee J. Johnson (grad student)
Tamer KoksalPublic Administration, Criminology and Penology2009 Renee J. Johnson (grad student)
Franklin B. LeboGeneral, Public Administration, Asian Studies Political Science2013 Renee J. Johnson (grad student)
Kenneth R. MarunowskiRhetoric and Composition Language, Marketing Business Administration2006 Christina Haas (grad student)
Jennifer P. MaxwellGeneral
Mel A. MayHigher Education, Technology of Education2002 Dale L. Cook (grad student)
Julie MazzeiGeneral, Russian and Soviet History
James M. McQuistonGeneral, Web Studies, Social Psychology Political Science2013 Ryan Claassen (grad student)
Karen MossbergerPublic Administration, Administration Education, Finance Education
Penny M. NaugleCurriculum and Instruction Education, Teacher Training Education2002 Awilda Hamilton (grad student)
Todd H. NelsonGeneral, Russian and Soviet History Political Science2013 Julie Mazzei (grad student)
Maureen R. OakleyGeneral, American Studies, Law2000 Gertrude A. Steuernagel (grad student)
Elena PokalovaGeneral, International Relations Arts and Science2011 Landon E. Hancock (grad student)
Sharon E. RybakAdministration Education2002 Awilda Hamilton (grad student)
David E. SettjeUnited States History, Church History2001 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Melissa A. SteinmetzGeneral History, Military History, Military Studies College of Arts and Sciences / Department of History2014 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Gertrude A. SteuernagelGeneral, Black History, General Economics
Thomas C. SuttonPublic Administration, Administration Education, Finance Education2001 Karen Mossberger (grad student)
Sener UludagGeneral, Criminology and Penology2007 Mark Colvin (grad student)
Daniel WeimerUnited States History, International Law and Relations2003 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Sonja P. WentlingUnited States History, Middle Eastern History, Modern History, International Law and Relations2002 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)
Timothy W. WintourHistory Economics, Military History, United States History, Public Administration History2013 Mary A. Heiss (grad student)