Claremont School of Theology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sally S. BurtonReligious Education, Theology, Spirituality2014 Jeanyne B. Sletton (grad student)
Anna C. CamphouseClergy Religion, General Religion, Individual and Family Studies2009 William M. Clements (grad student)
Chonggoo ChangTheology, General Religion, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Criminology and Penology2007 William M. Clements (grad student)
Myungsun CheonPhilosophy of Religion, Clergy Religion, Biblical Studies Religion, Asian American Studies, Women's Studies Practical Theology2013 Seokgyu Jung (grad student)
Philip H. ChiuTheology, Pastoral Counseling, General Psychology2010 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Sungyi J. ChoiReligious Education, Individual and Family Studies2005 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Hyun-Sung ChoiGeneral Religion, Ethnic and Racial Studies2004 Michael Mata (grad student)
Pooreum C. ChungPastoral Counseling, Asian American Studies2010 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
William M. ClementsClergy Religion, Theology, Gerontology
Elizabeth Conde-FrazierReligious Education, Black Studies, Theology
Arthur L. CribbsEthics, Theology2009 Helene Slessarev-Jamir (grad student)
Karen D. CrozierReligious Education, Black Studies, Theology2006 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Monica L. CummingsGeneral Religion, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2008 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Kendrick E. CurtisGeneral Religion, Theology, Religious Education2005 Andrew Dreitcer (grad student)
Isaiah E. DadaGeneral Religion, Religious Education, Clergy Religion2008 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Andrew DreitcerTheology
John S. EllingtonClergy Religion, General Religion2004 Carol L. Hess (grad student)
Linda H. EvansGeneral Religion, Theology, Black Studies, Religious Education2001 Frank Rogers (grad student)
Vaughan K. GrantClergy Religion2009 William M. Clements (grad student)
Kathleen GreiderClergy Religion, Theology
Robert Gordon Hall Old Testament1977 Rolf Paul Knierim (grad student)
Tong S. HanTheology2008 Andrew Dreitcer (grad student)
Winsley B. HectorPastoral Counseling, General Religion, Spirituality, Black Studies, African American Studies2012 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Carol L. HessReligious Education, Women's Studies, Theology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Gerontology
Christine J. HongTheology, Spirituality, Women's Studies, Asian American Studies, Cultural Anthropology Practical Theology2013 Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook (grad student)
Eunice M. IliyaGeneral Religion, Public Health2008 William M. Clements (grad student)
Alya B. IwasGeneral Religion2009 Frank Rogers (grad student)
Beverly C. Johnson-MillerReligious Education, General Religion2000 Mary E. Mullino Moore (grad student)
You S. JuReligious Education, Theology, Philosophy of Religion2009 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Seokgyu JungPhilosophy of Religion, Clergy Religion, Biblical Studies Religion, Asian American Studies, Women's Studies
Shannon C. KimAsian Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Theology2011 Kyungsik S. Lee (grad student)
Yongwan KimClergy Religion, Ethnic and Racial Studies2006 William M. Clements (grad student)
Rolf Paul KnierimBiblical theology, Old Testament theology, form criticism, tradition history, theological methods, hermeneutics, exegesis, substance criticism
Choon T. KongTheology, Religious Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2002 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Michael S. KoppelTheology, Personality Psychology, Philosophy of Education, Religious Education, Clergy Religion2002 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Sheryl Kujawa-HolbrookTheology, Spirituality, Women's Studies, Asian American Studies, Cultural Anthropology
Jin S. KwonPastoral Counseling, Theology, Social Psychology2011 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Kyungsik S. LeeAsian Studies, Pastoral Counseling, Theology
Kristen J. LeslieClergy Religion, Theology, Women's Studies, Black Studies2000 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
John C. LibertTheology, Clergy Religion, Religious Education2000 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Michael MataGeneral Religion
Gabriele H. MayerTheology, Religious Education, Women's Studies2000 Mary E. Mullino Moore (grad student)
Myrian Monnet PousoSpirituality, Religious Education2012 Frank Rogers (grad student)
Mary E. Mullino MooreTheology, Religious Education, Women's Studies
Patricia N. NiereClergy Religion, Theology, Gerontology2002 William M. Clements (grad student)
Moreli J. NiuatoaTheology, Religious Education, General Psychology2007 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Mpyana F. NyengeleTheology, Clergy Religion, Behavioral Psychology, Women's Studies, Individual and Family Studies, Theory and Methods2002 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Naoki OkamuraReligious Education, Women's Studies, Theology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Gerontology2004 Carol L. Hess (grad student)
Brian T. ParcelGeneral Religion, Biblical Studies Religion, Theology, Religious Education2002 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Kwang-hee ParkClergy Religion, Personality Psychology2001 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Rebecca J. Park-HearnPastoral Counseling, Asian American Studies, General Psychology2014 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Nash Y. PwolPastoral Counseling, Counseling Psychology2010 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Christine E. ReimersTheology, Clergy Religion, Religious Education2000 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Patrick B. ReyesPractical Theology, Latino/a Theology, Decolonial Theory, Institutional Strategy, Doctoral Fellowships Practical Theology Practical Theology Frank Rogers (grad student), Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook (grad student)
Sandra RobertsGeneral Religion, Religious Education2006 Andrew Dreitcer (grad student)
Frank RogersGeneral Religion, Clergy Religion, Theology
Janet E. SchallerClergy Religion2004 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Won S. SimGeneral Religion2003 Michael Mata (grad student)
Helene Slessarev-JamirEthics, Theology
Jeanyne B. SlettonReligious Education, Theology, Spirituality
Jill L. SnodgrassGeneral Religion, Behavioral Psychology, Pastoral Counseling2010 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Tae Y. SoReligious Education, Theology2009 Frank Rogers (grad student)
Betty R. StaplefordClergy Religion, Theology2005 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Marvin A. SweeneyBiblical Studies Religion, General Religion, Women's Studies, Jewish Studies
Misipouena S. TagaloaSocial Structure and Development, Theology, Philosophy2008 Elizabeth Conde-Frazier (grad student)
Jeffery R. ThomasPastoral Counseling, Theology, Theory and Methods, Public and Social Welfare2009 William M. Clements (grad student)
Kenny J. WaldenPastoral Counseling, Theology2011 Kathleen Greider (grad student)
Dora Wang2001 Marvin A. Sweeney (grad student)
Gregory J. WileyGeneral Religion
Vicki R. WiltseHigher Education, Religious Education, Developmental Psychology, Women's Studies2012 Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook (grad student)
Jin S. WooGeneral Religion2011 Gregory J. Wiley (grad student)