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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Michael De Bellis (Info) Duke Medical School noonerk 2019‑02‑02
Katherine Bruce (Info) UNC Wilmington Animal behavior, comparative cognition Amp6498 2014‑03‑29
Larry Cahoon (Info) UNC Wilmington aramus 2017‑10‑25
Yixin Chen (Info) Washington University, UNC Wilmington nickkapur 2018‑02‑13
Elizabeth S. Darrow (Info) UNC Wilmington stable isotopes, shellfish ecology, nitrogen cycling bethouva 2014‑01‑28
Melissa Deal (Info) UNC Wilmington Behavioral Pharmacology, working memory, applied behavior analysis Amp6498 2014‑03‑29
Steven D. Emslie (Info) UNC Wilmington Marine & Terrestrial Ornithology mpolito 2013‑04‑29
Patrick M. Erwin (Info) UNC Wilmington Microbiology Biology, Ecology Biology pq 2016‑03‑23
Joseph W. Felts (Info) UNC Wilmington, Texas Tech, Davidson-Davie Community College Ecology, Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, Mammalogy Joe_f15 2017‑08‑25
D. Wilson Freshwater (Info) UNC Wilmington cintiaiha 2018‑07‑07
Sean C. Lema (Info) California Polytechnic State University matthewabirk 2014‑02‑28
Zachary T. Long (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Ecology Biology pq 2016‑03‑14
Linda Mechling (Info) UNC Wilmington jrroot 2017‑07‑28
Kate B. Nooner (Info) UNC Wilmington Clinical Psychology pq 2016‑03‑01
Danielle Eva Panoz-Brown (Info) UNC Wilmington Behavioral pharmacology, Episodic memory, Working memory, Learning, Choice behavior, Animal behavior, Stimulus equivalence DaniellePanozBrown 2014‑03‑29
Ashley M. Prichard (Info) Emory, UNC Wilmington, Christopher Newport University perception, olfaction, canine cognition, fMRI Amp6498 2014‑03‑29
Michael R. Webb (Info) UNC Wilmington ACHM 2016‑09‑30
William David Webster (Info) Texas Tech, UNC Wilmington Joe_f15 2017‑08‑25
Brooke L Weigel (Info) Chicago marine ecology, microbial ecology, nutrient cycling, invertebrates brookeweigel 2018‑07‑05
Will W. White (Info) UNC Wilmington predator-prey interactions, foraging behavior of fishes, larval dispersal, metapopulation dynamics, spatial management of marine fisheries matthewabirk 2014‑02‑28
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