Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Omar W. AcresPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Physiology2011 Hiroyuki Kobori (grad student)
Sylvia R. AlappatMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Carol A. Burdsal (grad student)
James W. AntoonPharmacology, Molecular Biology, Medicine and Surgery Pharmacology2010 Barbara S. Beckman (grad student)
Ahmet Ayaz
William BaricosGeneral Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Barbara S. BeckmanPharmacology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Mark-Anthony Peter Bray
Zoe Brett Psychiatry20142016 Stacy S. Drury (post-doc)
Arnold R. BrodyCell Biology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology
Carol A. BurdsalMolecular Biology, Cell Biology
Matthew E. BurowCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Patrice DelafontaineMolecular Biology
Patrick DelafontaineCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Stacy S. DruryGenetics, Molecular Biology Psychiatry Psychiatry20022008 Charles Zeanah (collaborator), Charles Zeanah (research scientist)
Mandolin W. FergusonCell Biology, Molecular Biology Biomedical Sciences2008 Carl A. Gregory (grad student)
Erik K. FlemingtonCell Biology, Molecular Biology Pathology Prescott Deininger (grad student)
Mitchell FriedmanToxicology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology
Carl A. GregoryCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Adella P GuidrozVasculature Development, HHT Cell and Molecular Biology2022 Stryder M. Meadows (grad student)
Yanira Gutierrez FigueroaPharmacology2004 Barbara S. Beckman (grad student)
James R. JeterCell Biology, Molecular Biology
Christopher W Jones Neuroscience20152019 Stacy S. Drury (grad student)
Maria Kinsey Neurosceince2021 Stacy S. Drury (grad student)
Hiroyuki KoboriPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Rajeev M. MahimkarGeneral Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Molecular Biology2000 William Baricos (grad student)
Gilbert F. MorrisMolecular Biology
Kailash N. PandeyMolecular Biology
Amanda Parker StruckhoffPharmacology, Cell Biology, Oncology2004 Barbara S. Beckman (grad student)
Minolfa C. PrietoPhysiology Biology, Cell Biology
Edd RabonMolecular Biology
Vicky F. RandsPhysiology Biology Physiology2011 Minolfa C. Prieto (grad student)
Lyndsay V. RhodesCell Biology, Molecular Biology Biomedical Sciences2009 Matthew E. Burow (grad student)
Samuel J. RulliMolecular Biology2001 Edd Rabon (grad student)
Lawanda S. SchiefMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences2003 Thomas E. Wiese (grad student)
Laura C. Semprun-PrietoPhysiology Biology, Medicine and Surgery Physiology2010 Patrice Delafontaine (grad student)
Anagha SenPhysiology Biology Physiology2011 Kailash N. Pandey (grad student)
Bin ShanMolecular Biology2003 Gilbert F. Morris (grad student)
Rose-Claire St. HilaireCell Biology Structural and Cellular Biology2007 James R. Jeter (grad student)
Alexander M. TabonyMolecular Biology Biomedical Sciences2011 Patrice Delafontaine (grad student)
Jane S. TitteringtonCell Biology, Molecular Biology Biomedical Sciences2010 Patrick Delafontaine (grad student)
Satyabha TripathiMolecular Biology Biomedical Sciences2010 Kailash N. Pandey (grad student)
Shang-Yi TsaiCell Biology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology2002 Arnold R. Brody (grad student)
Guo-Yong Wang
Christopher B. WeldonPharmacology, Oncology2004 Barbara S. Beckman (grad student)
Thomas E. WieseMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Environmental Sciences
Lauren Wendelle Yowelunh Neuroscience2019 Stacy S. Drury (grad student)
Maria C. ZimmermannPharmacology, Oncology Pharmacology2008 Barbara S. Beckman (grad student)