Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Matthias M. L. ArrasPolymers Spallation Neutron Source20162018 Gregory S. Smith (post-doc), Thomas P. Russell (post-doc)
Ilias Belharouakenergy storage, materials development
Albina Y. BorisevichMaterials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry;microscopy
Kevin ChamblissAnalytical Chemistry19981999 Bruce Moyer (post-doc)
Shiwang ChengPolymer Nanocomposites, Dielectric spectroscopy20142017 Alexei P. Sokolov (post-doc)
Taek Dong ChungElectrochemistry20012002 J. Michael Ramsey (post-doc)
Valentino R Cooper
Charles D. Coryellnuclear chemistry
Mengmeng CuiPolymer
Brian M. CullumAnalytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering19992002 Tuân Vo-Dinh (post-doc)
Sheng Dainanomaterials, ionic liquids, energy
Sheldon Datzmolecular beam chemistry, atomic physics
Russell Bruce DavidsonComputational Chemistry, Biophysics
R. Clinton Fullerphotosynthesis
Pasquale Fernando FulvioMaterials Chemistry, Energy Storage, Catalysis, Separations, Nuclear Engineering Chemical Sciences Division20092013 Sheng Dai (post-doc)
Anna S. GardbergInorganic, Solid State, Crystallography, Structural Biology, Enzymes
Linxiao Geng
Ahmad Hasan
Kevin A HaysBatteries, energy storage Materials Science and Technology20162018 Gabriel M. Veith (post-doc)
Claude Hélènenucleic acids, RNA1972 Richard B. Setlow (research scientist)
Samuel Ellis Holtzenmetabolic engineering, genetic engineering, fatty alcohol, biopolymers
Stephan Irlequantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, complex systems
Gang Seob Jung Computational Sciences and Engineering Division2019 Stephan Irle (research scientist)
Francis Thomas Kenney
Peter G. Khalifahsolid state chemistry
Rabi Khanal Computational Sciences and Engineering Division2020 Stephan Irle (post-doc)
Stephen A LammertMass Spectrometry
Chen Liaoionic liquids, electrolytes, energy storage Nanomaterials20102013 Sheng Dai (post-doc)
Zhen Masurface chemistry Sheng Dai (post-doc)
Yingzhong Ma
Debasish MohantyMaterials Chemistry, energy storage Materials Science20112013 David Wood (post-doc)
Bruce Moyer
Katharine L. Pagematerials chemistry
Ryan P RodgersMass Spectrometry, FT ICR MS, petroleum chemistry
Lockhart Burgess Rogersanalytical chemistry
Rose E. Ruthernanoscience, spectroscopy, energy storage
Matthew R. RyderNeutron Scattering, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Density Functional Theory, Mechanical Properties
Liurukara D. SanjeewaSolid State Chermistry
Adrian M. Schrell
Ada A Sedovabiophysical chemistry, electrochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, biophysics, materials science Center for Molecular Biophysics Scientific Computing Scientific Computing Jeremy C. Smith (collaborator), Tjerk Straatsma (post-doc), Arnold Tharrington (post-doc)
Richard B. SetlowDNA damages, DNA repair, mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
Jaswinder Sharma
Jeremy C. Smith
Andrew G. StackGeochemistry
Audrey Stevens Niyogi
Tjerk Straatsma
Bernard L Strehlerbiogerontology
Yifan Sun Chemical Sciences Division20182021 Sheng Dai (post-doc)
Ellison Hall Taylorphysical chemistry
Arnold Tharrington
Gabriel M. Veithenergy storage, catalysis, materials synthesis
Elliot VolkinmRNA
Yangyang WangPolymer dynamics and rheology
David Wesolowski
David Wood
Panchao Yinpolyelectrolyte, polyoxometalates, self-assembly, light scattering, hybrid materials
Junjie ZhangStrongle correlated materials, crystal growth