Seoul National University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dae-Ro AhnNucleic acid chemistry Chemistry19982000 Jong-In Hong (grad student)
Mark Borris Aldonzacancer biology, resistance evolution, drug resistance, metastasis, systems pharmacology, chemical biology College of Pharmacy20132014 Sang Kook Lee (research assistant)
Kwangjin An20032009 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Jihyun AnMetal Organic Frameworks, Science Education
Jeehwan Bae Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Euiyoung BaeBiochemistry, X-ray diffraction, computational biology
Junbeom Bahk Department of Geography20162018 Jungjae Park (grad student)
Varun V. Begur Seung B. Park (post-doc)
Kookheon Char
Jinhan Cho Chemical Engineering2001 Kookheon Char (grad student)
Eun-Bum Cho Chemical Engineering2002 Kookheon Char (grad student)
Namki Cho Pharmacy20082014 Sang Hyun Sung (grad student)
Yun-Hyuk Choi
Jaeyoo Choi Chemical Engineering2017 Chong Rae Park (grad student)
Insung S. Choibiomineralization, micro-pattern formation, and conrolled attachment of biomolecules1993 Eun Lee (research assistant)
Isaac Choi
Young Kyun ChoiChemistry
Tae-Lim Choi
Jin-Ho Choy
In ChungSolid state chemistry, energy harvesting materials, synthesis of inorganic solids
Taek Dong ChungElectrochemistry
Bo Sup Chung
Doo Soo Chung
Mark Constantine Department of Geography20142016 Jungjae Park (grad student)
Soo Hyun EomStructural Biology, DNA polymerase, Channels19881994 Se Won Suh (grad student)
Ji-Sook Hahn1999 Jung-Hye Roe (grad student)
Byung Woo W. HanStructural biology, X-ray crystallography, Pharmacy, Immunology19992001 Se Won Suh (research assistant)
Kyung Ho Han Chemical Engineering2011 Ji-Sook Hahn (grad student)
Jaehong HanDesign, Synthesis, Structures and Reactivities of Metal Clusters and Supramolecules Agricultural Chemistry19921994 Soo-Un Kim (grad student)
Jiwoo Han Department of Geography20132015 Jungjae Park (grad student)
Seung-Tae Hongsolid state chemistry, battery electrode materials Chemistry19871994 Jin-Ho Choy (grad student)
Seunghun HongCNT based Bioelectronic sensor
Byung Hee HONG
Jong-In Hong
HunGi HongSurface chemistry
Yan Huang Youngryel Ryu (post-doc)
Yorum Hwang Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Taeghwan Hyeonnanotechnology
Du-Jeon Jang
Yoon-Jung Jang Chemistry20152017 Tae-Lim Choi (grad student)
Jyongsik Jang
Soohyun Jeon Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Noo Li Jeon3D cell culture, microfluidics, cancer cell migration, angiogenesis, organ-on-chip
Seokwoo Jeon Shinhoo Kang (grad student)
Dong-Won Jeong
Jina Jeong Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Chongya Jiang Youngryel Ryu (post-doc)
Jin Joo Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
YounJoon JungTheoretical Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics19941997 Sangyoub Lee (grad student)
Kisuk Kang Materials Science and Engineering20012006 Gerbrand Ceder (grad student)
Jong Hun KangZeolites synthesis, Heterogeneous Catalyst Materials Science and Technology20122014 Chong Rae Park (grad student)
Shinhoo Kang
Cheol Kang Chemistry20152020 Tae-Lim Choi (grad student)
Jun Hee Kangnuclear pore complex, super-resolution biophysics and chemical biology Seong Keun Kim (grad student)
Zee Hwan H. KimLaser chemistry, Plasmonics, and Molecular Spectroscopy
Soo-Un Kim
Soyoun Kim Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Minkyu KimPolymer chemistry and material science School of Chemical & Biological Engineering20112016 Jyongsik Jang (grad student)
Hongkyeong Kim Chemical Engineering2000 Kookheon Char (grad student)
Jongmin Kim Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Deukjoon Kim
Taeho Kim20072013 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Hak Joong KimChemical biology, Medicinal chemistry, Organic synthesis, Natural product chemistry, Enzymology Chemistry19971999 Eun Lee (grad student)
Young Ho Kim Bo Sup Chung (grad student)
Chan Hyuk Kim Chemistry20042008 Eun Lee (grad student)
Jae Bum Kim
Joon Kim Rural Systems Engineering Shashi B. Verma (grad student)
Jang-Joo Kim
Kang Ho Kim School of Biological Sciences Jae Bum Kim (grad student)
Choongik Kim19992003 Seong Keun Kim (research assistant)
Sang-Wook Kim2002 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Hwan D KimVascular Biology, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Regenerative Medicine School of Chemical and Biological Engineering20122018 Nathaniel S. Hwang (grad student)
Seong Keun KimMolecular Reaction Dynamics
Hee Joong Kimpolymer Jong-Chan Lee (grad student)
Jung Hyeun Kim Chemical Engineering19921994 Kookheon Char (grad student)
Jaeyun Kim20012007 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Yung Sam KimTwo-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Spectroscopy Chemistry19982000 Seong Keun Kim (grad student)
Hyungsuk Kimm Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Jai Hyun KohPolymer, Lithography, Energy, Catalysis Chemical Engineering Kookheon Char (grad student)
Jeonghun Kwak Electrical and Computer Engineering20052010 Changhee Lee (grad student)
Min Sang KwonPolymer chemistry, Organic chemistry, Photochemistry Chemistry Materials Science & Engineering20112013 Eun Lee (grad student), Soo Young Park (post-doc)
Oh-Hoon KwonChemistry, Physical Chemistry, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Femtochemistry, Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Chemistry19982004 Du-Jeon Jang (grad student)
Yong Tae Kwon
Kanghyun Lee Chemical Engineering2011 Ji-Sook Hahn (grad student)
Jane Lee Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Eun LeeOrganic Chemistry
Galam Lee Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
Sang Bok Lee Jong-In Hong (grad student)
Jongkook LeePharmaceutical chemistry Pharmacy19952001 Deukjoon Kim (grad student)
Dongwhan Leesynthetic inorganic and organic chemistry of functional molecules and materials
Kyu Tae LeeElectrochemistry, Batteries Chemical Engineering20002006 Seung Mo Oh (grad student)
Hee-Yoon LeeOrganic Chemistry, Organic Synthesis19801982 Eun Lee (research assistant)
Dowon Lee
Sangyoub Lee
Jinwoo Lee19982003 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Seungjun Lee Youngryel Ryu (grad student)
In-Hwan Lee Chemistry20102015 Tae-Lim Choi (grad student)
Sang Kook Lee
Bongjoon LeePolymer physics Materials Science and Engineering20072009 Jang-Joo Kim (grad student)
Su Seong Lee
Changhee LeeOLED Display, Quantum Dot Display, Organic Electronics, Organic Optoelectronic Devices
Jong-Chan Lee
Jaewoo Lee
Nohyun Lee Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Hyung Ho LeeStructural Biology
Sangho LeeStructural biology, polyubiquitin19931997 Se Won Suh (grad student)
Jong Kuk LimPhysical Chemistry19992006 Seong Keun Kim (grad student)
Daishun Ling20092013 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Yang Lu20122014 Taeghwan Hyeon (post-doc)
Kyeongsik MinStructural Biology, Drug Discovery19911999 Se Won Suh (grad student)
Kyung Suk MinPhysical Chemistry
Sa Hoon MinComputational chemistry Chemical and Biological Engineering20072013 Jyongsik Jang (grad student)
Byung Joon MOON Chemistry2019 Byung Hee HONG (grad student)
Hyon Bin Na20012008 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Ki Tae Nam
Jaewook Nam
Seung Mo Oh
Han Jung ParkPhotoacoustic effect Chemistry20032005 Du-Jeon Jang (grad student)
Jin A Park Department of Geography20122014 Jungjae Park (grad student)
Soo Young Park
Yong Il Park20052011 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Jiyong ParkComputational chemistry, Biophysics Physics20022008 Byungnam Kahng (grad student)
Jaiwook ParkOrganometallics Chemistry19801982 Eun Lee (grad student)
Chong Rae ParkCarbon nanomaterials & porous materials
Jongnam Park19992005 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Yuanzhe Piao20042009 Taeghwan Hyeon (post-doc)
Jung-Hye Roe
Soo-Ryoon Ryoo Chemistry20082012 Dal-Hee Min (grad student)
Youngryel Ryu Dowon Lee (grad student)
Hyunbo ShimAntibody engineering19921994 Junghun Suh (grad student)
Seokmin Shin
Injae Shin chemistry19851987 Eun Lee (grad student)
Byeong-Hyeok Sohn
Jae Sung Son20052011 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)
Younggon Son Chemical Engineering1998 Kookheon Char (grad student)
Seung Uk Son20032005 Taeghwan Hyeon (post-doc)
Hyun Kyu SongProtein degradation, ubiquitylation, autophagy, structural biology19911999 Se Won Suh (grad student)
Jung-Ah Song Chemistry20122018 Tae-Lim Choi (grad student)
Youngkeun Song Youngryel Ryu (post-doc)
Junghun SuhBioorganic Chemistry
Se Won Suhprotein crystallography
Sang Hyun Sung
Patrick Theato20022003 Do Y. Yoon (post-doc)
Young Duk Yang Uhtaek Oh (grad student)
Byung-Kuk YOOBiophysics Du-Jeon Jang (grad student)
Do Y. Yoon
Hong-Duk Youn Jun O. Liu (post-doc)
Taekyung Yu20022008 Taeghwan Hyeon (grad student)