University of Vermont

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christopher Allen
Craig S. Allen Chemistry19741976 William E. Geiger (research assistant)
Daniel Bercovici2013 Matthias Brewer (grad student)
William Gerard Bornmannanti-cancer drug design and synthesisTotal Synthesis of Natural Products Chemistry1988 Martin Eric Kuehne (grad student)
John M. Burkecatalytic RNA molecules
Samuel ButcherBiochemistry John M. Burke (grad student)
Sara Helms Cahan
Kenneth R Carterpolymer, nanocellulose, conjugated polymers, nanofabrication Chemistry19871991 Christopher Allen (grad student)
Amanda B Dalysoil, biogeochemistry, ecology, soil microbes, soil microbial ecology, soil biogeochemistry, soil fertility, agriculture, sustainable agriculture, agroecology Biology Medicine20092011 Sara Helms Cahan (research assistant), Daniel J. Weiss (research scientist)
Amy Morin Deveau2003 Gregory K. Friestad (post-doc)
Ram Chandra Dhakalorganic synthesis, Organic Methodology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Natural Product, Heterocycles, Cycloaddition, Organometallic, Isolation and Extraction Department of Chemistry20132017 Matthias Brewer (grad student)
Hui Ding Chemistry2004 Gregory K. Friestad (grad student)
Franklin L. DormanAnalytical Chemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19871992 Joel M. Goldberg (grad student)
Natavan Dudkina Chemistry Severin T. Schneebeli (research assistant)
C. Michael (Mike) ElliottGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Paul F. Fentonbiochemistry of nutrition1944 Harold B. Pierce (grad student)
Kenneth A. Field Biochemistry Sriram Krishnaswamy (research assistant)
Gregory K. FriestadOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Elmer Lewis Gadenbiochemical engineering
Joel M. GoldbergAnalytical Spectroscopy
Ken J. HampelRNA structure John M. Burke (grad student)
Jonathan Hollin20132018 Adam C. Whalley (grad student)
Tao Jiang2005 Gregory K. Friestad (grad student)
Simpson JosephMolecular Mechanism of Protein Synthesis Microbiology1994 John M. Burke (grad student)
Abdulr Rauf Khokhar
John Lord Kicephysical organic chemistry, organosulfur chemistry
Elyse M KleistLow-frequency vibrational spectroscopy, density functional theory, solid-state interactions
Kevin LamOrganic chemistry, electrochemistry, medicinal chemistry, organometallics, catalysis Chemistry20112013 William E. Geiger (post-doc)
Matthew D. LiptakBioinorganic chemistry, Optical spectroscopy, Computational chemistry
Susan Loweythe role of myosin in muscle contraction
Michael J. MacCossproteomics, mass spectrometry, biochemistry, separations, bioinformatics, software development, quantitative analysis19962001 Dwight E. Matthews (grad student)
José S. MadalengoitiaOrganic Chemistry
Kenneth G. MannBlood Coagulation Biochemistry
Dwight E. Matthewsanalytical chemistry, mass spectrometry
Alvin Rees Midgley
Sandeep S. Naik Chemistry2009 Daniel A. Savin (grad student)
Amarnath (Amar) NatarajanMedicinal Chemistry19962001 José S. Madalengoitia (grad student)
Chip NataroOrganometallic chemistry Chemistry Chemistry19991999 Christopher Allen (post-doc), William E. Geiger (post-doc)
Edward C NavarreAnalytical Chemistry, Atomic Spectroscopy Chemistry19952001 Joel M. Goldberg (grad student)
Yangguang OuBioanalytical chemistry
David Scott Pederson
Michael J. Previs20042010 Dwight E. Matthews (grad student)
Yong QinTotal synthesis of nature product19962000 Martin Eric Kuehne (post-doc)
Jun Qin2003 Gregory K. Friestad (grad student)
Sinu C. RajappanOrganic Chemistry, Catalysis, Materials Chemistry (Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry) Department of Chemistry20162018 Severin T. Schneebeli (post-doc)
Adam D. Richardson Chemistry2010 Daniel A. Savin (grad student)
Naomi RosenbergMolecular Biology, Virology Biology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics1973 Warren Ira Schaeffer (grad student)
Michael Thomas Ruggieroterahertz, density functional theory, X-ray diffraction, crystals, optics
Erik Ruggles2004 Gregory K. Friestad (post-doc)
Gregory D. Russell Biochemistry Sriram Krishnaswamy (research assistant)
Warren Ira Schaeffer
Yuehai Shen2002 Gregory K. Friestad (post-doc)
Mustapha Soukri2003 Gregory K. Friestad (post-doc)
YoungSung SuhOrganic Chemistry2004 Gregory K. Friestad (post-doc)
Randall K. Walker Biochemistry Sriram Krishnaswamy (grad student)
Nils G. Walterstructure-function relationships in non-coding (nc)RNAs using single molecule tools and then utilize them for biomedical, bioanalytical and nanotechnological applications19961999 John M. Burke (post-doc)
Rory M. Watermanorganometallic chemistry
Daniel J. Weiss
Adam C. WhalleyContorted Aromatics, Molecular Electronics
Wenge Zhu2003 David Scott Pederson (grad student)