Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wolfgang P. BaumeisterCryo-Electron Tomography, Electron Microscopical Structure Research, Protein and Cell Structure, Protein Degradation1973 Helmut Georg Philipp Ruska (grad student)
Ulrich BorchardPharmacology, cardiac
Laura Buschhaus20132014 Peter Gilch (post-doc)
Lars Czerwinski20122016 Peter Gilch (grad student)
Janina Diekmann Peter Gilch (grad student)
Joachim Dzubiella2002 Hartmut Löwen (grad student), Christos Likos (grad student)
Giuseppe Di Florio20142015 Peter Gilch (post-doc)
Walter Frank
Sascha Frobel20122016 Peter Gilch (grad student)
Peter Gilch
Kai GriebenowBiotechnology, Biochemistry1992 Alfred R. Holzwarth (grad student)
Bjorn Heinz20042008 Peter Gilch (grad student)
Hans-Dieter HöltjePharmaceutical Chemistry
Liesbeth M.C. Janssen Physics20152017 Hartmut Löwen (post-doc)
Rini MuhariniNatural Products20122016 Peter Proksch (grad student)
Oliver Nolden Peter Gilch (grad student)
Evelyn Ploetz20072011 Peter Gilch (grad student)
Peter ProkschPharmaceutical Biology and Biotechnology
Guido J. ReissHalogen Bonding, Hydrogen Bonding Chemistry1992 Walter Frank (grad student)
Wolfgang Sippl1997 Hans-Dieter Höltje (grad student)
Kristoffer Thom Peter Gilch (grad student)
Christian Torres Ziegenbein20142018 Peter Gilch (grad student)