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Adding to the Tree

We encourage research doctoral candidates, PhDs, and EdDs to help our CSD Tree grow by adding their names and academic relationships. If you see an error on CSD Tree, please report it or help us fix it.

There are three steps for adding to CSD Tree:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Create and/or update your profile
  3. Find and/or add your "parents" (mentors) and "children" (grad students, post docs, etc.)

Creating an Account

Creating a new account is fast and easy. Click the "Sign up" link at the bottom of any page. Or just click here.

You will need to link your log in to a person/profile on the Tree: The sign up form will prompt you to search for your name in case someone else added you. If so ‐ you can link your log in to this profile by selecting the correct name from the dropdown meu. If not ‐ you will need to provide your Name and Institution and the system will create a new node for you on the Tree.

Find the Sign Up Link

Before you can add or edit information, you will need to create an account.

Search to See if Someone Has Added Your Name to the Tree

Search for your name to see if you are already listed.

If You Aren't on the Tree, Add Your Information

If there are not any matches, enter your information and choose an ID and password.
If you do see your name, select it, leave the Describe Yourself section blank, and choose an ID and password.
After you click Submit, you may need to use the back button to return to the homepage.

Edit Your Profile

To see your profile page, search for yourself, and then click the "Info" link. If you are logged in to the site, you will see an option to "Edit" your profile. (If you do not have the option to edit, you may have been accidentally logged out. If this happens, just re-enter your ID and password at the bottom of the page to continue.)

On the Info Page, Find the Edit Link

Click the Info link for your profile, then find the Edit button which will appear when you are logged in.

Update the Biographical Details

Make sure your information is correct.

Add Google Search Information

If you have a common name, you can specify the search terms that will best retrieve your work.

Add a Photo Link to the Profile

To display a photo, you will need to provide a link to an image that is available online.
You can get the URL to the image file by right clicking and choosing Copy Image URL/Address/Location (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or Properties (Internet Explorer).

Save Your Changes

Click save to keep your changes.

Add and Edit Connections

You can make "connections" between two people listed on the Tree from any individual's "Info"/profile page. If you are logged in, you will see the "New parent", "New child", and "New collaborator" links.

You'll first be prompted to search for the connection to see if they are already listed on the tree. Important! Avoiding Duplicates: Make sure you select the "search all trees" option to search other branches of the AcademicTree.org project. Many researchers in the CSD family are already listed on NeuroTree, LinguisTree and other Trees – searching across all trees helps track interdisciplinary connections and avoid duplicates.

It's okay if you don't have many details about a parent or child – enter whatever information as you have, and hopefully another contributor will be able to fill in any missing details in the future.

Find the New Parent and New Child Links

If you want to add a connection click the New Parent or New Child link from an Info/profile page.

Search for and Select the Mentor and Protege

Search for the mentor and protege to see if they exist on the Tree.
Do not forget to click the Search All Trees box

If a Connection Isn't on the Tree Yet, Add Them

If no matches are found, click the Add a New Person link to add your connection to the Tree.
The more details you add, the more useful the tree will be - but it is fine to just add a name and institution.

Edit the Relationship Information

Choose the correct relationship type and make sure the parent/child relationship flows in the correct direction.

Edit the Institution Information and Save

Specify the institution where your relationship occurred.