Tutorial: About | Exploring | Adding a Person

Explore CSD Tree

You can hop through random branches with a click on the CSD Tree. Search for a specific person ("node") by name to see their academic parents, children and siblings. And see more Info on a person's profile page, including research areas, bio notes, and photos.

Wandering the Tree

Your Current Position

Your current node is BOLD and BLACK in the center of the page. (You may need to scroll to the right.)

See Biographical Details

Click the Info link to see additional details.

Jump to a New Location

Click on any name to jump to that node.

But be careful - if you click on someone from a different tree, you will leave CSD Tree and jump to their site.

Adjusting the Tree View

Show More Generations

Click the + to see more children.

Or use the display options to adjust the number of generations displayed.

Save or Share Your Place

Save or share your current view by copying or bookmarking the page link.