Arizona State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Brandon Adair Geography2005 Robert M. Edsall (grad student)
Melinda AlexanderGeography, Public and Social Welfare, Social Work Geography2014 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Casey D. AllenGeography, geomorphology, humanistic geography, landscape, field methods, soil crusts, Latin America, Caribbean School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning School of Geographical Sciences & Urbam Planning20052008 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student), Daniel Arreola (grad student)
Lee AmorosoGeology, Physical Geography2001 J Ramon Arrowsmith (grad student)
Michael T. ApplegarthPhysical Geography2001 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
Daniel ArreolaGeography
J Ramon ArrowsmithGeology, Physical Geography
John BallUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Geography Architecture2014 Edward Cook (grad student)
Robert C. BallingGeography
Melissa BingmannUnited States History2003 Noel Stowe (grad student)
Todd W. BostwickArchaeology Anthropology, United States History, History of Education, Biography2003 Noel Stowe (grad student)
David M. BrommerPhysical Geography, Geography2006 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Melanie M. BuschGeology, Geophysics, Physical Geography Geological Sciences2011 Stephen J. Reynolds (grad student)
Theresa CameronArchitecture, Women's Studies, Geography
Niccole V. CervenyPhysical Geography2005 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
Randall S. CervenyPhysical Geography, Geography
Edward CookUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Joshua CoyanGeology, Geophysics, Physical Geography Geological Sciences2011 Stephen J. Reynolds (grad student)
Ayona DattaArchitecture, Women's Studies, Geography2003 Theresa Cameron (grad student)
Kimberly M. DeBiassePhysical Geography, Geography Geography2011 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Stephanie Deitrick Geography2006 Robert M. Edsall (grad student)
Juan A. Demerutis ArenasUrban and Regional Planning, Law2005 David Pijawka (grad student)
Alexandre M. DinizGeography2002 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Paul G. DixonPhysical Geography, Geography2005 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
William E. DoolittleEcology Biology, Geography Billie Lee Turner (grad student)
Ronald I. DornPhysical Geography
Andrew W. EllisPhysical Geography
Hayriye EsbahUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Geography2001 Edward Cook (grad student)
John C. FinnGeography, Latin American Studies, Cultural Anthropology Geography2011 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Jason H. GartUnited States History, History of Science, Modern History2006 Noel Stowe (grad student)
Daniel A. GilewitchPhysical Geography2003 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
Leah S. GlaserUnited States History, History Economics, Energy, Geography2002 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Gilbert R. GonzalesUnited States History, American Studies2004 Noel Stowe (grad student)
Ronald GreeleyGeology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Bjoern HagenUrban and Regional Planning, Climate Change, Public and Social Welfare Environmental Design and Planning2013 David Pijawka (grad student)
Timothy W. HawkinsHydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics2004 Andrew W. Ellis (grad student)
Zach Hilgendorf Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning20182022 Ian J. Walker (grad student)
George E. HilleyGeology, Physical Geography2001 J Ramon Arrowsmith (grad student)
Madeline M Kelleyphysical geography, process geomorphology, sedimentary environments, boundary-layer processes Geography and urban planning Geography and urban planning20192022 Ian J. Walker (grad student), Mark Schmeeckle (grad student)
David A. Kingtransportation and land use planning
Jennifer KitsonGeography, Cultural Resources Management Geography2013 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Phillip H LarsonGeomorphology Ronald I. Dorn (grad student), Mark Schmeeckle (grad student)
Carlos V. LiconUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Geography2004 Edward Cook (grad student)
Caroline LoboArchitecture, Environmental Sciences, Geography2004 David Pijawka (grad student)
Maura P. MackowskiHistory of Science, United States History, Modern History, Medicine and Surgery2002 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Kenneth D. MadsenGeography, International Law and Relations, Ethnic and Racial Studies2005 Daniel Arreola (grad student)
Gregory ManganEuropean History, Museology, Recreation History2013 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Kevin McHughGeography
Alex P. OberleGeography2005 Daniel Arreola (grad student)
Matthew B. PacePhysical Geography, Geography Geography2012 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Carol S. PalmerUnited States History, Geography History2012 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Jeffrey P. PappasUnited States History, History of Education, Recreation2003 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Thomas R. (Tom) ParadiseGeography, Geomorphology, Historic Preservation, Cartography, Gemological Sciences Geography1993 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
So H. ParkUrban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Geography Environmental Design and Planning2011 Edward Cook (grad student)
David PijawkaArchitecture, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Gregory A. PopeGeomorphology, Soil Science, Geoarchaeology Geography Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
Andre R. PotochnikGeology, Geophysics, Physical Geography2001 Stephen J. Reynolds (grad student)
Raymond QuayUrban and Regional Planning, Sustainability Environmental Design and Planning2011 David Pijawka (grad student)
Stephen J. ReynoldsGeology, Geophysics, Physical Geography
Bruce L. RhoadsPhysical Geography, Environmental Sciences, Geography Geography1986 William Lister Graf (grad student)
Kevin RomigLatin American History, Social Structure and Development, Urban and Regional Planning2004 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Erinanne M. SaffellAtmospheric Science Physics, Environmental Sciences2004 Andrew W. Ellis (grad student)
Mark Schmeeckle
Nancy J. SeloverPhysical Geography, Geography2005 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
John A. ShafferPhysical Geography, Geography2001 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Laura Sidney Geography2004 Robert M. Edsall (grad student)
Henry Sivak Geography2008 John A. Agnew (grad student)
Emily H. SkopLatin American History, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Kevin McHugh (grad student)
Stephen M. SloanUnited States History, Geography2003 Noel Stowe (grad student)
William StoutamireUnited States History, Cultural Resources Management History2013 Jannelle Warren-Findley (grad student)
Noel StoweUnited States History, Geography
Bohumil M. SvomaPhysical Geography, Geography Geography2011 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Nathan A. TokeGeology, Physical Geography Geological Sciences2011 J Ramon Arrowsmith (grad student)
Lorenzo Vazquez-SelemPhysical Geography2000 Ronald I. Dorn (grad student)
Mary A. VillarrealUnited States History, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies2003 Noel Stowe (grad student)
Brandon J. Vogt Geography2007 Robert M. Edsall (grad student)
Russell S. VosePhysical Geography, Geography2004 Randall S. Cerveny (grad student)
Jannelle Warren-FindleyUnited States History, History Economics, Energy, Geography
Yolonda L. YoungsGeography, United States History, Recreation2009 Daniel Arreola (grad student)