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Esperanza Beltrán Tejera (Info) Universidad de La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain), Universidad de La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain) Botany, Mycology, Systematics jmitchell1917 2018‑04‑27
George Bistis (Info) Drew University JFLeslie 2018‑03‑17
William Russel Dudley (Info) Stanford Danny_Haelewaters 2018‑03‑22
David Hovey Griffin (Info) State University of New York at Syracuse Fungal Physiology jandh 2018‑04‑20
Danny Haelewaters (Info) Harvard Mycology Danny_Haelewaters 2018‑03‑21
John Edward Hamer (Info) Purdue jandh 2018‑04‑20
Georg Ludwig Hartig (Info) Chief Forester of Prussia Forestry cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
Robert Hartig (Info) Neustadt-Eberswalde Forest Academy, Neustadt-Eberswalde Forest Academy, University of Munich Mycology, forest pathology cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
Theodor Hartig (Info) Forestry, botany cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
Heinrich Mayr (Info) Silviculture, ecology, botany, economics cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
James Kameron Mitchell (Info) Harvard Mycology jmitchell1917 2018‑04‑24
Walter F. O. (Info) South Africa Medical Research Council JFLeslie 2018‑03‑17
Luis Quijada (Info) Universidad de La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain) Mycology, Genetics, Ecology, Botany, Systematics jmitchell1917 2018‑04‑27
William G. Smith (Info) University of Munich cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
Vern Bonham Stewart (Info) Cornell cgmayers 2018‑03‑20
Rik Thompson (Info) St. Vincent's Hospital, Australia mauriceling 2018‑05‑11
William E Timberlake (Info) University of Georgia, UC Davis, Wayne State jandh 2018‑04‑20
Carl Freiherr von Tubeuf (Info) University of Munich, University of Munich Forestry, mycology, plant pathology cgmayers 2018‑04‑02
Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre (Info) Universidad de La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain) Botany, Ecology, Systematics jmitchell1917 2018‑04‑27
Paul Zambino (Info) UNH cgmayers 2018‑04‑06
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