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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Edward 'Ed' D. Barge (Info) Montana State, Oregon State livo67 2022‑11‑08
Posy E. Busby (Info) Oregon State livo67 2022‑11‑08
Francisco J. Camacho (Info) Maryville College, Oregon State, Clayton-Bradley Academy, BRIDGenomics, ERMID Genomic Services livo67 2022‑11‑08
Efren Cazares (Info) Oregon State, Instituto Tecnológico De Ciudad Victoria, Oregon State livo67 2022‑11‑06
Payam Fallah (Info) UIUC pfallah 2023‑08‑11
Katherine A. Glew (Info) University of Washington livo67 2022‑11‑08
Martha 'Marlee' Lee Jenkins (Info) Montana State, USDA-ARS; University of Nevada, Reno botany and plant and fungal ecology livo67 2022‑11‑08
Yi-Hong Ke (Info) Duke picar0504 2023‑07‑31
Teresa Lebel (Info) State Herbarium of South Australia, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Oregon State, University of Melbourne, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Taxonomy, Systematics, and Ecology of macrofungi livo67 2022‑11‑08
Florence Nishida (Info) Botany Department, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles rdiaz 2023‑01‑19
Chance Noffsinger (Info) Montana State, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Russula livo67 2022‑11‑08
Thomas E. O'Dell (Info) Oregon State, Nature Tech Nursery livo67 2022‑11‑06
Bryan Rennick (Info) Michigan State University (MSU) Truffles and Morels Rennickb 2023‑04‑12
Joy Margaret Spurr (Info) Puget Sound Mycological Society livo67 2022‑11‑08
Fred Van de Bogart (Info) University of Washington livo67 2022‑11‑08
Guadelupe Velasquez (Info) University of Washington Ganoderma livo67 2022‑11‑08
Hermann von Schrenk (Info) Washington University muddynat 2023‑10‑23
Roy Watling (Info) Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh livo67 2022‑11‑08
Joanne Helen Williams Lennox (Info) University of Washington Collybioid fungi livo67 2022‑11‑08
Ben Woo (Info) Pacific Northwest Key Council, Kin On nursing home, Chinese Community Service Organization, American Institute of Architects, Chinatown-International District Preservation and Development Authority, Washington State Commission on Asian American Affairs, Puget Sound Mycological Society livo67 2022‑11‑08
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