Howard University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mohammad K. AhsanElementary Particles and High Energy, Theory Physics and Astronomy2008 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Marcus A. AlfredElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics2000 James Lindesay (grad student)
Raja Q. AlmukahhalElementary Particles and High Energy, Theory2000 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Clayton Wilson Bates
Bernell R. ColemanPhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Shawn K. Eastmond Physics and Astronomy2015 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Askar FahrPhysical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Geophysics
Steven D. FerberBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Physics2005 Dexter S. Moore (grad student)
Tehani K. FinchTheory Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy2008 Demetrius D. Venable (grad student), Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Felix GrissomMolecular Biology, Medical Biophysics
Tristan HubschElementary Particles and High Energy, Theory
Sara KalifaNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology Physiology and Biophysics2009 Kebreten F. Manaye (grad student)
Vikram S. KushawahaOptics Physics, Atomic Physics, Radiation Physics
Graham G. LaurencePhysiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology Physiology and Biophysics2008 Bernell R. Coleman (grad student)
Dexter L. LeePhysiology Biology
James LindesayElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics
Walter P. LoweCondensed Matter, Synchrotron radiation
Lawrence E. MajorOptics Physics, Atomic Physics, Radiation Physics2001 Vikram S. Kushawaha (grad student)
Kebreten F. ManayeNeuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology
Malik Mansoor Physics and Astronomy2017 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Dexter S. MooreBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Physics
Jahn N. O'NeilNeuroscience Biology, Pathology2006 Kebreten F. Manaye (grad student)
Luc M. OkeAnimal Physiology Biology2001 Bernell R. Coleman (grad student)
Barry PassGeneral Biophysics, Radiology
Benjamin Franklin PeeryAstronomy
Ivailo PetrovElementary Particles and High Energy, Theory2006 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Nikolai V. Priezjevmolecular simulations, amorphous materials, microfiltration, nanofluidics, polymers, liquid crystals
Aaron F. RoaneElementary Particles and High Energy, Theory Physics and Astronomy2007 Tristan Hubsch (grad student)
Cheryl F. RustMolecular Biology, Medical Biophysics2004 Felix Grissom (grad student)
Frank Edward Senftle
Robert Simhapolymer physics
Michael G Spencercompound semiconductors, and graphene, microwave devices, power conversion devices and solar cells
Sandra Watson-HamptonCell Biology2003 Kebreten F. Manaye (grad student)