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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Ronald Edgar Burge (Info) King's College, Queen Elizabeth College Biophysics jandh 2019‑02‑19
Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Info) Oxford Radio Astronomy, Pulsars comet 2019‑02‑20
Madhurima Das (Info) Boston University Olga57 2019‑02‑18
Richard Davis (Info) University of Manchester Radio Astronomy comet 2019‑02‑20
Sebastian Franco (Info) City College & Graduate Center, CUNY n19930701 2019‑02‑20
Suiyan Fu (Info) Peking University flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Xuan Gao (Info) Boston University Olga57 2019‑02‑18
Jinxing Li (Info) Peking University space physics, radiation belt physics, geophysics flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Yi-Hsuan Lin (Info) Drexel mdbleh 2019‑02‑20
Ramon E Lopez (Info) University of Texas - Arlington space physics cme 2019‑02‑19
Shavindra Premaratne (Info) University of Maryland Quantum Computing spp 2019‑02‑20
Zuyin Pu (Info) Peking University flyljx 2019‑02‑20
Xinyuan Qi (Info) Northwest University, Xi'An Non-hermitian Optics, Group velocity controlling, Asymmetric propagation, Mode-locked fiber laser, Single-frequency fiber laser, Nonlinear optics in photonic lattices qixycn 2019‑02‑19
Wolfgang P. Schleich (Info) Universitat Ulm Quantum optics 8675029 2019‑02‑19
Joseph Wade Schumer (Info) University of Michigan Nuclear Engineering jwschumer 2019‑02‑20
Erica Smith (Info) Drexel mdbleh 2019‑02‑20
Ralph Spencer (Info) University of Manchester Radio Astronomy, Microquasars comet 2019‑02‑20
Andrew P Turner (Info) MIT High Energy Particle Theory apturner 2019‑02‑20
Dieter Vollhardt (Info) University of Augsburg Theoretical condensed matter physics vollha 2019‑02‑20
xingyang yu (Info) NYU string theory n19930701 2019‑02‑20
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