Université Libre de Bruxelles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Daniel AlonsoQuantum Mechanics, Quantum Optics, Chaos, Statistichal Mechanics19911995 Pierre Gaspard (grad student)
David AndrieuxComputational Neuroscience20042008 Pierre Gaspard (grad student)
Glenn Barnich19911995 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Lysandra batailNuclear Physics
Xavier Bekaert19982002 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Lesser BlumMolecular Physics, Molecular Biology1961 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
Nicolas Boulanger Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Robert Hyman BroutHigh-energy physics Physics19541956 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
J.David Brown1985 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
John David BrownGravitational Physics1985 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Geoffrey Compère Physics Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Ghislaine Crozazextraterrestrial (meteorites and lunar samples) and terrestrial rocks1967 Edgard Picciotto (grad student)
Sophie de Buyl2006 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Laura Donnay20122016 Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Nathan DupontQuantum simulation, Quantum gases, Floquet theory, Optimal control
Pol E. DuwezMaterials science1933 Emile Henriot (grad student)
François EnglertHigh-energy physics1959 Jules Géhéniau (grad student)
Massimiliano Esposito2004 Pierre Gaspard (grad student)
Adrien Fiorucci Physics20172021 Geoffrey Compère (grad student)
Willy FischlerField theory; supersymmetry; string theory; quantum cosmology; statistical mechanics19721976 François Englert (grad student), Robert Hyman Brout (grad student)
Oscar FuentealbaTheoretical physics, gravitation
Pierre Gaspard Gregoire Nicolis (grad student)
Jules Géhéniau1931 Théophile De Donder (grad student)
Guilherme GramsNuclear astrophysics, nuclear physics, astrophysics
Marc Henneaux1980 Jules Géhéniau (grad student)
Timothée Hoffreumon Ecole polytechnique de Bruxelles Ognyan Oreshkov (grad student)
Sudhir R JainMathematical physics, Quantum physics, Nonlinear dynamics,Statistical mechanics Centre for Nonlinear Phenomena and Complex Systems Pierre Gaspard (post-doc)
Ella Jamsin Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Alfonso JaramilloSynthetic Biology, Computational biology, Theoretical Physics19992002 Shoshana J Wodak (post-doc)
Jean L.C. Jeenerexperimental and theoretical contributions to spin thermodynamics in solids and his invention of two dimensional fourier NMR spectroscopy19531958 Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Joseph KatzTheoretical physics1964 Jules Géhéniau (grad student)
Bernard Knaepen1999 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Victor Lekeu Physics20142018 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Amaury Léonard Physics20132017 Marc Henneaux (grad student)
Paul Mandel1969 Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Pujian Mao Physics20122016 Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Bortolo Mognetti
Blagoje OblakMathematical Physics, Infinite-dimensional Groups, Asymptotic Symmetries, Quantum Hall Effect, Nonlinear Waves Physics20122016 Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Roberto OliveriGeneral Relativity, High Energy Physics
Ognyan Oreshkov
Jean Orloff Physics Physics1991 Robert Hyman Brout (grad student), François Englert (grad student)
August Anton Piccard
Peter PringsheimLuminescence
Linda E. Reichl19711973 Ilya Prigogine (post-doc)
Jean Reignier1958 Jules Géhéniau (grad student), Léon Rosenfeld (grad student)
Léon Rosenfeldquantum mechanics19271927 Théophile De Donder (post-doc)
Romain Ruzziconi Physics20162020 Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Christoph SegebarthFunctional and metabolic neuroimaging1976 Jean L.C. Jeener (grad student)
Duc-Thanh TranUltracold atoms
Nestor Joseph TrappeniersEPR, NMR1952 Jean Timmermans (grad student), Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Cédric Troessaert Physics20082012 Glenn Barnich (grad student)
Paul WindeyString Theory Physics19741978 François Englert (grad student)
Emmanuel Zambrini CruzeiroQuantum information, spin dynamics, rare-earth-ion-doped crystals