Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jean-Philippe Brantutcold atoms
Frédéric Courbin
Elie Hachem20092014 Alfio Quarteroni (grad student)
Remy Elie Joseph2018 Jean-Luc Starck (grad student), Frédéric Courbin (grad student)
Alex J. KruchkovCondensed Matter Theory Institute of Physics20132017 Henrik M. Ronnow (research assistant)
Martin MourigalCondensed Matter Physics Physics Henrik M. Ronnow (grad student)
Paul Papas
Samuel PoncéElectron-phonon, first-principles, ab-initio, solid state physics
Alfio Quarteroni
Redha M. Rais Mechanical Engineering2003 Paul Papas (grad student)
Leopold Talirzelectronic excitations, scanning tunneling spectroscopy, surface science Chemical Sciences and Engineering2017 Berend Smit (post-doc)