The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Arthur L. BoyerMedical Biophysics, Radiology
Laurence Court
Lei DongImage-guided radiotherapy; proton therapy Radiation Oncology1995 Arthur L. Boyer (grad student)
Clifton David FullerHuman Imaging; Imaging Informatics; Radiation Oncology; Magnetic Resonance Imaging Radiation Physics Diagnostic Imaging20112013 Laurence Court (collaborator), Edward Frankin Jackson (research scientist)
Edward Frankin Jackson
Dennis Mackin, Jr.2018 Laurence Court (post-doc)
Mary Kay MartelMedical Physics; Normal tissue modeling; tumor control probability modeling
Geoffrey G. ZhangGeneral Biophysics, Radiology Radiation Oncology20032004 Thomas M Guerrero (post-doc)