University of Geneva

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mikael Afzelius
Richard I. Anderson Department of Astronomy Department of Astronomy Department of Astronomy20142014 Laurent Eyer (grad student), Nami Mowlavi (grad student), Corinne Charbonnel (post-doc)
Marc AudardAstronomy, astrophysics, star formation
Felix Baumberger
Gilbert Bürki Observatoire de Genève Marcel Golay (grad student)
Markus Büttiker
Charles Cailler
Corinne Charbonnel
Adrien A. ChauvetGeneral Physics, General Biophysics, Biochemistry20152016 Jean-Pierre Wolf (post-doc)
Markus Cristinziani Physics and Astronomy Martin Pohl (grad student)
Gerard G EmchMathematical Physics Physics1963 Josef Jauch (grad student)
Laurent EyerAstrophysics Department of Astronomy Geneva Observatory19921998 Michel Grenon (grad student), Gilbert Bürki (grad student)
Christian FlindtTheoretical physics
Nicolas GisinQuantum Nonlocality, Long distance quantum communication, Quantum cryptography Physics Constantin Piron (grad student)
Marcel Golay Observatoire de Genève1954 Georges Tiercy (grad student)
Thomas GregorBiophysics, Developmental Biology19982001 Roberto Car (research assistant)
Michel Grenon
Thiago Guerreiro Nicolas Gisin (grad student)
Charles-Eugène Guyealternating currents, polyphasic generators, hysteresis phenomena, electric arcs, electrical measuring instruments1889 Charles Soret (grad student)
Maria-Novella Kienzle FocacciParticle Physics
Konstantinos KovlakasUltraluminous X-ray Sources; X-ray Binary Population Synthesis; Astrostatistics; Graph Theoretic Applications to Large Scale Structure of the Universe; Computational Physics Astronomy20212022 Anastasios Fragkos (post-doc)
Olivier Landry Group of Applied Physics20052010 Nicolas Gisin (grad student)
Danfeng LiOxide heterostructures, nickelates, superconductivity Department of Quantum Matter Physics20112016 Jean-Marc Triscone (grad student)
Yeong-Cherng LiangQuantum nonllocality, quantum foundations. quantum information Physics20102012 Nicolas Gisin (post-doc)
Antonios Manousakis2011 Roland Walter (grad student)
Nami Mowlavi
Markus Müller
Johan Raunkjær OttQuantum Optical Multiple Scattering20122014 Christian Flindt (post-doc), Markus Büttiker (post-doc)
Constantin Piron
Andreas Postel Astronomy20162020 Marc Audard (grad student)
Carla Baldovin Saavedra Astronomy20072011 Marc Audard (grad student)
Gözde Saral Astronomy20152019 Marc Audard (grad student)
Charles SoretThermodiffusion, Soret effect, optics, chemical mineralogy
Georges Tiercy Department of Mathematics1915 Charles Cailler (grad student)
Wolfgang TittelQuantum Networking Physics Nicolas Gisin (grad student)
Jean-Marc Triscone
Ankur UpadhyayaAstronomy and Astrophysics
Jean-Jacques Weiglebacteriophage λ1923 Charles-Eugène Guye (grad student)
Jean-Pierre Wolf
Emmanuel Zambrini CruzeiroQuantum information, spin dynamics, rare-earth-ion-doped crystals Group of Applied Physics (GAP) Group of Applied Physics (GAP)20132017 Nicolas Gisin (grad student), Mikael Afzelius (grad student)