Freie Universität Berlin

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Suliman Adam20132018 Ana-Nicoleta Bondar (grad student)
Gboyega Augustine AdebayoCondensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics and Materials Science ITP, Abteilung Physik F. Forstmann (grad student)
Klaus Baberschke
Karl-Heinz BennemannTheoretical physics
Bernd A. BergGeneral Biophysics, Theory Physics1977 Bert Schroer (grad student)
Mathieu BertinSurface science ; Astrochemistry ; molecular physics ; physical chemistry Physics20072008 Martin Wolf (post-doc)
Ana-Nicoleta Bondar
Uwe Bovensiepen2005 Klaus Baberschke (grad student), Martin Wolf (research scientist)
William Dean Brewernuclear physics, metal physics, low-temperature physics, magnetism
Oliver Daumke
Helge Ewers
F. Forstmann
Martin E. Garcia
Michael Giersigorganic and inorganic nanosized materials19851988 Ferdinand Hucho (grad student)
Siegfried GroßmannTheoretical physics1960 Günther Ludwig (grad student)
Eberhard KU Gross
Felix Hoefling Siegfried Dietrich (research scientist)
Richard HonerjägerMolecular physics
Wolfgang Huebner
Stefan Hüfnersolid state physics
Florian Jakobs Physics20182023 Unai Atxitia (grad student)
Wolfhard Janke Hagen Kleinert (grad student)
Daungruthai Jarukanont Physics2018 Martin E. Garcia (grad student)
Kurt W. JustElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1954 Günther Ludwig (grad student)
Tobias Kampfrath20012006 Martin Wolf (grad student)
Hagen Kleinert
Jens KochQuantum coherence in solid-state devices such as superconducting circuits, circuit quantum electrodynamics, quantum computation and quantum simulation with cQED lattices. Physics2006 Felix von Oppen (grad student)
Marcel Krenz2001 Ludger Wöste (research assistant)
Burkhard Langeratomic and molecular physics, nano science
Michael LoewenhauptCondensed Matter Physics1972 Stefan Hüfner (grad student)
Patrick C. McGuire Institute for Geological Sciences, Planetary Science and Remote Sensing Group Institute for Geological Sciences, Planetary Science and Remote Sensing Group20132016 Gerhard Neukum (research scientist), Stephan van Gasselt (research scientist)
Anirudha MenonQuantum Magnetism, Topological semimetals, Quantum spin liquids
Klaus MöbiusMolecular physics1965 Richard Honerjäger (grad student)
José Luis Morán Lópeztheoretical physics, solid state physics, materials science1977 Karl-Heinz Bennemann (grad student)
Niclas Sven Müller20152020 Stephanie Reich (grad student)
Melanie Müller20112016 Martin Weinelt (grad student)
Dhananjay Nandi20062007 Martin Wolf (post-doc)
Roland Netz
Gerhard Neukumplanetary science
Gustavo M. Pastor19861989 Karl-Heinz Bennemann (grad student)
Vladimira Petrakova20162019 Stephanie Reich (post-doc), Helge Ewers (post-doc)
Stephanie Reich
Laurenz Rettig2012 Martin Wolf (grad student)
Joerg SchmalianCondensed Matter19901993 Karl-Heinz Bennemann (grad student)
Bert SchroerTheoretical physics
Hélène Seiler
Julia Stähler20042007 Martin Wolf (grad student), Uwe Bovensiepen (grad student)
Georg SüßmannQuantum Theory1951 Günther Ludwig (grad student)
Werner R. Theis
David TománekCondensed Matter Physics, Atomic Physics1983 Karl-Heinz Bennemann (grad student)
Stephan van Gasselt Institute of Geological Sciences, Planetary Science and Remote Sensing Group Gerhard Neukum (grad student)
Felix von Oppen
Sören Waßerroth2019 Stephanie Reich (grad student)
Daniel Wegkamp Martin Wolf (research assistant)
Martin Weinelt
Ludger Wöste