Brookhaven National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alan ApplebyRadiation Physics, Medical Biophysics
Samuel H. Aronson
Ketevi Assamagan
Mahalingam BalasubramanianXAS, syncrotron studies, energy storage, materials
Jyoti Biswas Erdong Wang (grad student)
Leslie Carlisle Bland
Michael Blaskiewicz
Martin Blumecondensed matter theory
Aleksey Bolotnikov Elena Aprile (post-doc)
Stuart I CampbellNeutron Scattering, Photon Science, Modeling and Simulation
Mateus F. CarneiroExperimental High Energy Physics20192022 Elizabeth T. Worcester (post-doc)
G. Lawrence CarrInfrared properties of solids, synchrotron radiation, superconductivity
Sam T. Carr Condensed Matter Physics2003 Alexei M. Tsvelik (grad student)
Richard Francis Xavier CastenNuclear Structure
Praveen Chaudhariamorphous magnetic materials-that are the basis of erasable, read-write, optical storage technology
Mickey Chiu
Rodney Lee CoolHigh Energy Physics
Ernest David Courantparticle accelerator physics
Dave E. Cox
James Watson CroninParticle Physics and Astrophysics1958 Rodney Lee Cool (post-doc), Oreste Piccioni (post-doc)
James W. Davenport
Raymond Davis, Jr.neutrino physics
Hooman DavoudiaslHigh Energy Theory
Matthew D. EisamanCarbon dioxide removal
Victor John EmerySolid-state physics
Benjamin Chalmers Frazer
Yuan GaoApplied physics
Lino Gerlach
Gertrude Scharff GoldhaberNuclear physics
Maurice Goldhabernuclear physics
Samuel A. Goudsmit
Lee GrodzinsRelativistic Heavy Ion Physics19551957 Maurice Goldhaber (post-doc)
Wenqiang Gu Physics Department2018 Xin Qian (post-doc)
John S. HaggertyHigh energy and nuclear physics
Richard HahnAstroparticle Physics
Keijo Johannes HämäläinenExperimental solid state physics, Synchrotron radiation, Inelastic X-ray scattering
Leland John Haworthradar systems, magnet design
Zhao HeSTM
Jin HuangHigh energy nuclear physics
Donald J. Hughesnuclear physics
Andries HummelRadiation chemistry19611965 Augustine Oliver Allen (grad student)
Andrew J.A. James20112014 Robert M. Konik (post-doc)
Xiangpan Ji Physics Department2018 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Jay Hyun JoNeutrino, Particle Physics
Peter D. Johnsonsurface science, photoelectron spectroscopy.
Keith Warlow Jonesatomic physics, National Synchrotron Light Source
Jyoti Joshi Physics Department20142018 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Sidney H. KahanaNuclear Theory
Brian Kirby Physics Department20142019 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Robert M. Konik
Amber C Lauer-ColesNuclear Astrophysics, Nuclear Experiment, Stellar Modelling, Nuclear Networks
Claire Alexandra LeeParticle Physics Physics20092015 Ketevi Assamagan (grad student)
Jeong Hun Lee Dongchul Son (grad student)
Yichen LiElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, General Physics Physics Department20142015 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Leona Marshall Libby
Seymour "Sam" J. LindenbaumHigh energy physics
Laurence S Littenbergexperimental weak interactions
Wei Liu Erdong Wang (post-doc)
Tomoyasu ManiPhysical Chemistry, General Biophysics, Inorganic Chemistry20142016 John R. Miller (post-doc)
Eric Mannel
John H Marburger
Sergey V. Martynenko Physics Department2021 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Morgan May
Wayne R McKinneyAstrophysics, Optical Instrumentation, Synchrotron Radiation, Optical Metrology
Diana Patricia Mendez MendezPhysics, Neutrinos
Richard Scott Millergamma ray astronomy, neutrino astronomy, cosmic ray physics, nuclear astrophysics1992 Maurice Goldhaber (grad student)
Michael R. Mooney Physics Department20142017 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Shobhana Narasimhan19911994 James W. Davenport (post-doc)
Nitish Nayak Physics Department2021 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Beatriz Noheda Physics Department Physics Department19982002 Gen Shirane (research scientist), Dave E. Cox (research scientist)
Benjamin Mark OckoLiquid interfaces, nanoscale wetting, monolayer and nanoparticle self-assembly, chemical patterns, surface x-ray scattering
Robert James Olness
John William OlnessNuclear Physics
Harry Palevsky
Robert Brian PalmerHigh Energy Physics
George ParzenTheoretical Physics
Laurence Passell
Dennis V. Perepelitsa
Ronald S. Pindak
Xin Qianexperimental particle physics, neutrinos, experimental nuclear physics Physics Department2010 Chao Zhang (collaborator)
Srinivasan RajagopalanHigh Energy Physics
Ralph Ronald Rau
Sebastian Reyes Condensed Matter Physics2006 Alexei M. Tsvelik (grad student)
Neil J. RobinsonCondensed Matter Physics, Non-equilibrium Dynamics, Truncated Spectrum Methods Condensed Matter Physics20142017 Robert M. Konik (post-doc)
Nicholas P. Samios
Bjoern Schenke Physics20072010 Michael Thomas Strickland (grad student)
Gen Shirane
Hartland Sweet Snydertheory of cosmic rays, scattering theory, and quantum field theory
Amarjit SoniElementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Gerald M. Stokes
Wei Tang Physics Department20142016 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Michael J. Tannenbaum
T. Laurence Truemanhigh-energy theory
Alexei M. Tsvelik
Nathan M. Urban
George H. Vineyardsolid-state physics
Kefeng WangSuperconductivity
Erdong WangElectron source, electron cooling
Ernest Keeling Warburtontheoretical and experimental investigations of nuclear structure
Hanyu Wei Physics Department20172021 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Joseph WeneserNuclear Physics
Gian-Carlo Wicktheoretical physics
Xiaoxiang XiCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Materials Science Engineering NSLS2014 G. Lawrence Carr (post-doc)
Yang YangAdvanced transmission electron microscopy, Extreme environments20152018 Huolin Xin (grad student)
Minfang YehAstroparticle Physics
Haiwang Yu Physics Department2019 Xin Qian (post-doc)
Chao Zhang
Aiwu Zhang Physics Department20182020 Xin Qian (post-doc)