University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Grace M ClementsAging, Working Memory, Electrophysiology
Emanual Donchin
Monica FabianiCognitive Neuroimaging, Aging, Memory Emanuel Donchin (grad student)
Abraham GoldsteinCognitive Psychopyhsiology, ERP, MEG19981999 Emanuel Donchin (post-doc)
Brian A GordonAging, working memory, exercise Psychology Bioengineering20032010 Monica Fabiani (grad student), Arthur F. Kramer (collaborator), Bradley P. Sutton (collaborator)
Alexandru D. IordanCognitive and Affective Neuroscience20102016 Florin Dolcos (grad student)
Marta KutasElectrophysiology, cognition, neuropsychology Emanuel Donchin (grad student)
Sarah Laszlovisual word recognition, electrophysiology20042009 Kara D. Federmeier (grad student)
Echo Elizabeth LeaverCognitive Neuroscience of aging and working memory20012008 Monica Fabiani (grad student)
Kathy A Lowcognitive control, executive function, optical imaging, aging
Kyle E. MathewsonCognitive Neuroimaging, Attention, Exectutive Control20112011 Gabriele Gratton (grad student), Diane M. Beck (post-doc), Monica Fabiani (grad student)
Thomy Henning Nilssonvision (color, memory, temporal factors, legibility), nerual modeling, human factors (fatigue, driving), aging (quality of life) Psychology Emanual Donchin (post-doc)
Aminda J. O'HareAffective cognitive neuroscience of executive control Wendy Heller (post-doc)
Matthew B. PontifexNeurocognition, cognition, executive control, fitness, physical activity, health behaviors, attention, action monitoring Kinesiology & Community Health20062011 Charles H. Hillman (grad student)
Sarah M. Sass2010 Gregory A. Miller (grad student), Wendy Heller (grad student)
Stacie L. Warrenanxiety, depression, executive function, fMRI Gregory A. Miller (grad student), Wendy Heller (grad student)