University of California, Los Angeles

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
George A. Bartholomewcomparative animal physiological ecology
Edward G. Bobich2001 Park S. Nobel (grad student)
James H. BrownEcology, Biological Scaling, Biogeography19671968 George A. Bartholomew (post-doc)
Anjali Browning2010 Johnson S. Kin (grad student)
Martin L. Cody
Erick De la Barrera2003 Park S. Nobel (grad student)
Anthony Dell2012 Van Savage (grad student)
Jared M. Diamondecology, biogeography, evolutionary biography
Henry A. Hespenheideentomology, tropical biology
Stephen P. HubbellCommunity ecology; biodiversity
Thomas R. Hugginsentomology, tropical biology2008 Henry A. Hespenheide (grad student)
Richard Lee Hutto1977 Martin L. Cody (grad student)
Mitchell Johnson2011 Van Savage (grad student)
Jana J. Johnsonentomology, tropical biology2008 Henry A. Hespenheide (grad student)
Hea J. Kim2000 William H. Mangione-Smith (grad student)
Johnson S. Kin2001 William H. Mangione-Smith (grad student)
Nathan JB Kraftcommunity ecology, plant ecology, functional ecology, tropical forests
Louis M. La Pierreentomology, tropical biology2002 Henry A. Hespenheide (grad student)
John C. Lach2000 William H. Mangione-Smith (grad student)
Sheldon Irving Lustick1968 George A. Bartholomew (grad student)
Richard E. MacMillen1961 George A. Bartholomew (grad student)
George P. MalansonPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Sciences Geography19781983 Walter E. Westman (grad student)
Ian McFadden Nathan JB Kraft (grad student)
Gokhan Memik2003 William H. Mangione-Smith (grad student)
Park S. Nobel
Samraat Pawar Van Savage (post-doc)
Willis Eugene Pequegnat1942 Raymond Bridgman Cowles (grad student), Loye (Padre) Holmes Miller (grad student)
Alexandria Pivovaroff Philip Rundel (post-doc)
Van SavagePhysiological models of vascular systems, sleep, tumor growth; allometric scaling; ecological interactions and biodiversity.
Gregory R. Schrott2001 Martin L. Cody (grad student)
H. Bradley ShafferEvolutionary and conservation biology of amphibians and reptiles
Thomas W. Sherryecology, conservation biology, ornithology Henry A. Hespenheide (grad student)
William K. Smith1977 Park S. Nobel (grad student)
Andrew T. SmithConservation Biology, Mammalogy, Behavioral Ecology19681973 James H. Brown (grad student)
Cheryl Swift Philip Rundel (grad student)
Jeffrey A. WolfEcology, Tropical Biology Biology2015 Stephen P. Hubbell (grad student)