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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Delphine Aymoz (Info) Universite Joseph Fourier, Grenoble swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Bruno Baur (Info) University of Basel swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Lluis Brotons (Info) CEFE CNRS UMR 5175 JeanLouisMartin 2019‑04‑08
Celine Capelli (Info) ETH Zürich swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Simon Chamaillé-Jammes (Info) CEFE CNRS UMR 5175 JeanLouisMartin 2019‑04‑08
Simon Chollet (Info) CEFE CNRS UMR 5175 JeanLouisMartin 2019‑04‑08
Angélica L González (Info) Rutgers University - Camden Community ecology, functional ecology, ecosystem ecology, ecological stoichiometry, biodiversity, paleoecology Angelica_L_Gonzalez 2019‑04‑26
Alex Hall (Info) swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Florian Hollandt (Info) University of Konstanz swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Vernon L Kellogg (Info) Stanford jared.a.elmore 2019‑04‑18
Patrick J McIntyre (Info) The Nature Conservancy/Natureserve ecology, evolution, conservation pjmcintyre00 2019‑04‑08
Ewa Merz (Info) ETH Zürich wpetry 2019‑04‑17
Ramith Nair (Info) ETH Zürich swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Lasse Nielsen (Info) ETH Zürich swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman (Info) University of Arizona, University of Arizona, University of Maryland Urban ecology, green infrastructure, biogeochemistry, ecosystem services, social-ecological systems blue-ocean 2019‑05‑16
Olaya Rendueles (Info) Pasteur Institue, Paris swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Jenny Spaak (Info) ETH Zürich swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Thierry Wirth (Info) Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris swielgos 2019‑05‑17
Rebekka Wolfensberger (Info) ETH Zürich swielgos 2019‑05‑17
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