University of Toronto

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Katharine A. AndersonMedieval History, European History2003 E Ewan (grad student)
Simon AppolloniGeneral Religion, Environmental Studies, Philosophy of Science Religion, Study of2014 Stephen B. Scharper (grad student)
Michel R. BarnesHistory of Religion, Theology John M. Rist (grad student)
Belamide Paulino T.History of Religion2002 Julia Ching (grad student)
Tonya CallaghanSociology of Education, Administration Education, GLBT Studies, General Religion Curriculum, Teaching and Learning2012 Heather Sykes (grad student)
Anthony Chartrand-BurkeBiblical Studies Religion, Classical Literature2001 Robert S. Sinrewicz (grad student)
Julia ChingGeneral Religion, Dance
Isabelle CochelinMedieval History, Church History, Theology
Vincent G. ConvilleEthnic and Racial Studies2003 Harold Troper (grad student)
Mairi A. CowanEuropean History, History of Religion2003 E Ewan (grad student)
Alan T. DaviesHistory of Religion
Elizabeth M. Davies-StofkaGeneral Religion, General2003 Roger Hutchinson (grad student)
Tessa DeRosaClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology, Developmental Psychology2000 Solveiga Miezitis (grad student)
James DiCensoPhilosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, General Psychology
Nicholas DionPhilosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, General Psychology Religion, Study of2012 James DiCenso (grad student)
Paul EidEthnic and Racial Studies2002 W Isajiw (grad student)
Nevin R. El-TahryGeneral Religion, Islamic Studies Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations2010 Todd Lawson (grad student)
Christoph EmmrichLinguistics Language, General Religion
Nicholas EverettHistory of Religion, European History, Ancient History
E EwanEuropean History, History of Religion
Emil Fackenheim
Kathleen S. GibbonsReligious Education, Philosophy of Religion, Medieval Literature Religion, Study of2013 Robert Sinkewicz (grad student)
Sandy H. GreerEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, General Religion2003 David Selby (grad student)
Janet E. GroenAdult and Continuing Education, General Religion2002 Solveiga Miezitis (grad student)
Christina H. HanAsia History, History of Religion East Asian Studies2011 Graham Saunders (grad student)
Amir I. HussianGeneral Religion, Ethnic and Racial Studies2001 Willard G. Oxtoby (grad student)
Roger HutchinsonPhilosophy of Religion, Jewish Studies, Ethics
Avi J. HymanTechnology of Education, Religious Education2000 Harold Troper (grad student)
W IsajiwEthnic and Racial Studies, General Religion
Howard KislowiczLaw, General, History of Religion2013 Ayelet Shachar (grad student)
Smita KothariHistory of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, South Asian Studies, Asian Literature Religion, Study of2013 Stephen B. Scharper (grad student)
Timothy LangilleJewish Studies, History of Religion Religion, Study of2014 Hindy Najman (grad student)
Todd LawsonGeneral Religion, Islamic Studies
James D. LeneoPhilosophy of Religion, Germanic Literature
Bryan G. LevmanLinguistics Language, General Religion Religion, Study of2014 Christoph Emmrich (grad student)
Lisa M. LipsettAdult and Continuing Education2001 David Selby (grad student)
Catherine LudvikHistory of Religion2001 David B. Waterhouse (grad student)
Alison R. MarshallGeneral Religion, Dance2000 Julia Ching (grad student)
Gillian L. McCannHistory of Religion, Biography2003 Narendra Wagle (grad student)
Sean J. McGrathPhilosophy, Theology2002 Graeme Nicholson (grad student)
Solveiga MiezitisAdult and Continuing Education, General Religion
Alexander C. MurrayMedieval History, History of Education, History of Religion, Medieval Literature
Danita MushkatEthnic and Racial Studies, General Religion2001 W Isajiw (grad student)
Hindy NajmanJewish Studies, History of Religion
Graeme NicholsonPhilosophy, Theology Philosophy Emil Fackenheim (grad student), James Doull (grad student)
Roger O'TooleGeneral, European History, General, General Religion
Willard G. OxtobyGeneral Religion, Ethnic and Racial Studies
Brian PeckhamHistory of Religion, Biblical Studies Religion
David R. PerleyPhilosophy of Religion2004 Graeme Nicholson (grad student)
Henry PietersmaPhenomenology Philosophy Emil Fackenheim (grad student)
Victoria E. PlaskettDevelopmental Psychology, Women's Studies2000 Solveiga Miezitis (grad student)
Matthew PonesseMedieval History, History of Education, History of Religion, Medieval Literature2004 Alexander C. Murray (grad student)
Ephraim Radner
Christina M. ReimerGeneral Religion, Individual and Family Studies Religion2012 James DiCenso (grad student)
Stephen RuppRomance Literature, General Religion
Constance L. RussellSciences Education2001 David Selby (grad student)
Graham SaundersAsia History, History of Religion
Stephen B. ScharperGeneral Religion, Environmental Studies, Philosophy of Science
David SelbyEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology, General Religion
Ayelet ShacharLaw, General, History of Religion
Joan G. SimalchikLatin American History2004 Harold Troper (grad student)
Robert SinkewiczReligious Education, Philosophy of Religion, Medieval Literature
Robert S. SinrewiczBiblical Studies Religion, Classical Literature
Heather SykesSociology of Education, Administration Education, GLBT Studies, General Religion
Wendy E. TevensClinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology2003 Solveiga Miezitis (grad student)
Peter TorokGeneral, European History, General, General Religion2000 Roger O'Toole (grad student)
Donna C. TrembinskiMedieval History, Church History, Theology2004 Isabelle Cochelin (grad student)
Raquel TrilliaRomance Literature, General Religion2003 Stephen Rupp (grad student)
Harold TroperGeneral Religion
Narendra WagleHistory of Religion, Biography
David B. WaterhouseHistory of Religion
Harold George WellsChristology, Linguistics & Literature
David E. WiljerMedieval Literature, Biblical Studies Religion2004 Robert Sinkewicz (grad student)
Enriqueta ZafraRomance Literature2004 Stephen Rupp (grad student)