Delft University of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Steven H. CollinsMechanical Engineering BioRobotics20082010 Martijn Wisse (post-doc)
Georgios Dialynas Cognitive Robotics20152020 Arend L. Schwab (grad student)
Dimitra Dodou
J. D. G. Precision and Microsystems Engineering20042012 Arend L. Schwab (grad student)
Julian K.A. Langowskibiomimetics, biomechanics, bioadhesion BioMechanical Engineering20152019 Dimitra Dodou (grad student)
P. Meijers
Jason Keith Moorebiomechanics,dynamics Precision and Microsystems Engineering20082009 Arend L. Schwab (grad student)
Katherine L. Poggensee
Arend L. Schwab Laboratory for Engineering Mechanics2002 P. Meijers (grad student)
Frans C. T. van der Helm
Martijn Wisse Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Frans C. T. van der Helm (grad student)