Florida Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nelson AkaigheAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Mary Louise Sohn (grad student)
Boris B. AkhremitchevPhysical Chemistry
George A. AnquandahInorganic Chemistry2011 Virender K. Sharma (grad student)
Peter J. BarileEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography Biology2001 Brian E. Lapointe (grad student)
Martha K. Bodden-WilliamsPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2003 Gordon Leigh Nelson (grad student)
Irina R. BogdanovaPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2007 Gordon Leigh Nelson (grad student)
A.B BrownOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Erik M. CasbeerAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2012 Virender K. Sharma (grad student)
Chih-Tsung ChangOrganic Chemistry2008 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Peter J. CohenVision, Neuroscience, Catalysis, Energy.2013 Nasri Nesnas (grad student)
Richard L. ComitzVision, Neuroscience, Catalysis, Energy.2013 Nasri Nesnas (grad student)
Mohamed E. ErhayemOrganic Chemistry, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Nanoscience2013 Mary Louise Sohn (grad student)
Michael Stephen FreundAnalytical Chemistry, Conducting Polymers, Sensing, Solar Fuels, Polymer Electronics
Vivek GoreBiochemistry2011 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Mohamed Fathy HassanMachine Olfaction, Electrochemistry, Polymers
Sheila M. JacoboOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2005 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Namin KangOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Seongjin KimOrganic Chemistry2001 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Brian E. LapointeEnvironmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography Biology
Changyoul LeeBiochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2005 Mary Louise Sohn (grad student)
Yi Liaonew photochemical processes, synthesizing molecules and polymers based on these photochemical processes, conducting polymers and electro-optic materials
Pierpaolo Morgante20172021 Roberto Peverati (grad student)
Gordon Leigh NelsonPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Nasri NesnasVision, Neuroscience, Catalysis, Energy.
Nadine N. Noorhasan-SmithAnalytical Chemistry2006 Virender K. Sharma (grad student)
Yannick P. OuedraogoVision, Neuroscience, Catalysis, Energy.2012 Nasri Nesnas (grad student)
Andrew G. PalmerPlant Biochemistry
Pranav PatelOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2008 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Roberto Peverati
Lisa M. RegallaBiochemistry19961997 Michael Stephen Freund (research assistant)
Robert D. RemberPhysical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry2002 John H. Trefry (grad student)
Joshua RokachBiochemistry
Virender K. SharmaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Sashikala SivendranOrganic Chemistry2005 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Mary Louise SohnAnalytical Chemistry
Norito Takenaka
John H. TrefryPhysical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry
Daniel P. VorisekOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2014 A.B Brown (grad student)
Rudolf J. WehmschulteInorganic Chemistry
Timm WilkeChemistry Education, Chemistry Didactics, Nanoscience Education, Artificial Intelligence in Education Chemistry Department20152015 Kurt J. Winkelmann (research scientist)
Debra W. WoodallEnvironmental Sciences2006 John H. Trefry (grad student)
Qiuji YeOrganic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry20122018 Joshua Rokach (grad student)
Ria A. YngardAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences2007 Virender K. Sharma (grad student)