Louisiana State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yuyang He (何雨旸) Geology & Geophysics20142018 Jianwei Wang (grad student)
Khalil Abboud Chemistry Chemistry Stephen F. Watkins (grad student), Frank R. Fronczek (grad student)
Steven L. AldermanPhysical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences2005 Barry (Harold Barrett) Dellinger (grad student)
Steven L. AshbyBiogeochemistry2000 Robert P. Gambrell (grad student)
David AubryInorganic Chemistry2004 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Jed P. AucoinAnalytical Chemistry2004 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Ahmad BahamdanPolymer Chemistry2005 William H. Daly (grad student)
Subramanian Balamurugan Robin L. McCarley (post-doc)
Sreelatha Balamurugan Robin L. McCarley (post-doc)
Bobby L. BarkerOrganic Chemistry2005 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Quinn A. Best
Norman S. BhaccaNMR Spectroscopy
Eugene Billiot Isiah Warner (grad student)
Rachel BolzanOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2002 William A. Pryor (grad student)
Novella N. BridgesInorganic Chemistry2001 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Robyn BroachPhysical Chemistry2004 Brian J. Hales (grad student)
Frank K. CartledgeAnalytical Chemistry
Sonya L. Caston-Pierre (Good)Analytical Chemistry2001 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Lui-Heung ChanGeochemistry
Tryfon T. CharalampopoulosMechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry
Banglin Chensolid state nanoporous metal-organic frameworks and nanoparticles, self-assembled by coordination of suitable metal ions/clusters with organic building blocks20022003 Andrew W. Maverick (research scientist)
Hau Yin ChungPharmacology, Biochemistry, Alternative Medicine1994 Keith R. Cadwallader (grad student)
Alexander Cleveland Chemistry David E. Chavez (post-doc)
Chad M. CristinaEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering2004 John J. Sansalone (grad student)
Randall C. CushPolymer Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 Paul Russo (grad student)
William H. DalyOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Codrin DarangaPolymer Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2005 William H. Daly (grad student)
Jerry A. Darsey1982 Wayne L. Mattice (grad student)
Aloke DasBiomolecular chemistry20042007 Erwin D. Poliakoff (post-doc)
Purnendu K. DasguptaAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Instrumentation19731977 Philip W. West (grad student)
Connie David Biochemistry Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Yolanda Y. DavidsonAnalytical Chemistry2000 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Robert de Levieanalytical chemistry and electrochemistry1965 Paul Delahay (post-doc)
Albert Leo Dela CruzEPFRs, persistent free radicals, environmentally persistent free radicals Chemistry20062012 Barry (Harold Barrett) Dellinger (grad student)
Paul Delahayelectrochemistry
Barry (Harold Barrett) DellingerPhysical Chemistry
Ayse Demir Korkmazmagnetic nanoparticles, inorganic nanoparticles, nanocomposites Chemistry20042004 Aleeta M. Powe (research scientist)
Edward E. DoomesPhysical Chemistry2002 Erwin D. Poliakoff (grad student)
Michael DoughtyPharmaceutical Chemistry19781982 Gerald E. Risinger (grad student)
Brenton Drakeinorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry
Billy F. DudleyBiochemistry, Toxicology2000 Gary W. Winston (grad student)
Michael W Easson Chemistry2008 Graca Vicente (grad student)
George R. FarquarPhysical Chemistry2003 Erwin D. Poliakoff (grad student)
Stephen P. FaulknerBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Environmental Engineering
Ray E. FerrellGeology, Geochemistry
Pierre N. FlorianoAnalytical Chemistry and Cancer Biology19962001 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Krystal Fontenot Chemistry20072012 Graca Vicente (grad student)
Wesley D. FreyEpigenetics Biological Sciences Biological Sciences20102015 Joomyeong Kim (grad student), James V. Moroney (research assistant)
Frank R. Fronczek
Robert P. GambrellBiogeochemistry
J.Gabriel Garcia Chemistry19861991 Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Ted Joseph Gauthier2000 Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Jose Giraldes2003 Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Donald W. GlennEnvironmental Engineering, Geochemistry2001 John J. Sansalone (grad student)
J Samuel GodberFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry
Vijay GottumukkalaOrganic Chemistry2006 M G. H. Vicente (grad student)
Petia G. GueorguievaInorganic Chemistry2004 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Xin Guisolid state chemistry Chemistry20162020 Weiwei Xie (grad student)
M G. H. VicenteOrganic Chemistry
Louis H. Haberultrafast laser investigations of soft x-ray
Matthew S. HackworthGeology, Geochemistry2005 Ray E. Ferrell (grad student)
Brian J. HalesPhysical Chemistry
Jenney M. HallGeochemistry2002 Lui-Heung Chan (grad student)
Randall W. Hallstatistical mechanics, nanoparticles, glassy materials, Path Integrals, biomolecules
Lars Gustav Hammarstrom2001 Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Markus HardtBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Martine J. HardyPalynology, Geology, Biogeochemistry2000 John H. Wrenn (grad student)
Chris R. HarwellPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Alyssa C. HenryAnalytical Chemistry2001 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Christina Sweeney HillesheimInorganic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry20052009 George G. Stanley (research scientist)
Jessica C. HoganMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2005 Jacqueline M. Stephens (grad student)
Veronica K. HolmesPolymer Chemistry2007 William H. Daly (grad student)
Yixiang HuangAnalytical Chemistry2001 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Chih-chun J. HuangFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Biochemistry2003 J Samuel Godber (grad student)
Clinton HuntInorganic Chemistry2000 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Rachael G. HunterBiogeochemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Ecology Biology, Environmental Engineering2000 Stephen P. Faulkner (grad student)
W. Andrew Jackson1996 John H. Pardue (grad student)
Matthew L JordanElectrochemical separations, membrane science, ionic transport properties Cain Department of Chemical Engineering20182022 Christopher Arges (grad student)
Rendy Kartika
Garry E KieferOrganic Chemistry
Andrew M. KolchinCondensed Matter Physics
Subarna Kole Chemical Engineering20172021 Christopher Arges (grad student)
Revati Kumarphysical chemistry, computational chemistry, electrolytes, force-fields
Roger A. LaineAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Roger A LaineGlycobiology, Insecticides, Cancer, Virology, Microbiology20022003 Masao Miyazaki (collaborator)
Daniel J LaMasterBODIPY synthesis, excited state calculations Chemistry Chemistry Graca Vicente (grad student), Kenneth A. Lopata (grad student)
Suzanne J. LassiterAnalytical Chemistry2001 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Semin LeeSupramolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
Qi Lei Chemical Engineering20172020 Christopher Arges (grad student)
Ke LiBattery electrolytes, Biodegradable materials Chemistry20152020 Revati Kumar (grad student)
Patrick A. LimbachBiochemistry
Song LinAnalytical Chemistry2000 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Dingfang LiuCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology2001 John J. Sansalone (grad student)
Shawn LlopisAnalytical Chemistry2006 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Martin Loew Robin L. McCarley (post-doc)
Dewayne LoganOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 William H. Daly (grad student)
Ziqiang LuWood Technology Agriculture, Polymer Chemistry, Plastics Technology2003 Qinglin Wu (grad student)
Luigi Marzilliphysical and synthetic chemistry
Andrew W. MaverickInorganic chemistry; supramolecular chemistry; photochemistry
Robin L. McCarleyAnalytical Chemistry
Matthew E. McCarrollAnalytical Chemistry19982000 Isiah Warner (post-doc)
James N. McCrimmonPlant Culture Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
Marianne L. McKeeAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Mark L. McLaughlinMedicinal chemistry, oncology
Christopher S. McWhorterAnalytical Chemistry, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Melissa MenardInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20072011 Julia Chan (grad student)
Sanford L. MendoncaAnalytical Chemistry2000 Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Barry J. MisquittaInorganic Chemistry2000 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Masao Miyazaki
Masao Miyazki Biological sciences Roger A. Laine (post-doc)
Alexandre R. MonteilInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2006 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Amy D. MoraraAnalytical Chemistry20002005 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
James V. Moroney
Gregory Morrisonintermetallics
Allison M. NaquinAnalytical Chemistry2001 Frank K. Cartledge (grad student)
Tamara S. Nauman19881994 Robin L. McCarley (post-doc), Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Ioan I. NegulescuPolymer Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Marcia E. Newcomerstructural biology
Alex L. NguyenOrganic syntheses, organic methodology development, and fluorophore Chemistry Chemistry20112016 Kevin M. Smith (grad student), Graca Vicente (grad student)
Sten Nilsson Lill Grover Waldrop (post-doc)
Charles O. NobleAnalytical Chemistry2001 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
M. Ohta Biochemistry Roger A. Laine (post-doc)
Winston Ong Robin L. McCarley (post-doc)
Caroline O. OngayiOrganic Chemistry2005 M G. H. Vicente (grad student)
Chin Yih Ou Biochemistry19841987 Roger A Laine (research scientist)
Clyde V. OwensAnalytical Chemistry2000 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Varada Menon Palakkal Chemical Engineering20152020 Christopher Arges (grad student)
William H. PatrickOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
E. Ward PlummerSurface Science
John A. PojmanPolymer Chemistry
Erwin D. PoliakoffAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Aleeta M. Powe Chemistry20032005 Isiah Warner (post-doc)
Bijeta Prasai
William A. PryorOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Gerald J. RathbonePhysical Chemistry, Molecular Physics2002 Erwin D. Poliakoff (grad student)
David A. RayMolecular Evolution, Phylogenetics, Genomics20022005 Mark A. Batzer (post-doc)
Gerald E. Risinger
Fatima R. Rivasmedicinal chemistry
Harry E. Robson
Paul RussoPolymer Chemistry, Biochemistry
Santiago D SalasProcess Systems Engineering Chemical Engineering2019 Jose A. Romagnoli (grad student)
John J. SansaloneEnvironmental Engineering, Geochemistry
Keith C. SchomburgAnalytical Chemistry2000 Robin L. McCarley (grad student)
Paschoal Ernesto Américo SeniseAnalytical Chemistry19501952 Paul Delahay (post-doc), Philip W. West (post-doc)
Yuhong ShengCivil Engineering2004 John J. Sansalone (grad student)
Guocai ShuMechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Analytical Chemistry2000 Tryfon T. Charalampopoulos (grad student)
Catherine N. SitumaPolymer Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2007 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Kevin M. Smith
Steven A. SoperAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
George G. Stanley
Jacqueline M. StephensMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Ronald E. StrahanPlant Culture Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry2002 James N. McCrimmon (grad student)
Robert M. StrunginOrganic Chemistry
Mrunal R. ThattePolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2004 William H. Daly (grad student)
Chad A ThibodeauxAnalytical and Physical Chemistry Chemistry20082015 Erwin D. Poliakoff (grad student)
Alexander G. TkachenkoBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Toxicology2000 Gary W. Winston (grad student)
James Gibson Traynham
Sami UllahBiogeochemistry, Ecology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2005 Stephen P. Faulkner (grad student)
Lucas Veillon Biological Sciences Roger A. Laine (grad student)
Marco Vela Chemistry19861989 Mark L. McLaughlin (grad student)
Gokul Venugopalan Chemical Engineering20172021 Christopher Arges (grad student)
Graca Vicente
David J. VinyardGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, General Biophysics
Ronnie Y. VunWood Technology Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Materials Science Engineering2003 Qinglin Wu (grad student)
Musundi B. WabuyeleAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2003 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Emanuel A. WaddellAnalytical Chemistry2000 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Grover Waldrop
Maodie WangOrganic chemistry Chemistry2015 Graca Vicente (grad student)
Isiah Warner development of chiral separation procedures using novel chiral polymers; · development of novel analytical schemes for protein separations; · characterization of proteins and other biomolecules associated with human atherosclerotic plaque;
Stephen F. Watkins
Philip W. WestAnalytical Chemistry
Willa Williamsinorganic chemistry
Zakiya WilsonInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2004 George G. Stanley (grad student)
Gary W. WinstonBiochemistry, Toxicology
John H. WrennPalynology, Geology, Biogeochemistry
Lucille D. WrightPolymer Chemistry2000 Paul Russo (grad student)
Qinglin WuWood Technology Agriculture, Polymer Chemistry, Plastics Technology
Michael Hongli Wu Biochemistry Biochemistry19861996 Roger A. Laine (grad student), Roger A Laine (grad student)
Weiwei Xie
Yichnan XuAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2003 Steven A. Soper (grad student)
Ye XuComputational Surface Science and Catalysis
Pei-Hung YehPolymer Chemistry2000 William H. Daly (grad student)
Ensun YoonMass spectrometry Biochemistry19871991 Roger A Laine (grad student)
Libo ZhangGeochemistry2001 Lui-Heung Chan (grad student)
Guanyu Zhang Chemistry Chemistry2016 Graca Vicente (grad student), Kevin M. Smith (grad student)
Le Zhang20152018 Christopher Arges (grad student)
Chuanlin ZhaoHeterogeneous Catalysis
Betty C-R Zhu Biological sciences Roger A. Laine (post-doc)
Sanjin ZvonicMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2004 Jacqueline M. Stephens (grad student)