University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Laura K. G. Ackerman-BiegasiewiczSynthetic organic chemistry20092010 David A. Vicic (research assistant)
Melissa A. AgsaldaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Virology Biology2010 Bruce T Shiramizu (grad student)
Greg A. AhearnAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Anne M. AlvarezPlant Pathology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry
George AndermannX-ray emission spectroscopy, surface and trace analysis, molecular electronic structure, anharmonic vibrations in crystals via infrared optical properties, natural products material science
Merle M. AndersGeneral Agriculture, Biochemistry, Agronomy Agriculture1988 James Anthony Silva (grad student)
Thomas Mark Applenuclear magnetic resonance
Amy G. AslamkhanAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2000 Greg A. Ahearn (grad student)
Marlin J. AtkinsonBiogeochemistry, Geochemistry1981 Stephen V. Smith (grad student)
Donghan BaePhysical Chemistry2000 Karl Seff (grad student)
Jocelyn BajitaSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2003 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
April R. BanaagNatural products, cancer treatments2008 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Rodey BatizaGeology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy
Paul R. Beaumont Chemistry2015 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Cisco BeeNatural products, cancer treatments2006 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Jack Belli Chemistry1999 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Timothy H. BertramExperimental Atmospheric Chemistry20002001 Barry J. Huebert (research assistant)
Nadhipuram V. BhagavanBiochemistry
Derek Birkmire Chemistry20062015 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Harry C. BittenbenderAgronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry, Horticulture Agriculture
Daniel Brayton
Rebecca A. BriggsGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography2011 Kathleen C. Ruttenberg (grad student)
Robert Worth Buddemeier
William Craig BurnettGeochemistry Geophysics1974 Pow-foong Fan (grad student)
Roxana Y. CabosPlant Pathology Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2007 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
Christopher J. CarrilloOceanography Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry2002 David M. Karl (grad student)
Nicolas CassarOceanography Biology, Biochemistry2003 Edward A. Laws (grad student)
Sankhabrata Chandra20202020 Ralf I. Kaiser (post-doc)
Donghui Chen Chemistry20112012 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Wei Chen Chemistry2002 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Bin ChenMineral physics, geophysics, planetary science
Buncha ChinnasriPlant Pathology Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2006 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
Chi H. ChioPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2007 David W. Muenow (grad student)
Marina ChongInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Antony D. ClarkeAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry
Abby CollierMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Lance F. CulnaneInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2011 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Matteo D'AlessioEnvironmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Resource Management Civil Engineering2014 Chittaranjan Ray (grad student)
Todd Dalton Chemistry2007 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Dilip de SilvaNatural Products Chemistry Chemistry19761980 Paul J. Scheuer (grad student)
Jonathan L. DeenikSoil Science Agriculture2003 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
Judith R. Denery2005 Qing X. Li (grad student)
Aminata S. DiarraSoil Science Agriculture2007 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
Gaoussou DiarraNatural Resource Management, Environmental Management Natural Resources And Environmental Management2013 Travis Idol (grad student)
Cody Francis Dickinson Chemistry20142022 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Darryl David Dixon2010 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Klaus DragullAgricultural Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Chung-Shih Tang (grad student)
James L. FalterBiogeochemistry, Geochemistry2002 Marlin J. Atkinson (grad student)
Domonkos FeherOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry2010 Thomas K. Hemscheidt (grad student)
Adrian Franke Chemistry Reimar Bruening (post-doc)
Nicolas Gaillard
Geoffrey H. GarrisonBiogeochemistry, Geochemistry, Geology2002 Craig Glenn (grad student)
Yingbin GeTheoretical and Computational Chemistry19982004 John D. Head (grad student)
Craig GlennGeology, Geochemistry
Mausumi GoswamiSpectroscopy Chemistry20102011 Ralf I. Kaiser (post-doc)
Chris E. GreggGeology, Public and Social Welfare2005 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Michael W. GuidryGeochemistry, Oceanography Biology2002 Fred T. Mackenzie (grad student)
Mukta Gupta Chemistry1994 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Ji-Sook HaAnimal Physiology Biology2004 Nadhipuram V. Bhagavan (grad student)
Chung-Eun HaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Mark T HamannNatural Products, Organic Chemistry, Natural Products Synthesis, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Catalysis Chemistry19881992 Paul J. Scheuer (grad student)
Angelos K. HannidesOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2008 Francis J. Sansone (grad student)
Krishna HarohalliBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Nadhipuram V. Bhagavan (grad student)
Paul Edward Harrington2002 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Thomas K. HemscheidtOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Christiane HennesseeProteomics, microbial biotransformation, agricultural chemistry2008 Qing X. Li (grad student)
Gregory S. HermanPhysical Chemistry, semiconductors1992 Charles S. Fadley (grad student)
Iuri HerzfeldBiogeochemistry, Physical Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography, Hydrology2011 Francis J. Sansone (grad student)
Eric J. HochbergOceanography Biology, Ecology Biology2002 Marlin J. Atkinson (grad student)
Stacey A. HondaPathology, Molecular Biology, Medicine and Surgery2002 Nadhipuram V. Bhagavan (grad student)
Daniel J. HooverBiogeochemistry, Hydrology2002 Fred T. Mackenzie (grad student)
Bruce HoughtonGeology, Geophysics, Geochemistry
Xiaojun Huang Chemistry20132014 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Barry J. HuebertEnvironmental Sciences, Ecology Biology, Hydrology, Atmospheric Science Physics
Travis IdolForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Lynn W. Jelinskispider silk1976 Edgar F. Kiefer (grad student)
Craig M. JensenInorganic Chemistry
Anais Jolit Chemistry2014 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
David M. KarlOceanography Biology, Environmental Sciences, Biogeochemistry
Peter KarusoChemical Biology, chemical proteomics Chemistry19851987 Paul J. Scheuer (post-doc)
Joel Kawakami Chemistry Reimar Bruening (research assistant)
Jacque L. KellyGeology, Geochemistry2012 Craig Glenn (grad student)
Tridate KhaithongPlant Pathology Agriculture2007 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
Edgar F. Kiefer
Deirdre A. KillebrewMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology Biology, Public Health2005 Bruce T Shiramizu (grad student)
Aravinda M. KiniMaterials Science19721979 Robert S. H. Liu (grad student)
Kei Kitamura Chemistry20132015 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Malin KlawonnGeophysics, Geology Geology and Geophysics2013 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Arthur KodamaPublic Health, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Hamidou KonareSoil Science Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering2007 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
Meredith T. KubaInorganic Chemistry2008 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Ian KusaoBiochemistry2010 Bruce T Shiramizu (grad student)
Xiaojing Lai20142019 Bin Chen (grad student)
Brandt Landers Chemistry2016 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Randy William Larsen
Nicole C. LautzeGeology, Geophysics, Geochemistry2006 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Edward A. LawsOceanography Biology, Biochemistry
Do Wan Lee Chemistry1998 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Ricardo M LetelierMicrobial oceanography, bio-optics, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, ecology Oceanography19881994 David M. Karl (grad student)
Qing X. LiProteomics, microbial biotransformation, agricultural chemistry
Robert S. H. LiuPhotochemistry, Visual Pigments
Hendrik Luesch19972002 Richard E. Moore (grad student)
Elaine Luo2020 Edward F. DeLong (grad student)
Fred T. MackenzieBiogeochemistry, Hydrology
Kevin Magnusun chemistry2012 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Rodolfo Martinez MoralesForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Natural Resource Management2010 Travis Idol (grad student)
Cameron S. McNaughtonAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry2008 Antony D. Clarke (grad student)
Dean F. MeasonForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2009 Travis Idol (grad student)
Mario Mediati Chemistry1992 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Laurie MenvielPhysical Oceanography, Geochemistry, Geology2008 Axel Timmermann (grad student)
Jaroslava MiksovskaBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Inorganic Chemistry20002004 Randy William Larsen (post-doc)
Kathryn A. Mitchell Chemistry1995 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Shogo J. MiyagiPharmacology2011 Abby Collier (grad student)
Arvind MohanramEnvironmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Geochemistry2011 Chittaranjan Ray (grad student)
David W. MuenowPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Rajeev S. MuthyalaOrganic Chemistry1998 Robert S. H. Liu (grad student)
Pratibha V. NerurkarMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Phuong Quang Hoang NguyenInorganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry2019 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Christopher P. NoldGeneral Chemistry Chemistry2013 John D. Head (grad student)
Esther Padilla Chemistry1991 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Esther B. Pak Chemistry2000 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Yucheng PanGeology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy2001 Rodey Batiza (grad student)
Francois S. PaquayGeology, Geochemistry, Paleoclimate Science2011 Gregory E. Ravizza (grad student)
Carolyn ParchetaGeology, Geophysics Geology and Geophysics2013 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Mathews L. ParetPlant Pathology Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry2009 Anne M. Alvarez (grad student)
Benjamin PhilmusOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2009 Thomas K. Hemscheidt (grad student)
Karen W. PhinneyEffect of oligomer chain length and substituent configuration on the enantioselectivity of a maltooligosaccharide chiral stationary phase for HPLC1994 Apryll M. Stalcup (grad student)
Antonio L. QueridoSoil Science Agriculture, Geotechnology2008 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
Tonia G. QuinteroPlant Pathology Agriculture2008 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
Vaidhyanathan RamamurthyGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry1974 Robert S. H. Liu (grad student)
Anokha S. RatnayakeOrganic Chemistry2003 Thomas K. Hemscheidt (grad student)
Gregory E. RavizzaGeology, Geochemistry, Paleoclimate Science
Chittaranjan RayEnvironmental Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Geochemistry
Adam E. ReinhartSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2000 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
David W. RothwellSocial Work, Public and Social Welfare, Ethnic and Racial Studies2008 Anne M. Alvarez (grad student)
Angela Rouleau Chemistry2004 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Mongkolaya RungvetvuthivitayaEnvironmental Engineering2007 Chittaranjan Ray (grad student)
Kathleen C. RuttenbergGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography
Julia E. SableGeology2006 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Francis J. SansoneOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Hope Tennyson SartainInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20132019 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Brittany L. SatoMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2013 Abby Collier (grad student)
Fabian SchloesserPhysical Oceanography2011 Axel Timmermann (grad student)
Karl SeffPhysical Chemistry
Jong-Su SeoProteomics, microbial biotransformation, agricultural chemistry2006 Qing X. Li (grad student)
Godwin SeveraInorganic Chemistry, Alternative Energy2010 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Laxman SharmaCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering2012 Chittaranjan Ray (grad student)
Naoyuki Shimada Chemistrry20092011 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Yohei ShinozukaAtmospheric Sciences, Oceanography Biology, Remote Sensing2008 Antony D. Clarke (grad student)
Bruce T ShiramizuBiochemistry
Xiufu ShuaiSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2004 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
James Anthony SilvaSoil science
Brent S. SipesPlant Pathology Agriculture, Biochemistry
Oscar Sosa20162018 David M. Karl (post-doc)
Shawn R. SteimanAgronomy Agriculture, Agricultural Chemistry, Horticulture Agriculture2008 Harry C. Bittenbender (grad student)
Karl Stein Oceanography Axel Timmermann (grad student)
Craig Stewart Chemistry20102011 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Wendy K. StovallGeology2009 Bruce Houghton (grad student)
Sri SugiartiInorganic Chemistry2010 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Martin SulicInorganic Chemistry2007 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Chung-Shih TangAgricultural Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ann M. TarrantOceanography Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Zoology Biology2002 Marlin J. Atkinson (grad student)
Ho Chi Thanh Chemistry20102014 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)
Michelle Tigchelaar Axel Timmermann (grad student)
Axel TimmermannPhysical Oceanography, Geochemistry, Geology
Marcus A. TiusNatural products, cancer treatments
Vivian C. TueiMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2010 Chung-Eun Ha (grad student)
Joji UchikawaGeochemistry, General Chemistry2012 Richard E. Zeebe (grad student)
William Uspal Mechanical Engineering2013 Patrick S Doyle (grad student)
Rowena B. Valencia-GicaAgronomy Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2007 Russell S. Yost (grad student)
Loÿc Vanderkluysenvolcanology, geochemistry Geology & Geophysics Hawai‘i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology20082010 John Joseph Mahoney (grad student), Andrew J.L. Harris (post-doc)
Patrick Walleser Chemistry20132014 Marcus A. Tius (post-doc)
Koon-Hui WangPlant Pathology Agriculture2000 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
I-Chin WangPlant Pathology Agriculture, Biochemistry2012 Brent S. Sipes (grad student)
Zhaohui Wang Chemistry2005 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Dudley Williams Chemistry Reimar Bruening (grad student)
John Yamamoto Chemistry1990 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Jinsheng YangBiochemistry2004 Nadhipuram V. Bhagavan (grad student)
Geeng-Fu Yang Chemistry Reimar Bruening (grad student)
Glenn A. Yap Chemistry1992 Craig M. Jensen (grad student)
Russell S. YostAgronomy Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Adel H. YoukhanaSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Horticulture Agriculture2010 Travis Idol (grad student)
Richard E. ZeebeGeochemistry, General Chemistry
Wei-Jun Zheng20042007 Ralf I. Kaiser (post-doc)
Zhe Zhou Chemistry20092015 Marcus A. Tius (grad student)