Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Steven A. AkmanMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Heather M. AlgerBiochemistry, Pathology2009 Lawrence L. Rudel (grad student)
Reto AsmisBiochemistry, Nutrition
Michael J. BecksteadPharmacology
Kimberly R. BlishMolecular Biology, Oncology2009 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Mark C. ChappellHypertension
Steven R. ChildersSignal Transduction20122013 Lindsey Patricia Pattison (collaborator)
Lan G. CoffmanCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology2008 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Edward (E.J.) J Craneenzymology, microbiology, geomicrobiology, kinetic mechanism Biochemistry19921996 Al Claiborne (post-doc)
Carol C. CunninghamBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Paul W. Czotybehavioral pharmacology, neuroscience, substance abuse research, brain imaging Michael A. Nader (research scientist)
Larry W. DanielBiochemistry
Akash DasBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2009 Lawrence L. Rudel (grad student)
Penny M. DrownBiochemistry2000 Susan M. Hutson (grad student)
Iris J. EdwardsPathology, Biochemistry
Donald L. Evansmolecular immunology, signal transduction, and mechanisms of cellular innate immunity
Cristina M. FurduiBiochemistry Molecular Medicine2002 Stephen W. Ragsdale (grad student)
Dominic GioiaNeurophysiology, alcohol abuse2012 Brian A. McCool (grad student)
Bryan T. GreeneOncology2003 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Michael A. HollingsworthBiochemistry Microbiology and Immunology1982 Donald L. Evans (grad student)
Susan M. HutsonBiochemistry
Jamie E. Jennings-GeeBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Charles W. JoycePathology2000 Lawrence L. Rudel (grad student)
Michy P. Kellyschizophrenia, sensorimotor gating, learning & memory, cyclic nucleotides, phosphodiesterases, drug development19982002 Samuel A. Deadwyler (grad student)
Jamie L. KistlerCell Biology2005 Iris J. Edwards (grad student)
Caroline Elise KuczynskiMD simulations, gene therapy, hematopoietic stem cells, sickle cell anemia
Aaron T. LadaCell Biology, Biochemistry2001 Richard W. St. Clair (grad student)
Bill LedfordBiochemistry2005 Linda C. McPhail (grad student)
Daniel J. MazurBiochemistry2000 Fred W. Perrino (grad student)
Linda C. McPhailImmunology, Biochemistry
Manisha NautiyalBiochemistry2008 Susan M. Hutson (grad student)
Brian K. NordskogCell Biology, Pathology2000 Richard W. St. Clair (grad student)
John S. OwenBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry2003 Robert L. Wykle (grad student)
Matthew G. PenceBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2009 Fred W. Perrino (grad student)
Fred W. PerrinoBiochemistry
Eva C. PietschBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Zandra K. PinnixBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2008 Suzy V. Torti (grad student)
Debra S. RegierImmunology, Biochemistry2000 Linda C. McPhail (grad student)
Renee S. RichmondMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Medicine and Surgery2002 Iris J. Edwards (grad student)
Lawrence L. RudelPathology, Biochemistry
Richard W. St. ClairCell Biology, Biochemistry
Suzy V. TortiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Dana C. UptonGenetics2008 Steven A. Akman (grad student)
Cynthia G. Van HornBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Carol C. Cunningham (grad student)
Catherine A. Vogl-WillisPathology, Biochemistry2003 Iris J. Edwards (grad student)
Kirsten J. WillifordBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Nutrition2000 Lawrence L. Rudel (grad student)
Robert L. WykleBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Oncology
Daniel YohannesCholinergics; CNS, Inflammation disease areas
Zhiqiang ZhaoBiochemistry2000 Larry W. Daniel (grad student)