UC Berkeley College of Chemistry

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Xiaowen Feng
Dogan GidonPlasma, Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Model Predictive Control, Optimal Control, Plasma Medicine Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering20142019 Ali Mesbah (grad student), David B. Graves (grad student)
Jason M. NicholsDirhodium Carboxamidates in Catalysis and Materials2010 Jonathan A. Ellman (post-doc)
Steven J. O'MalleyOrganic synthesis2005 Jonathan A. Ellman (post-doc)
Jason C. RechReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis2007 Jonathan A. Ellman (post-doc)
Jerome VolkmanOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2011 Jonathan A. Ellman (post-doc)
Jesús ValdiviezoComputational Chemistry Chemistry Teresa Head-Gordon (post-doc)
Jonas W. Rackl Richmond Sarpong (grad student)
Cynthia M Hong Robert G. Bergman (grad student), Kenneth Norman Raymond (grad student), F. Dean Toste (grad student)
Christine M. Leorganic chemistry Chemistry F. Dean Toste (post-doc)
Zhao-Xun LiangBiochemistry, Chemical Biology Judith Pollock Klinman (post-doc)
Anthony C. RichardsonCarbohydrate chemistry Chemistry19591960 Hermann O.L. Fischer (post-doc)
Geoffrey E. DolbearPhysical Chemistry, Catalysis, petroleum chemistry, coal science, process chemistry, inorganic chemistry Chemistry19611962 John P. Fackler (research assistant)
Wade N SiskPhotochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Chemical Dynamics Chemistry19841990 Harold S. Johnston (grad student)
Marion Jaqueline Skalweitinfectious diseases; antibiotic resistance Chemistry19841989 Yuan T. Lee (grad student)
Christopher Noren19841990 Peter G. Schultz (grad student)
Christian J. LeumannDNA analogues19871988 Peter G. Schultz (post-doc)
Kai Johnssonchemical biology Chemistry19921996 Peter G. Schultz (post-doc)
Jason R. MartinDirected RNA Evolution Chemistry19921994 Peter G. Schultz (grad student)
Ian M. Craigfemtosecond laser spectroscopies and mixed quantum/classical molecular dynamics simulations Chemistry19921994 A. Paul Alivisatos (research assistant)
Grace NakayamaPharma R&D Project Management Chemistry19952001 Peter G. Schultz (grad student)
Henrik PedersenMolecular Evolution Chemistry Department19951997 Peter G. Schultz (post-doc)
Evan M. RumbergerInorganic chemistry; materials chemistry; single-molecule magnets; dynamics of transition metal complexes20052007 T. Don Tilley (post-doc), Alexis T. Bell (post-doc)
Jeong Y. Parksurface science, catalysis, scanning probe microscopy, surface chemistry Chemistry20062009 Gabor A. Somorjai (research scientist)
Kyle E. Broaders Chemistry20062011 Jean M. J. Fréchet (grad student)
Elizabeth J NewChemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, chemical biology20102011 Christopher J. Chang (post-doc)
Abigail S Knightbioinspired materials20102015 Matthew B. Francis (grad student)
Yisu Han Chemistry20112013 Carolyn R. Bertozzi (research assistant)
Michael A WebbTheory, computation, and design of soft materials20112011 Berend Smit (research assistant)
Desiré D. Whitmorephotophysics and chemical dynamics in condensed media, attosecond physics, photonics career technical education, secondary school science teacher education, museum science Chemistry20112014 Daniel M. Neumark (post-doc)
Brian WangNatural Product Synthesis20142019 Richmond Sarpong (grad student)
David Königs20152017 F. Dean Toste (post-doc)
Stephan HohlochInorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Early Transition Metals, f-Block Elements, Catalysis20152017 John Arnold (post-doc)
Jeffrey S. Derrick
David E StephensOrganic Chemistry, Heterocycles, Natural Product Synthesis Chemistry20162017 Richmond Sarpong (post-doc)
Rakia DhaouiInorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry Chemistry Chemistry20172019 F. Dean Toste (research assistant), Kenneth Norman Raymond (research assistant)
Younghun SungNanotechnology
Yuchen LiuScattering Theory chemistry20192020 Teresa Head-Gordon (research assistant)
Marco Messina2019 Christopher J. Chang (post-doc)
David T. LimmerTheory