Georgia State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Reham A. Abou-ElkhairOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2008 Thomas L. Netzel (grad student)
Deji Agbowuro2018 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Robert Aghoghovbia2017 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Kimberly A. Agnew-HeardAnalytical Chemistry2002 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Senol AkayOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Binghe Wang (grad student), David W. Boykin (grad student)
Neval AkbasMetalloporphyrins, intercalators Chemistry2012 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Adeyemi Samuel Alimi2016 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Stuart Anthony AllisonBiochemistry
Abiodun AnifowoseChemistry Chemistry20042019 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Reem K. ArafaOrganic Chemistry2004 David W. Boykin (grad student)
Jennifer C. BarberOrganic Chemistry2010 David W. Boykin (grad student)
Delon BarfussCell Biology, Biochemistry, Toxicology
Adalgisa Batista-ParraOrganic Chemistry2002 David W. Boykin (grad student)
Alfons L. BaumstarkOrganic Chemistry
David W. BoykinOrganic Chemistry
Nikita Lauren BurrowsChemical Education Chemitry20122017 Suazette R. Mooring (grad student)
Yu CaoMetalloporphyrins, intercalators2011 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Weixuan ChenOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2012 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Chuanying ChenPhysical Chemistry2003 Stuart Anthony Allison (grad student)
Hsinhung ChenOrganic Chemistry2001 Alfons L. Baumstark (grad student)
Yanyi ChenBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Cell Biology2012 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Dajun Chen2003 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Ning ChenBiochemistry; Molecular Biology; Molecular Exercise Physiology; Exercise, Nutrition and Autophagy20032008 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Yunfeng ChengBiochemistry, Medicine and Surgery Chemistry2011 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Vayou Chittavong2017 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Arpana Choudhary2013 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Gaurav Choudhary2009 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Yong Chu2009 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Sandra N. CraigBiochemistry2007 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Jianmei Cui2012 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Chaofeng Dai2015 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Krishna Damera2016 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Andria Davis2012 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Daniel M. DeocampoSedimentology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy
Hiu Dihn2012 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Dabney White DixonMetalloporphyrins, intercalators
Alex Draganov2016 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Elizabeth Draganova Chemistry2016 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Lupei Du2009 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Zhenming Du
Yuqing Duan2016 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Chayan Dutta
Sophia Edwards-Bennett1999 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
April L. EllisBiochemistry2006 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Fan FanBiochemistry2005 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Ning Fang
Bin FangGeneral Biophysics, Bioinformatics Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Irene T. Weber (grad student)
Hao Fang2004 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Bamba Fante2013 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Jalisa Ferguson Chemistry20122017 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Nilmi T. FernandoAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Michelle Ferro
Steffan FinneganBiochemistry2010 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Guoxing FuSystematic Biology, Bioinformatics Biology, Molecular Biology Biology2012 Irene T. Weber (grad student)
Samir T. GaballahOrganic Chemistry2003 Thomas L. Netzel (grad student)
Mustafa Gabr2013 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Giovanni GaddaBiochemistry
Theresa Gaines Chemistry20122017 Suazette R. Mooring (grad student)
Xingming Gao2004 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Markus W. GermannGeneral Chemistry, General Biophysics, Biochemistry
Mahmoud GhanemBiochemistry2006 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Paulami Ghosh Samer Gozem (post-doc)
Anila F. GillMetalloporphyrins, intercalators2006 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Jose L. Gonzalez-RomanOrganic Chemistry2002 David W. Boykin (grad student)
Samer Gozem College of Arts & Sciences- Chemistry Massimo Olivucci (grad student)
Kathryn B. Grant
Julius Green IDNA Structure, DNA Binders, Chemical Education chemistry20092014 David W. Boykin (grad student)
Peng Guan2013 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Sushma Reddy Gundala2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Donald HamelbergGeneral Biophysics, General Chemistry
Tran Hang2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Chelsea Harrod2018 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Jack HassardSciences Education, Higher Education, Technology of Education, General Chemistry
Huaizhen He2019 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Michael HebertCell Biology, Biochemistry Biology1997 John E. Houghton (grad student)
Maged M. HenaryOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology2000 Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Carol A. HobanAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology2008 Delon Barfuss (grad student)
Xiaole Hong Chemistry1990 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Harry P. Hopkins
Zhen HuangSelenium modified nucleic acids
Yasser H. HusseinPhysical Chemistry2003 Thomas L. Netzel (grad student)
Charles B. HutchisonBilingual and Multicultural Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Sciences Education2001 Jack Hassard (grad student)
Shirlene Jackson BeckfordMetalloporphyrins, intercalators Chemistry2012 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Kaili Ji2016 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Xingyue JI2019 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Zhen-Xin Jia20132014 Hao Xu (research assistant)
Yusheng JiangBiochemistry Chemistry, Biochemistry2012 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Shan Jin2009 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Hui Jin2008 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Anusha Kandukuri2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Gurpreet KaurOrganic Chemistry2006 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Bowen Ke2013 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Gayane Khachvankyan2004 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Michael KirbergerBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology2011 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Jeffrey D. KlencOrganic Chemistry2010 Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Robert J. KolbCell Biology, Biochemistry, Toxicology2001 Delon Barfuss (grad student)
Eirik J. KrogstadGeology, Geochemistry, Atmospheric Sciences
Peter KuklenyikAnalytical Chemistry, Toxicology2009 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Iman Labbad2016 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Sarah Laughlin-Toth2011 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Hsiau-Wei LeeBiochemistry2007 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Pamela Leggett-RobinsonOrganic Chemistry, STEM Education Chemistry Alfons L. Baumstark (grad student)
Minyong Li2009 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Wei Li2015 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Jiasong Li
Chengyuan Liang2017 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Na Lin2006 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Guan-Sai Liu20102013 Hao Xu (post-doc)
Ji-Dan Liu20122013 Hao Xu (research assistant)
Fengling LiuMolecular Biology2007 Irene T. Weber (grad student)
Yidan Liu2009 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Kathy Fange LiuRNA enzymology, Sex-specific RNA biology, Protein structure-function Department of Chemistry Aimin Liu (grad student)
Aimin LiuBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Biology
Zeus De los2014 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Charles F. LouisBiochemistry
Deng-Fu Lu Hao Xu (post-doc)
Wen Lu2019 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Ying Ma2014 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Anna W. ManicciaBiochemistry2005 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Hui Mao Chemistry1994 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Victoria Mariani
Lauren C. McGowanChemistry
George M. McKelvySciences Education, Higher Education, Technology of Education, General Chemistry2000 Jack Hassard (grad student)
Ruel E. McKnightMetalloporphyrins, intercalators2003 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Subrata H. MishraPhysical Chemistry2008 Markus W. Germann (grad student)
Suazette R. MooringOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Brian MummaSciences Education, Technology of Education2002 Jack Hassard (grad student)
Tanya R. MyersAnalytical Chemistry2007 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Angela M. Navarro-EisensteinOrganic Chemistry2003 Alfons L. Baumstark (grad student)
Thomas L. NetzelOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Nanting NiOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Dean NortonAnalytical Chemistry2007 Shahab A. Shamsi (grad student)
Ashley Otua2012 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Ekaterina M. PaliakovOrganic Chemistry2004 Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Zhixiang Pan2019 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Yi PanBioinformatics
Gabor PatonayAnalytical Chemistry
Steven E PattersonMedicinal Chemistry Chemistry Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Hongxia PeiPhysical Chemistry2010 Stuart Anthony Allison (grad student)
Hanjing PengOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Binghe Wang (grad student)
John M. PetockMolecular Biology2003 Irene T. Weber (grad student)
Nichole L. PowellBiochemistry2003 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Hai Qian2015 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Xiaoguang QuBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2009 Markus W. Germann (grad student)
Osbourne QuayeBiochemistry2009 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Nathan M RabideauxPaleoenvironments, Clay Mineralogy, Sediment Geochemistry Geosciences2018 Daniel M. Deocampo (grad student)
Syed A. A. RizviClinical and Translational Research Department of Chemistry20012006 Shahab A. Shamsi (grad student)
Kunchala RungsrisuriyachaiBiochemistry2010 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Manisha Saprecomputational medicine Bioinformatics- Distinguished Cancer Scholar Bioinformatics- Computer Science Bioinformatics Irene T. Weber (grad student), Yi Pan (grad student), Walter W. (Bill) Walthall (grad student)
Martial V. SayOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2001 Lucjan Strekowski (grad student)
Mary Schneideradipocyte biology
Jeffrey D. Sears Hao Xu (grad student)
Shahab A. ShamsiAnalytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Luqing Shang2018 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Inchul Shinstructural biology, enzymology, molecular biology
Ted W. SimonToxicology19841989 Donald H. Edwards (grad student)
Brian R. SookMetalloporphyrins, intercalators2008 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Briah Sook
John D. SowellAnalytical Chemistry2003 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Nadja Spitzermolecular neuroethology20002006 Donald H. Edwards (grad student)
Alexander M. SpringBiochemistry, General Biophysics2012 Markus W. Germann (grad student)
Salma Stoman2008 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Luise E. Strange de SoriaSciences Education2001 Jack Hassard (grad student)
Lucjan StrekowskiAnalytical Chemistry
Lucian StrekowskiOrganic Chemistry
Luojan StrekowskiOrganic Chemistry
Guojing Sun2011 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Moran Sun2017 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Shen TangBiochemistry, Cell Biology2012 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Samuel A. TestinoAnalytical Chemistry2002 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Suresh Thareja2017 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Jun-Shan Tian20142015 Hao Xu (post-doc)
Yunfeng TieBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Irene T. Weber (grad student)
Safieh Tork LadaniPhysical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2015 Donald Hamelberg (grad student)
Aikohi Ugboya Chemistry Shainaz Landge (research assistant)
Rizvan Uluisik Chemistry2017 Dabney White Dixon (grad student)
Hector VelazquezGeneral Biophysics, General Chemistry Chemistry2014 Donald Hamelberg (grad student)
Tyler N VernonProtein-DNA specificity, biophysics, biochemistry
Yanhua WangPhysiology Biology2007 Delon Barfuss (grad student)
Dengchao Wangnanoelectrochemistry, nanopore Chemistry20102015 Gangli Wang (grad student)
Peng George WangGlycoscience
Binghe WangBiochemistry
Wei Wang
Ke Wang2015 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Danzhu Wang2014 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Wenyi Wang2018 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Lifang Wang2014 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Junfeng Wang2007 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Shaoru Wang2010 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Qiang Wang2015 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Yingji Wang2011 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Xiaojin (Amy) Wang2008 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Amy D. WatsonAnalytical Chemistry2007 Gabor Patonay (grad student)
Irene T. WeberBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dominique Ebony WilliamsBiochemistry Chemistry20092014 Kathryn B. Grant (grad student)
Walter R. WinkeljohnOrganic Chemistry2005 Luojan Strekowski (grad student)
Ronald W. WoodardEnzyme Mechanism of Carbohydrate Biosynthetic Pathways1971 David W. Boykin (research assistant)
Zhongyu Wu2010 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Yao XinBiochemistry2007 Stuart Anthony Allison (grad student)
Minhang Xin2017 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Hao XuDiscovery of New Catalytic Reactions Directed Towards Synthetic Chemistry
Lin Yan2015 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Joy Yancey2019 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Jenny J. Yang
Lingyun Yang2018 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Xiaochuan Yang2010 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Chunhao Yang2009 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Xiaoxiao Yang2017 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Xinying Yang Chemistry20152016 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Yu Yang
Yiming YeMolecular Biology2001 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Paulos G. YohannesBioinorganic Chemistry
Bingchen Yu2018 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Yong-An Yuan Hao Xu (grad student)
Hongling YuanBiochemistry, General Biophysics2011 Giovanni Gadda (grad student)
Yong-Qiang Zhang20122014 Hao Xu (post-doc)
Zhongwei Zhang2017 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Jun Zhang2017 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Jie Zhang2017 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Jianzhang Zhao2005 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Yueqin Zheng2017 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Shilong Zheng2007 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Yubin Zhouoptogenetics, synthetic biology, calcium signaling, immunoengineering Chemistry20042007 Jenny J. Yang (grad student)
Cheng-Liang Zhu Hao Xu (grad student)
Menyuan Zhu2018 Binghe Wang (grad student)
Chunyuan Zhu Chemistry20072008 Binghe Wang (post-doc)
Sarah K ZingalesMedicinal Chemistry2013 Binghe Wang (grad student)