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Chemistry University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis

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2020 Isobe Y, Okumura M, McGregor LM, Brittain SM, Jones MD, Liang X, White R, Forrester W, McKenna JM, Tallarico JA, Schirle M, Maimone TJ, Nomura DK. Manumycin polyketides act as molecular glues between UBR7 and P53. Nature Chemical Biology. PMID 32572277 DOI: 10.1038/s41589-020-0557-2  0.72
2020 Tong B, Spradlin JN, Novaes LFT, Zhang E, Hu X, Moeller M, Brittain SM, McGregor LM, McKenna JM, Tallarico JA, Schirle M, Maimone TJ, Nomura DK. A Nimbolide-Based Kinase Degrader Preferentially Degrades Oncogenic BCR-ABL. Acs Chemical Biology. PMID 32568522 DOI: 10.1021/acschembio.0c00348  1
2019 Bersuker K, Hendricks J, Li Z, Magtanong L, Ford B, Tang PH, Roberts MA, Tong B, Maimone TJ, Zoncu R, Bassik MC, Nomura DK, Dixon SJ, Olzmann JA. The CoQ oxidoreductase FSP1 acts parallel to GPX4 to inhibit ferroptosis. Nature. PMID 31634900 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1705-2  0.72
2019 Hu X, Musacchio AJ, Shen X, Tao Y, Maimone TJ. Allylative Approaches to the Synthesis of Complex Guaianolide Sesquiterpenes from and . Journal of the American Chemical Society. PMID 31448610 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.9b08001  1
2019 Spradlin JN, Hu X, Ward CC, Brittain SM, Jones MD, Ou L, To M, Proudfoot A, Ornelas E, Woldegiorgis M, Olzmann JA, Bussiere DE, Thomas JR, Tallarico JA, McKenna JM, ... ... Maimone TJ, et al. Harnessing the anti-cancer natural product nimbolide for targeted protein degradation. Nature Chemical Biology. PMID 31209351 DOI: 10.1038/s41589-019-0304-8  1
2019 Berdan CA, Ho R, Lehtola HS, To M, Hu X, Huffman TR, Petri Y, Altobelli CR, Demeulenaere SG, Olzmann JA, Maimone TJ, Nomura DK. Parthenolide Covalently Targets and Inhibits Focal Adhesion Kinase in Breast Cancer Cells. Cell Chemical Biology. PMID 31080076 DOI: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2019.03.016  1
2018 Kearney SE, Zahoránszky-Kőhalmi G, Brimacombe KR, Henderson MJ, Lynch C, Zhao T, Wan KK, Itkin Z, Dillon C, Shen M, Cheff DM, Lee TD, Bougie D, Cheng K, Coussens NP, ... ... Maimone TJ, et al. Canvass: A Crowd-Sourced, Natural-Product Screening Library for Exploring Biological Space. Acs Central Science. 4: 1727-1741. PMID 30648156 DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.8b00747  0.68
2018 Hu X, Lim P, Fairhurst RM, Maimone TJ. Synthesis and Study of the Antimalarial Cardamom Peroxide. Tetrahedron. 74: 3358-3369. PMID 30319159 DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2018.03.045  1
2018 Nomura DK, Maimone TJ. Target Identification of Bioactive Covalently Acting Natural Products. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology. PMID 30105423 DOI: 10.1007/82_2018_121  0.72
2018 Hung K, Hu X, Maimone TJ. Total synthesis of complex terpenoids employing radical cascade processes. Natural Product Reports. PMID 29417970 DOI: 10.1039/c7np00065k  1
2017 Hu X, Xu S, Maimone TJ. A Double Allylation Strategy for Gram-Scale Guaianolide Production: Total Synthesis of (+)-Mikanokryptin. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). PMID 28052523 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201611078  1
2015 Ting CP, Maimone TJ. Total Synthesis of Hyperforin. Journal of the American Chemical Society. PMID 26252484 DOI: 10.1021/jacs.5b06939  1
2015 Maimone TJ, Ishihara Y, Baran PS. Scalable Total Syntheses of (-)-Hapalindole U and (+)-Ambiguine H. Tetrahedron. 71: 3652-3665. PMID 25983347 DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2014.11.010  1
2015 Zhao YM, Maimone TJ. Short, enantioselective total synthesis of chatancin. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 54: 1223-6. PMID 25470723 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201410443  1
2014 Hu X, Maimone TJ. Four-step synthesis of the antimalarial cardamom peroxide via an oxygen stitching strategy. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 136: 5287-90. PMID 24673099 DOI: 10.1021/ja502208z  1
2014 Ting CP, Maimone TJ. C-H bond arylation in the synthesis of aryltetralin lignans: a short total synthesis of podophyllotoxin. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 53: 3115-9. PMID 24519950 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201311112  1
2012 Milner PJ, Maimone TJ, Su M, Chen J, Müller P, Buchwald SL. Investigating the dearomative rearrangement of biaryl phosphine-ligated Pd(II) complexes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 134: 19922-34. PMID 23153301 DOI: 10.1021/ja310351e  1
2012 Krenske EH, Perry EW, Jerome SV, Maimone TJ, Baran PS, Houk KN. Why a proximity-induced Diels-Alder reaction is so fast. Organic Letters. 14: 3016-9. PMID 22630569 DOI: 10.1021/ol301083q  1
2011 Maimone TJ, Milner PJ, Kinzel T, Zhang Y, Takase MK, Buchwald SL. Evidence for in situ catalyst modification during the Pd-catalyzed conversion of aryl triflates to aryl fluorides. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 133: 18106-9. PMID 21999801 DOI: 10.1021/ja208461k  1
2011 Noël T, Maimone TJ, Buchwald SL. Accelerating palladium-catalyzed C-F bond formation: use of a microflow packed-bed reactor. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 50: 8900-3. PMID 21837710 DOI: 10.1002/anie.201104652  1
2010 Maimone TJ, Buchwald SL. Pd-catalyzed O-arylation of ethyl acetohydroximate: synthesis of O-arylhydroxylamines and substituted benzofurans. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 132: 9990-1. PMID 20604520 DOI: 10.1021/ja1044874  1
2009 Maimone TJ, Shi J, Ashida S, Baran PS. Total synthesis of vinigrol. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 17066-7. PMID 19877628 DOI: 10.1021/ja908194b  1
2008 Maimone TJ, Voica AF, Baran PS. A concise approach to vinigrol. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 47: 3054-6. PMID 18338349 DOI: 10.1002/anie.200800167  1
2007 Malerich JP, Maimone TJ, Elliott GI, Trauner D. Biomimetic Synthesis of Antimalarial Naphthoquinones. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 129: 1836. PMID 27518592 DOI: 10.1021/ja069018l  0.68
2007 Richter JM, Whitefield BW, Maimone TJ, Lin DW, Castroviejo MP, Baran PS. Scope and mechanism of direct indole and pyrrole couplings adjacent to carbonyl compounds: total synthesis of acremoauxin A and oxazinin 3. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 129: 12857-69. PMID 17900115 DOI: 10.1021/ja074392m  1
2007 Maimone TJ, Baran PS. Modern synthetic efforts toward biologically active terpenes. Nature Chemical Biology. 3: 396-407. PMID 17576427 DOI: 10.1038/nchembio.2007.1  1
2007 Baran PS, Maimone TJ, Richter JM. Total synthesis of marine natural products without using protecting groups. Nature. 446: 404-8. PMID 17377577 DOI: 10.1038/nature05569  1
2007 Baran PS, Maimone TJ. Organic chemistry: a tuxedo for iodine atoms. Nature. 445: 826-7. PMID 17314962 DOI: 10.1038/445826a  1
2005 Malerich JP, Maimone TJ, Elliott GI, Trauner D. Biomimetic synthesis of antimalarial naphthoquinones. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 127: 6276-83. PMID 15853334 DOI: 10.1021/ja050092y  1
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