Duke University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Diana L. AscherInformation Studies, Management, Data Sanford Institute of Public Policy William Ascher (grad student)
Elika BergelsonLanguage Acquisition
Corrie R. Camalierauditory system Marc A. Sommer (post-doc)
Gregory B. CoganSpeech, Cognition, Auditory Processing Biomedical Engineering20152017 Jonathan Viventi (post-doc)
Ruth S. Daycognition, language
Irving Diamond
Jennifer M. GrohSensory systems, vision, hearing, multisensory
Nina S. Hsucognitive neuroscience, semantic memory, cognitive control, language processing Ian Dobbins (research assistant)
Adam JacksSpeech and Hearing Sciences, Communication Sciences and Disorders Psychology19951998 Lynn Hasher (research assistant)
Silke Kipper20042005 Stephen Nowicki (post-doc)
Huimeng LeiOlfaction, Auditory System2008 Lawrence C. Katz (grad student), Richard D. Mooney (grad student)
Joost X. Maierauditory system Jennifer M. Groh (post-doc)
Drew MarticorenaAudition, Reward20082013 Michael L. Platt (grad student), Richard D. Mooney (grad student)
R. Bruce Mastertonauditory system1963 Irving Diamond (grad student)
Merri J. RosenAuditory system19952002 Richard D. Mooney (grad student)
Jeffery A. WinerAudition, anatomy19741977 Nell Cant (post-doc), Irving Diamond (post-doc)