David M. Hillis, Ph.D.

1985-1987 Department of Biology University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 
 1987- Integrative Biology University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas, U.S.A. 
phylogenetics, molecular evolution, computational biology
"David Hillis"


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Katie Lyons grad student 2013- UT Austin
E. Anne Chambers grad student 2014- UT Austin
Thomas L. Marshall grad student 2017- UT Austin
Ruben Tovar grad student 2018- UT Austin
Brittney A. White grad student 2018- UT Austin
Rafael O. de Sá grad student 1986-1991 UT Austin
Ernesto Weil Machado grad student 1988-1992 UT Austin
Michael T. Dixon grad student 1986-1993 UT Austin
Loren Ammerman grad student 1987-1993 UT Austin
Tod W. Reeder grad student 1990-1993 UT Austin
Kenneth M. Halanych grad student 1987-1994 UT Austin
Ken Halanych grad student 1987-1994 UT Austin (Marine Ecology Tree)
Paul T. Chippindale grad student 1989-1995 UT Austin
John P. Huelsenbeck grad student 1989-1995 UT Austin
John J. Wiens grad student 1991-1995 UT Austin
Barbara K. Mable grad student 1991-1996 UT Austin
Sharon L. Messenger grad student 1992-1997 UT Austin
Wayne D. Crill grad student 1992-1998 UT Austin
Jimmy A. McGuire grad student 1993-1998 UT Austin
Stephen J. Poe grad student 2000 UT Austin
Matthew J. Brauer grad student 1994-2000 UT Austin
Laurie A. Dries grad student 1994-2000 UT Austin
Steve Poe grad student 1994-2000 UT Austin
Mark T. Holder grad student 1995-2001 UT Austin
Kristina K. Kichler grad student 1996-2001 UT Austin
Jay R. Reichman grad student 1995-2002 UT Austin
Adrienne J. Sloan grad student 2000-2003 UT Austin
Rafe M. Brown grad student 1997-2004 UT Austin
Alisha K. Holloway grad student 2000-2004 UT Austin
Jean K. Krejca grad student 1997-2005 UT Austin
Derrick J. Zwickl grad student 1999-2006 UT Austin
Emily C. Moriarty grad student 2000-2007 UT Austin
Alan R. Lemmon grad student 2001-2007 UT Austin
Tracy A. Heath grad student 2001-2008 UT Austin
Gregory B. Pauly grad student 2001-2008 UT Austin
Amy Bickham Baird grad student 2002-2008 UT Austin
Shannon M. Hedtke grad student 2002-2009 UT Austin
Rebecca E. Symula grad student 2002-2009 UT Austin
Jeremy M. Brown grad student 2003-2009 UT Austin
Audrey Jeanine Abrams grad student 2006-2013 UT Austin
Emily Jane McTavish grad student 2007-2013 UT Austin
Benjamin Liebeskind grad student 2009-2014 UT Austin
April M. Wright grad student 2009-2015 UT Austin
Devon Humphreys grad student 2014-2018 UT Austin
Brian I. Crother post-doc 1988-1990 UT Austin
Carol A. Stepien post-doc 1988-1990 UT Austin
Mary E. White post-doc 1989-1990 UT Austin
Robert D. Bradley post-doc 1991-1992 UT Austin
Clifford W. Cunningham post-doc 1991-1994 UT Austin
Michael A. Charleton post-doc 1994-1995 UT Austin
Keith A. Crandall post-doc 1993-1996 UT Austin
Joseph Bernardo post-doc 1994-1996 UT Austin
Anna Graybeal post-doc 1995-1996 UT Austin
Daniel R. Brumbaugh post-doc 1996-1998 UT Austin
Thomas P. Wilcox post-doc 1997-2002 UT Austin
Will Fischer post-doc 2001-2004 UT Austin
Kathrin Stanger-Hall post-doc 1997-2005 UT Austin
David P. Bickford post-doc 2003-2005 UT Austin
Ted M. Townsend post-doc 2003-2005 UT Austin
Meredith J. Mahoney post-doc 2004-2006 UT Austin
Manda Clair Jost post-doc 2002-2008 UT Austin
Matthew Morgan post-doc 2007-2010 UT Austin
Sandi Willows-Munro post-doc 2007-2010 UT Austin
Thomas J. Devitt post-doc 2013-2014 UT Austin
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