University of Colorado, Boulder

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Adeleke AdeekoAfrican Literature, Linguistics Language
Sean D. AllisonLinguistics Language Linguistics2012 Zygmunt Frajzyngier (grad student)
Mohammed AlquwaizaniEnglish Literature, Middle Eastern Literature, Middle Eastern History2002 Adeleke Adeeko (grad student)
Skyler M. ArtesRomance Literature, Modern Literature French and Italian2010 Andrew Cowell (grad student)
Marcus AvelarLinguistic Anthropology Department of Linguistics20122019 Kira Hall (grad student)
Lee BeckerComputer Science, Technology of Education Computer Science Computer Science20072012 Wayne Ward (grad student), Martha Palmer (grad student)
Samuel J. BeerField Methods, History of Linguistics, Nilo-Saharan Linguistics20102017 Zygmunt Frajzyngier (grad student)
Phyllis Bellver2004 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Michele G. BerkeGeneral Language, Individual and Family Studies Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences2012 Brenda Schick (grad student)
Claire N. BonialLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology, Computer Science Linguistics2014 Bhuvana Narasimhan (grad student)
Linh Chan Brown Linguistics1999 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Alexander Harris BuchnerSociophonetics, Speech Perception
Daniel CerComputer Science, Linguistics Language Computer Science2011 Dan Jurafsky (grad student)
Noah B. CoccaroComputer Science2005 Dan Jurafsky (grad student)
Kevin Bretonel Cohencomputational linguistics
James A. CowellLinguistics Language, Cultural Anthropology, General Religion, Islamic Studies
Andrew CowellLinguistics Language
Traci S. CurlLinguistics Language, Theory and Methods2002 Barbara Fox (grad student)
Jenny L. DavisLinguistic Anthropology, sociolinguistics, language revitalization, gender/sexuality Linguistics2013 Kira Hall (grad student)
Jule G. de GarciaLinguistics Language
Cecily J. DuffieldLinguistics Language, General Psychology Linguistics2013 Bhuvana Narasimhan (grad student)
Karen I. EblenAmerican Literature, African American Studies English2013 Cheryl Higashida (grad student)
Barbara FoxConversation Analysis
Zygmunt FrajzyngierLinguistics Language
Hartwell S. Francis2006 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Sandra GabbardAudiology, Linguistics Language
Elaine GaleDevelopmental Psychology, Speech Pathology2003 Brenda Schick (grad student)
Kevin M. Gouldembodied semantics, psycholinguistics Linguistics2015 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Michelle L. GregoryLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology2001 Dan Jurafsky (grad student)
Kira Hall Anthropology Donna M. Goldstein (collaborator)
Kyung-Im HanLinguistics Language2006 Zygmunt Frajzyngier (grad student)
Makoto HayashiLinguistics Language, Modern Language, Speech Communication2000 Barbara Fox (grad student)
Lori S. Heintzelman Linguistics2009 Kira Hall (grad student)
Cheryl HigashidaAfrican Literature, Linguistics Language
Amy E. HileGeneral Language, Teacher Training Education, Developmental Psychology, Special Education Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences2009 Brenda Schick (grad student)
Adam Hodges Linguistics2008 Kira Hall (grad student)
Kristin L. Homer2000 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Yoshiyuki HoriiSpeech Pathology, Linguistics Language
Masako O. HoyeLinguistics Language Linguistics2008 Barbara Fox (grad student)
Mans HuldenPhonology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, poetry, language games, English, Celtic
Jena Hwang Linguistics2015 Martha Palmer (grad student)
Antonia B. JohnsonSpeech Pathology, Linguistics Language2000 Yoshiyuki Horii (grad student)
Ghazaleh KazeminejadComputational linguistics, computational semantics, Artificial intelligence Linguistics2014 Martha Palmer (grad student)
Albert E. KimPsycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
Vicky Laisemantics, pragmatics, emotion Linguistics2009 Tim Curran (grad student)
Elizabeth C. LangerSpecial Education2007 Brenda Schick (grad student)
Rebecca Lee Linguistics2018 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Tao Lin Linguistics2019 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Aous MansouriArabic linguistics, aspect, Arabic language pedagogy2016 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Lise MennAphasia, comparative aphasiology
Laura A. Michaelis
Brian J. MingusVision, Audition, Language, Cognition, Motor control, Liquid State Machines, Metacognition20102015 Randall C. O'Reilly (grad student)
Armik MirzayanLinguistics Language, Native American Studies Linguistics2010 David S. Rood (grad student)
Bhuvana NarasimhanLinguistics Language, Cognitive Psychology
Linda M. NicitaLinguistics Language, Modern Language2002 Barbara Fox (grad student)
Rodney D. NielsenComputer Science Computer Science2007 Wayne Ward (grad student)
Chad Nilep Linguistics2009 Kira Hall (grad student)
Tim O'Gorman Linguistics Linguistics2019 Martha Palmer (grad student), Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Saeko OgiharaLinguistics Language Linguistics2010 Zygmunt Frajzyngier (grad student)
Abayomi V. OkunowoAfrican Literature, Linguistics Language English2010 Adeleke Adeeko (grad student)
Wahid OmarComparative Literature French and Italian2010 James A. Cowell (grad student)
Joshua RaclawLinguistics Language Linguistics2013 Barbara Fox (grad student)
William D. Raymond2000 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Carolyn RickardLinguistics Language, General Psychology Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences2013 Brenda Schick (grad student)
Douglas W. RolandLinguistics Language, General Psychology2001 Dan Jurafsky (grad student)
David S. RoodLinguistics Language, Native American Studies
Jessica Sams Linguistics2008 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student)
Brenda SchickLinguistics Language, General Psychology
Patrick J. SchoneComputer Science2001 Dan Jurafsky (grad student)
Hamadou SeiniAfrican Literature, Modern Literature, Sub Saharan Africa Studies French and Italian2013 Andrew Cowell (grad student)
Les Sikoslanguage processing, neurolinguistics, ERP, distributed cognition Linguistics2011 Laura A. Michaelis (grad student), Albert E. Kim (grad student)
Susanne Stadlbauer Linguistics2012 Kira Hall (grad student)
Kristine S. StenzelLinguistics Language2004 Jule G. de Garcia (grad student)
Kevin Stowe Linguistics2019 Martha Palmer (grad student), James H. Martin (grad student)
Will Styler Rebecca A. Scarborough (grad student)
Bruce Tesarphonology, learnability, optimality theory1995 Paul Smolensky (grad student)
Sarel V. VuurenComputer Science, Linguistics Language
Wayne WardComputer Science, Linguistics Language
Weldu M. Weldeyesus Linguistics2009 Kira Hall (grad student)
Lal ZimmanSociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; sociophonetics; language, gender, and sexuality, especially within transgender and LGBQ communities; embodiment; language and identity; language socialization; ethnography; acoustic and perceptual phonetics; Linguistics20062012 Kira Hall (grad student)