Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peter AbbamonteCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry Philip M Platzman (grad student)
Gabriel AeppliCondensed Matter Physics
Guenter Ahlersnon-linear systems
Shlomo AlexanderNMR, superconductors, condensed matter1962 Philip Warren Anderson (post-doc)
A. Paul Alivisatoscolloidal inorganic nanocrystals1988 Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
Orson L. Anderson
Philip Warren Andersonmagnetic properties of matter
Joel A. AppelbaumSurface physics
Arthur AshkinLaser trapping, solar power
Raymond AshooriCondensed Matter Physics 11117 Semiconductor Research19901992 Horst L. Störmer (post-doc)
David Erik AspnesElectronic Materials, Optics
John Bardeen
Moungi G. Bawendiquantum dots19881990 Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
David J. BishopMEMS/NEMS, Nanotechnology, Quantum Fluids, Superconductivity, MEMS
Eugene Irving Blountsolid state physics
William E. Blumbergbiophysics, magnetic resonance Robert G. Shulman (collaborator)
Ralph Bownradio broadcasting, ship-to-shore communication, aircraft radios, intercontinental telephony
Willard Sterling Boyle
Walter Houser Brattain
William Frank BrinkmanCondensed Matter Physics
Truman R. BrownMagnetic resonance applications1979 Robert G. Shulman (collaborator)
Solomon J. BuchsbaumPlasma physics
Oliver Ellsworth Buckleyradio communication
Premala ChandraTheoretical Physics, Condensed Matter 1111 Theory Group1984 Peter B Littlewood (grad student)
Steven Chu
Alan G. Chynoweth
Patricia E. Cladisliquid crystals
Albert McCavour Clogstonsolid state physics, magnetism, and superconductivity
Karl Kelchner DarrowPhysics, science writer
Clinton Joseph Davissoncrystallography, electromagnetism
Joseph Francis Dillon
Gerald J. DolanCondensed matter physics19761977 Theodore Alan Fulton (post-doc)
Robert C. DynesCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry
Peter Eisenberger
James P. (Jim) Eisensteinexperimental condensed-matter physics
George FeherBiophysics
Daniel S. Fisherstatistical physics; theoretical evolutionary biology
James Brown FiskApplied physics1939 Mervin Joe Kelly (research scientist), Ralph Bown (research scientist)
Harvey FletcherStereophonic Sound
Paul A FleuryCondensed matter physics
Theodore Alan FultonCondensed matter physics
John Kirtland GaltSolid state physics
Stanley Geschwindexperimetal condensed matter physics, light scattering in solids, electron paramagnetic resonance, optical spectroscopy and inelastic light scattering, magnetic linear chains
George Hudson GilmerAtomistic modeling of nanowire formation using vapor/solid and vapor/ liquid/solid crystal growth.
Joseph Anthony Giordmainenonlinear optics
James M. Goldeysilicon transistor and integrated circuit development
James Power Gordon
Arthur C. GossardMaterials Science Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
David G. GrierSoft matter physics19891991 Cherry A. Murray (post-doc)
Homer Dupre HagstrumSurface Physics
Bertrand I. HalperinTheoretical physics: condensed matter and statistical physics
Donald Robert HamannCondensed matter physics
W. Conyers Herringsolid-state physics
Pierre Claude HohenbergCondensed matter physics, statistical physics, non-equilibrium phenomena, foundations of quantum mechanics and philosophy of science
Leo HollbergAtomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Steven Chu (post-doc)
John J. HopfieldModelling
David A. HuseStatistical physics, phase transitions, quantum many-body physics of ultracold atoms, many-body localization, magnetic ordering in materials and in spin models, superconductivity, out of equilibrium quantum dynamics.
Eric David Isaacsmagnetism, correlated electronic systems
Herbert Eugene Ivesoptics, photography, imaging, telephotography, television
Vincent Jaccarino
Shirley Ann JacksonTheoretical Elementary Particle Physics
Aiyasami JayaramanHigh-Pressure Physics
Frank Baldwin Jewett
Woowon KangFluid and Plasma Physics19921994 Horst L. Störmer (post-doc)
Mervin Joe Kellyvacuum tubes, solid state physics
Jungsang KimPhotonics, Micro-electronic mechanical machines, Sensing and Sensor Systems, Semiconductors, Quantum Information, Integrated Nanoscale Systems19992000 David J. Bishop (post-doc)
Dai Sik Kim19911993 Jagdeep Shah (post-doc)
Young Bae Kimlow-temperature physics, cryogenic engineering, superconductivity
Martin Koch19951997 Jagdeep Shah (post-doc)
Rudolf Kompfnermicrowave amplifiers, klystrons, traveling-wave tube
Robert Harry KraichnanTheoretical Physics, Theory of Fluid Turbulence, Field Theory and General Relativity
Robert B. LaughlinQuantum Hall effect1980 Mark J. Cardillo (post-doc)
Melvin LaxOptics Physics
Patrick A. LeeTheoretical Physics
Alfred Leitenstorfer19971998 Jagdeep Shah (post-doc), Martin C. Nuss (post-doc)
Juerg LeutholdOptics, Plasmonics, THz, Electromagnetic Fields, Communications
Harold Warren Lewishigh energy physics
Peter B Littlewood
Adalbert Mayer-HeinricyMolecular structure and function of hemoglobin19721974 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
William Lauchlin McMillancondensed matter physics19641966 Philip Warren Anderson (post-doc)
George H. MealyFinite State Machines, Synthesis, Implementation
Andrew John MillisTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Sidney Millman
Edward F. MooreFinite State Machines, Synthesis, Implementation
Cherry A. Murraysurface, condensed matter and complex fluid physics
Douglas D. Osherofflow temperatures
C. Kumar N. PatelCO2 laser, Experimental Condensed Matter
William G. Pfannzone-melting, semi-conductive devices, and crystal growth techniques1945 William B. Shockley (collaborator)
James C. PhillipsPseudopotential theory; electronic structure of solids, especially semiconductors; structure and properties and microscopic theories of glasses; metal-insulation transitions; microscopic theories of cuprate (high-Tc) superconductivity.19561958 W. Conyers Herring (post-doc)
Julia Mae Phillips
Ronald S. Pindak
Philip M Platzmanscattering and low-energy physics
Mara PrentissAMO physics, biophysics19861988 Steven Chu (post-doc)
Thomas Maurice RiceCondensed Matter Physics
Dennis RitchieC, UNIX, Plan 9 (from Bell Labs)
John M. Rowell
Michael RubinsteinPolymer Theory and Computer Simulations19831985 Eugene Helfand (post-doc)
Myriam P. SarachikCondensed Matter Physics, Molecular Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics19621964 Theodore H. Geballe (post-doc)
Arthur Leonard SchawlowLaser Physics
Jagdeep Shah
William B. Shockley
Robert G. ShulmanBiophysics1979 John J. Hopfield (collaborator)
George Elwood Smith
Neville V. Smithphotoemission spectroscopy
Horst L. Störmer
Harry Suhlstatistical mechanics and critical effects in non-equilibrium systems, magnetism on macroscopic and mesoscopic length scales, reaction kinetics and non-linear dynamics
Jan Taucsemiconductors
Gordon Albert Thomasoptics, biophysics
David Gilbert ThomasSolid State Physics
Charles Hard Townesmicrowave physics, masers and lasers
Daniel C. Tsuicondensed matter physics
J. Anthony Tysondark matter distribution, gravitational lens effects, cosmic shear, the nature of dark energy, and instrumentation for optical astronomy
James Vallescondensed matter physics, biophysics Robert C. Dynes (post-doc)
Gabriel Weinreichnonlinear optics, musical physics
Robert Lee Willett
Robert Woodrow Wilson
Kensall D. Wise
Peter Adalbert WolffDiluted magnetic semiconductors; optical properties of subwavelength hole arrays.
Chris XuOptics Physics, Medical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering Winfried Denk (post-doc)
Arjun G. Yodhcondensed matter physics, medical and biophysics, the optical sciences19871988 Steven Chu (post-doc), Harry W. K. Tom (post-doc)