National Institute of Standards and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Victor V. AlbertTheoretical physics
Brandon AndersonCondensed Matter Theory20122014 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Robert F BergVacum technology, Optical Contamination Caused by Photoresists
Andrew J. Bergermagnetism, graphene, spintronics
James Charles Bergquistlaser-cooling of single (and multiple), trapped ions1979 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
P. Blair Blakie20012004 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Michael A Bossmagnetic resonance imaging; medical imaging, cancer imaging
Danielle A. BrajeElectromagnetically induced transparency, Solid-State Sensors, Quantum Sensing
Amy C. CassidyAtomic Physics20092011 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Alejandra L Collopyatomic physics, quantum computing, trapped ions, cold molecules
Christopher Joseph CrowleyFluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Metrology Physical Measurements Lab20082014 Michael R Moldover (research assistant)
Daniel C. Dakin Electron and Optical Physics Division20052006 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Matthew W. Danielsspintronics, neuromorphic computing, alternative computing
Ippei Danshita20062008 Charles W. Clark (grad student)
Dirk de Klerk19511952 Ralph P. Hudson (collaborator)
Brian L. DeMarcocondensed matter physics20012003 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
Robert Dimeo
W. Bertrand (Randy) DoriesePhysics, Astrophysics, Superconducting X-ray Detectors EEEL20022004 Kent D. Irwin (post-doc)
Marla L Dowelllaser metrology, advanced communications
Zachary J. Duttoncold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensation20022004 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Jacob H. Forstaterimmobilized biocatalysis, polymer dynamics, nanopore sensors, nano-bio interactions Semiconductor and Dimensional Metrology Division2014 John Kasianowicz (post-doc)
Amilson R. FristchAtomic physics Physics20182021 Ian B. Spielman (post-doc)
Charlotte Froese Fischeratomic theory
Andrew A. GeraciExperimental Condensed Matter Physics20072010 John Kitching (post-doc)
Thomas Gerrits
Heman GharibnejadAtomic Physics ITL2017 Barry I. Schneider (post-doc)
Quentin GlorieuxQuantum Optics, Atomic Physics20102013 William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Anthony R. H. GoodwinThermophysical Properties of Fluids
Phillip Lloyd GouldAtomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics William D. Phillips (post-doc)
David A. Hanneke Ion Storage Group20082011 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
Azure L. HansenPhysics, Atomic Physics, Quantum Optics Time and Frequency John Kitching (post-doc)
Joshua L. HertzSolid oxide fuel cells, Ceramic thin films20062008 Steve Semancik (post-doc)
Maarten Dirk Hoogerland William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Anzi Hu20122014 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Ralph P. Hudsonlow temperature physics
Randall HuletUltracold Atomic Physics19841987 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
David C Humm Electron and Optical Physics20012002 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Kent D. IrwinExperimental & Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology, Experimental Particle Physics
Karina Jimenez-Garcia Ian B. Spielman (grad student)
Walter W. JonesMeasurements and Calculations of the Stark Broadening Parameters of Singly Ionized Calcium and Magnesium (1972)
Paul S Julienneatomic collision processes, ultracold molecules
John Kasianowicz
John KitchingGeneral Physics, Atomic Physics
Stephen Langer
Juscelino Batista Leão
Yu- Ju Lin Ian B. Spielman (post-doc)
Nathan Lundbladultracold atomic physics20062009 William D. Phillips (post-doc), Trey Porto (post-doc)
Omar Magaña-LoaizaOptical Physics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Information Science20162018 Thomas Gerrits (post-doc)
Alejandra Maldonado trappQuantum information20162017 Charles W. Clark (grad student), Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Egon Marx-Oberländerfield theory, relativistic quantum mechanics, and electromagnetism
James R. MateyBiometrics; instrumentation & measurement science
Ludwig G. Mathey20072011 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Adam N. McCaughan Applied Physics division2016 Sae Woo Nam (research scientist)
Christopher W MeyerThermometry, Metrology Physics1991 Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Michael R MoldoverThermophysical Properties of Fluids, Thermometry, Flow Standards
Christopher Monroe19942000 David J. Wineland (post-doc), David J. Wineland (research scientist)
Raymond Dale Mountainapplied statistical mechanics, molecular dynamics/Monte Carlo simulations
Sae Woo Nam Blas Cabrera (grad student)
Gillian Nave
John NibargerMicro and nano fabrication19952000 George N. Gibson (grad student)
Michael D. NiemackAstronomy and Astrophysics, Optics Physics
Lora L. Nugent-Glandorf
Bakhrom OripovSRF, SPM, Condensed Matter, Superconductivity, GL, TDGL Applied Physics Division2021 Adam N. McCaughan (post-doc)
Anton Peterlinpolymers
Zoran Lj. Petrovicphysics of ionized gases, swarms, transport, plasma, breakdown JILA19891992 Arthur V Phelps (post-doc)
Arthur V Phelpsgas breakdown, ionized gases, scattering cross sections, gas lasers,
William D. Phillips Harold J. Metcalf (collaborator)
Georg A. RaithelAtomic Physics, Optics Physics19951997 William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Sukumar Rajauria Kamil L. Ekinci (post-doc)
Steven R. Ray
Curt A. RichterNanoelectronics, quantum Hall effect
Dean C RippleBioprocess Measurements, Thermometry
Nicholas W. M. RitchieX-rays, Material Science
Antoine RollandOptical frequency combs, time and frequency metrology, terahertz, spectroscopy Time and frequency division20132015 Scott Diddams (post-doc)
Stephan Schlamminger
Barry I. Schneidertheoretical chemistry, atomic and molecular physics, numerical methods and high performance computing
Peter D. D. Schwindt John Kitching (post-doc)
Fred SharifiCondensed Matter Physics
Robert David Shull
Daniel Slichterquantum information20122017 David J. Wineland (post-doc)
Ian B. Spielman William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Aephraim Matthew SteinbergQuantum optics, quantum information, ultracold atoms, BEC, quantum measurement, foundations of quantum mechanics19951996 William D. Phillips (post-doc)
Seiji Sugawa Ian B. Spielman (post-doc)
J. P. Martin TruslerThermophysical Properties of Fluids Physics Michael R Moldover (post-doc)
Dimitris Trypogeorgos Ian B. Spielman (post-doc)
Raju V.S.N. UmapathiCollisional Rate Coefficients for the Iron Ions Fe VIII, Fe IX, and Fe X (1974)
Jay Y. VaishnavMedical imaging, computed tomography20062008 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Andras E Vladár
Ke Wang
Jamie E Williams20012006 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
Ryan M. WilsonTheoretical AMO, condensed matter, and quantum optics20122014 Charles W. Clark (post-doc)
David J. Wineland
Saijun WuAMO physics, biophysics Laser cooling group20072011 Trey Porto (post-doc)