Vienna University of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Atakan Aral
Andrius Baltuska20022004 Ferenc Krausz (post-doc)
Ulrike DieboldCondensed Matter Physics1990 Peter Varga (grad student)
Antti Gynther2006 Keijo Kajantie (grad student)
Ehsan HatefiString theory, QFT, Mathematical Physics
Diana Kirschbaum Physics2021 Diego A. Zocco (grad student)
Ferenc Krausz Arnold Schmidt (grad student)
Helmut Rauch
Silvan Schmid
Arnold Schmidt
Joerg Schmiedmayer Helmut Rauch (grad student)
Wolf-Dieter SchubertCobalt Powders, Recycling and Powder Processing, NS-doped Tungsten, Phase Relations W-Mo-C-Co
Martin Setvin20122015 Ulrike Diebold (post-doc)
Peter Varga1978 Franz Viehböck (grad student), Hannspeter Winter (grad student)
Franz Viehböck
Robert G. West Silvan Schmid (post-doc)
Hannspeter Winter
Diego A. ZoccoCondensed Matter Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Low Temperature Physics