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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Jean-Baptiste Boulé (Info) ENS Paris, Institut Pasteur, Princeton, Institut Curie, Paris, France, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris biochemistry enzymology evolution MemoreX 2018‑07‑31
Lu Chen (Info) Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia telomere and telomerase, RNA biology, aging flyingmorningdew 2023‑02‑19
Barbara Dunn (Info) Stanford University Medical School Genome evolution, yeast Bdunn 2019‑01‑29
Sean Li Gao (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Erin Gunter-Kirkby (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Evan P. Hass (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Kayarash Karimian (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Rebecca Keener (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Kevin J. Lebo (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Stella Lee (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Antonio Maffia (Info) UC Berkeley molecular and cell biology, telomeres, dna replication, dna damage response, cell cycle antonio.maffia01 2020‑09‑15
Dr. B. Marin R (Info) UPR-RCM neuroscience, centromeres, plant biology B.MarRod 2020‑06‑21
Karen E. McMurdie (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Rachel O. Niederer (Info) Johns Hopkins dzappulla 2017‑07‑30
Alexandra Pike (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Azucena Ramos (Info) MIT Functional genomics, acute leukemias, CAR-T therapy, chemoresistance aramos 2020‑05‑20
Santiago Enrique Sanchez (Info) Stanford Telomeres and Telomerase, Cancer Biology, Cancer Genomics 2024‑07‑06
Samantha Sholes (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Callie Shubin (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
Steven Wang (Info) Johns Hopkins cwgreider 2022‑12‑26
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