Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shlomo AlexanderNMR, superconductors, condensed matter1962 Philip Warren Anderson (post-doc)
A. Paul Alivisatoscolloidal inorganic nanocrystals1988 Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
Lynden A. ArcherChemical Engineering, Biochemistry Ronald G. Larson (post-doc)
Peter B. ArmentroutGas phase chemistry1981 Robert S. Freund (post-doc)
Hans Arwin19831985 David Erik Aspnes (post-doc)
William Oliver BakerPolymer Research
Paul F. Barbaramolecular spectroscopy19781980 Peter M. Rentzepis (post-doc), Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
William James BaronOrganic Chemistry, Fiber Optics, Photochemistry, Advanced Materials
Moungi G. Bawendiquantum dots19881990 Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
Arieh Ben-NaimPhysical chemistry19671968 Frank H. Stillinger (post-doc)
Magnus Berggrenorganic electronics, bioelectronics, optoelectronics19961997 Ananth Dodabalapur (post-doc)
Steven H. Bertz
William E. Blumbergbiophysics, magnetic resonance Robert G. Shulman (collaborator)
William H. Breckenridge19701971 Terry A. Miller (post-doc)
Sheila M. CohenPhysiological NMR19771979 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Esther M. ConwellElectrical and Optical Properties of Organic Semiconductors1951 William B. Shockley (post-doc)
Eugene O. DegenkolbAtomic Force Microscopy, Plasma Emission Optical Spectroscopy, Plasma Etching Chemistry Research Peter M. Rentzepis (research scientist)
Jan A. den Hollandermagnetic resonance19771979 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Wolfgang Eisert chemistry19761979 Lewis J. Noe (collaborator)
George FeherBiophysics
Daniel S. Fisherstatistical physics; theoretical evolutionary biology
Glenn H. FredricksonSoft Matter19841990 Eugene Helfand (post-doc)
Robert S. FreundVertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)
Harry L. FrischPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Calvin Souther Fullerpolymer science, solid state chemistry
Sivert H. Glarumorganic superconductors
Karen I. GoldbergInorganic Chemistry1983 Steven H. Bertz (research assistant)
James M. Goldeysilicon transistor and integrated circuit development
Maurice Guéronmagnetic resonance19661968 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Robert C. Haddoncarbon nanotubes and graphene, neutral radical molecular conductors19761978 Fred Wudl (research scientist)
Sharon Hammes-Schiffertheoretical and computational methods for describing chemical reactions in condensed phases and at interfaces19931995 John Charles Tully (post-doc)
N. Bruce Hannay
Teresa Head-GordonTheoretical and computational chemistry, biophysics19901992 Frank H. Stillinger (post-doc)
Martin Head-GordonTheoretical Chemistry19891992 John Charles Tully (post-doc)
Eugene Helfandtheoretical study of polymers
David R. HerrickPhysical Chemistry, Theory Physics, Optics Physics1975 Frank H. Stillinger (post-doc)
Cornelis W. Hilbersnuclear magnetic resonance19721974 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Melissa Ann Hinessurface chemistry at the atomic scale using scanned probe microscopy Surface Physics19921994 Yves J. Chabal (post-doc)
Robert R. HolmesChemistry of high-coordinate phosphorus and silicon compounds
Steven D. HudsonPolymer Chemistry19901993 Ronald G. Larson (post-doc), Andrew J. Lovinger (post-doc)
Robert P JonesPicosecond laser excitation Chemistry Peter M. Rentzepis (research assistant)
Howard E. KatzMaterials Science Engineering, Organic Chemistry
Harold W. KrotoOrganic chemistry, structural chemistry19661966 Yoh-Han Pao (post-doc)
Norman A. Kuebler Melvin B. Robin (research scientist)
Angelo Anthony LamolaBiophysics Robert G. Shulman (collaborator)
James Joseph Lander
Ronald G. LarsonComplex Fluids, Fluid Mechanics, Biopolymers, and Molecular Simulations
Karl LittauAtomic Layer Deposition, Materials Chemistry19901992 Louis E. Brus (post-doc)
Andrew J. LovingerPolymeric materials
Zeev LuzNMR19611964 Saul Meiboom (post-doc)
David W. McCallengineering of polymers for high performance and reliability in communications and electronics
Terry A. MillerPhysical Chemistry
Andrew John MillisTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Gil Navon19651967 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Thomas L. NetzelOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Peter M. Rentzepis (research scientist)
Mark R OndriasPhysical Chemistry1982 Denis L. Rousseau (post-doc)
Bruce ParkinsonEnergy Chemistry19771978 Adam Heller (post-doc)
Kevin S. PetersOrganic Reaction Dynamics1978 Peter M. Rentzepis (post-doc)
Mara PrentissAMO physics, biophysics19861988 Steven Chu (post-doc)
Amy PrietoMaterials Chemistry1996 Lynn Schneemeyer (research assistant)
Krishnan Raghavachari
Peter M. Rentzepisultrafast laser spectroscopy and femtosecond x-ray diffraction and absorption19761979 Lewis J. Noe (collaborator), Wolfgang Eisert (collaborator)
George T. Robillardnanotechnology19721974 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Melvin B. RobinMolecular Spectroscopy
Ian K. RobinsonCoherent Diffraction Imaging, syncrotron
Matthew J. Rosseinskysolid state chemistry, materials design
Hagai RottenbergBioenergetics, biomembranes19771978 Robert G. Shulman (research scientist)
Michael RubinsteinPolymer Theory and Computer Simulations19831985 Eugene Helfand (post-doc)
James M. SalhanyErythrocyte Membrane Structure, Exchange & Hemolytic Anemia & Red Cell Homeostasis 19741975 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
James A Schiavone Chemistry Robert S. Freund (research assistant)
Kenneth S. Schweizerstatistical mechanics and theoretical chemical and polymer physics1983 Frank H. Stillinger (post-doc)
Steven J. Sibenersurface chemistry and catalysis, surface physics, and materials research, thin film polymer dynamics and AFM imaging studies of bacterial cell wall structure19791980 Mark J. Cardillo (post-doc)
Sherwin J. SingerTheoretical Chemistry of Clusters, Films, and Condensed Phases1987 John D. Weeks (post-doc)
Ian C.P. SmithMolecular Biophysics19661967 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Frank H. Stillingermolecular dynamics
Villy SundströmPhotochemistry, time-resolved spectroscopy,19751976 Peter M. Rentzepis (research assistant)
David W. TankNeural Circuit Dynamics Alan R. Kay (collaborator), John J. Hopfield (research scientist)
Leonard W. ter HaarComputational materials chemistry; magnetic systems; energy and power sources; thermodynamics19841985 Francis J. DiSalvo (post-doc)
Alan E. Tonellipolymers
Kamil (Kâmil Uğurbil) Ugurbil19771979 Robert G. Shulman (post-doc)
Cyril A.G.O. Varmalaser spectroscopy1972 Peter M. Rentzepis (post-doc)
John D. WeeksTheoretical studies involving: nonuniform and confined fluids, ionic fluids, hydrophobic interactions, the static and dynamic properties of solid interfaces and thin films, density functional theory, pattern formation and crystal growth
Paul S. Weissatomic-scale chemical, physical, optical, mechanical and electronic properties of surfaces and supramolecular assemblies19861988 Mark J. Cardillo (post-doc)
R. Stanley Williamsnanotechnology, computing, cognition
Robert R. Williamsmolecular structure of vitamin B1, thiamine
Kurt Wüthrichnuclear magnetic resonance19671969 Robert G. Shulman (research scientist)
Shu YangPolymers, Composites, Photonics, Wetting, Adhesion, Geometry, Mechanical Behaviors, Biomimetics
Joseph A. Zasadzinskibiomembranes, liquid crystals19841986 Saul Meiboom (post-doc), Ronald S. Pindak (post-doc)