Loma Linda University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Anamika Basu Carlos A. Casiano (post-doc)
Terry A. Brown-BryanMolecular Biology2005 Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Cheryl G. BurrellRadiation Chemistry, Cell Biology2007 Lora M. Green (grad student)
Christina Cajigas-DuRoss Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Carlos A. CasianoMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology
Tracy R. DanielsCell Biology, Oncology2004 Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Daisy D. De LeonMolecular Biology, Oncology
Natasha S. DeanMicrobiology Biology2004 Anthony Zuccarelli (grad student)
Penelope Duerksen-HughesCell Biology, Microbiology Biology
Jesika S. FaridiCell Biology, Oncology2000 Daisy D. De Leon (grad student)
Hansel FletcherGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Theodore O. GarnettMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2006 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Lora M. GreenCell Biology, Microbiology Biology
Daila S. GridleyMicrobiology Biology, Radiation Physics
Teka-Ann S. HaynesMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Genetics2009 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Leroy G. HenryMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2011 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Sheldon L. HolderMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2005 Michael B. Lilly (grad student)
Huong T. HuynhPharmacology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology2000 Robert W. Teel (grad student)
George T. JavorGenetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Neal A. JohnsonMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Dentistry2004 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Joseph I. KangBiochemistry, Oncology2008 Lawrence Sowers (grad student)
Julie K. KasarjianMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Junichi Ryu (grad student)
James D. KetteringMicrobiology Biology
Lai S. LeohMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Oncology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2011 Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Michael B. LillyMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology
Adeola Y. MakindeBiochemistry, Immunology, Oncology2009 Daila S. Gridley (grad student)
Rachelle McKenzieMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Lancelot S. McLeanOncology, Genetics2008 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Melanie Mediavilla-VarelaMicrobiology Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology2009 Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Shalini MehrotraMicrobiology Biology, Radiation Physics Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2012 Daila S. Gridley (grad student)
Monte W. MillerCell Biology, Microbiology Biology2004 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Glen M. MillerImmunology, Radiology2003 Daila S. Gridley (grad student)
Azim M. MohamedaliMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology2001 James D. Kettering (grad student)
Arun S. MuthiahMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2013 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Garth J. OlangoMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics2001 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Greisha Ortiz Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Devon J. OsbourneMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Baltic Studies, Cell Biology, Genetics Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2011 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Fabio Pacheco Carlos A. Casiano (post-doc)
Pinal R. PandyaCell Biology2007 Lora M. Green (grad student)
Teleka C. PatrickOncology, African American Studies, Women's Studies, Molecular Biology Biochemistry2013 Daisy D. De Leon (grad student)
Leandra P. PetersAnimal Physiology Biology, Nutrition, Pharmacology2002 Robert W. Teel (grad student)
Suzanne E. PhillipsMicrobiology Biology2003 Igor Zhulin (grad student)
Angelique E. RichardsonMolecular Biology, Oncology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2011 Daisy D. De Leon (grad student)
Leslimar Rios-Colon CHDMM Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Asma RizviMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology2008 Daila S. Gridley (grad student)
Daniel K. RogstadBiochemistry2008 Lawrence Sowers (grad student)
Junichi RyuMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology
Eva SahakianMicrobiology Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2010 Michael B. Lilly (grad student), Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Martha C. SanchezNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2008 Lora M. Green (grad student)
Erin L. SchmidtMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology2010 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Virginia G. SerraCell Biology, Microbiology Biology2009 Lora M. Green (grad student)
Shahrokh ShabahangMicrobiology Biology2001 James D. Kettering (grad student)
Shaun M. SheetsMicrobiology Biology, Cell Biology2006 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Lawrence SowersMicrobiology Biology
Laura Stiel
Robert W. TeelPharmacology, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology
Sandy S. TungteakkhunVirology Biology2008 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Victoria ValinluckMolecular Biology2007 Lawrence Sowers (grad student)
Elaine A. VanterpoolMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics2005 Hansel Fletcher (grad student)
Sharda K. VyasMolecular Biology, Oncology2005 Daisy D. De Leon (grad student)
Vonetta M. WilliamsBiochemistry, Virology Biology, Immunology, Oncology Biochemistry2014 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Adides A. WilliamsBiochemistry, General Biophysics Biochemistry2012 Lawrence Sowers (grad student)
Leanne Woods-Burnham Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Xiwei WuCell Biology, Immunology2002 Carlos A. Casiano (grad student)
Chung-Hsiang YuanMicrobiology Biology, Virology Biology, Oncology Microbiology and Molecular Genetics2013 Penelope Duerksen-Hughes (grad student)
Igor ZhulinMicrobiology Biology
Anthony ZuccarelliMicrobiology Biology