Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Richard BeckerShockwaves and detonation, plasticity of metals and theory of ferromagnetism and superconductivity, statistical physics1922 Max Planck (post-doc)
Max Bornquantum mechanics, solid-state physics, optics
Debendra Mohan BoseParticle physics, nuclear physics, radiochemistry1919 Erich Regener (grad student)
Walther Bothenuclear physics1914 Max Planck (grad student)
K. Ferdinand Braun1872 Georg Hermann Quincke (grad student)
Karl Christian BruhnsAstronomy1856 Johann Franz Encke (grad student)
Franz Friedrich Ernst Brünnow1843 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (grad student), Johann Franz Encke (grad student)
Heinrich Bruns1871 Karl Weierstrass (grad student), Ernst Eduard Kummer (grad student)
Albert Pruden Carman18881890 Hermann von Helmholtz (post-doc)
Alfred D. Cole18941895 Heinrich Rubens (post-doc)
Marianus Czerny1923 Gerhard Georg Hettner (grad student), Heinrich Rubens (grad student)
Heinrich Louis d'Arrest18451850 Johann Franz Encke (grad student)
Peter J. W. DebyePhysical chemistry, structural chemistry
Enno Heeren Dirksen
Anders Severin DonnerMathematics, Astronomy1879 Karl Weierstrass (grad student)
Paul Karl Ludwig DrudeOptics
Henri E. J. G. du Boismathematical physics and mechanics
Albert EinsteinPhysics19251933 Leó Szilárd (collaborator)
Johann Franz EnckeAstronomy
Ernst Gottfried FischerElectricity, magnetism, light
Wilhelm Julius Foerster18551858 Johann Franz Encke (post-doc)
James Franck1911 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student), Paul Karl Ludwig Drude (research assistant), Heinrich Rubens (post-doc)
Otto Robert Frischnuclear physics19301930 Peter Pringsheim (post-doc)
Maurice Goldhabernuclear physics1933 Max von Laue (research assistant), Erwin Schrödinger (research assistant), Lise Meitner (research assistant)
Peter GrassmannProcess Engineering19321937 Walther Meißner (post-doc)
Eduard Grüneisen1900 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student)
Karl Eugen GutheElectricity19001901 Max Planck (research scientist)
Gustav Ludwig Hertz19111914 Heinrich Rubens (grad student), James Franck (collaborator)
Heinrich Rudolph HertzElectromagnetism1880 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Maximillian J. Herzbergeroptical theory; superachromat, a lens triplet that is color-corrected in its focus1923 Issai Schur (grad student)
Gerhard Georg HettnerTheoretical physics1918 Heinrich Rubens (grad student)
Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi1825 Enno Heeren Dirksen (grad student)
Arrien JohnsenMineralogy, crystallography
Edward Taylor Joneselectromagnetism1895 August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student), Henri E. J. G. du Bois (grad student), Heinrich Rubens (grad student)
Hartmut Paul Kallmann1920 Max Planck (grad student)
Gustav Karsten1843 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (grad student)
Gustav Robert KirchhoffTheoretical physics1848 Heinrich Gustav Magnus (post-doc)
Carl KleinMineralogy, crystallography
Max KohlerTheoretical physics1932 Max von Laue (grad student)
Horst Korschingnuclear physics1938 Hermann Schüler (grad student)
August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt1864 Heinrich Gustav Magnus (grad student)
Nicholas Kurtilow temperature physics1933 Sir Francis (Franz Eugen) Simon (grad student)
Elizabeth R. Laird18981899 Max Planck (research assistant)
Armin Otto Leuschner1897 John M. Schaeberle (grad student)
E. Percival Lewisinfrared and far ultraviolet spectroscopy18981900 Emil Gabriel Warburg (post-doc)
Frederick Alexander LindemannExperimental physics1911 Walther Nernst (grad student)
Gabriel LippmannOptical physics, applied optical physics1875 Hermann von Helmholtz (research assistant)
Fritz Wolfgang London19271928 Erwin Schrödinger (research scientist)
William Francis Magieproperties of solutions1885 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Heinrich Gustav MagnusPhysics and chemistry1827 Eilhard Mitscherlich (grad student)
Hans MarschallTheoretical physics1944 Siegfried Flügge (grad student)
Wilhelm Meinardus1894 Ferdinand von Richthofen (grad student)
Walther Meißnerlow temperature physics19041907 Max Planck (grad student)
Lise Meitnernuclear fission1907 Max Planck (research scientist)
Kurt Alfred Georg Mendelssohnlow temperature physics, transuranic elements, and medical physics.1931 Sir Francis (Franz Eugen) Simon (grad student)
Georg MenzerCrystallography, mineralogy1930 Arrien Johnsen (grad student)
Ernest George Merrittluminescence18931894 Max Planck (post-doc)
Wilhelm Meyer Mathematics Mathematics1878 Leopold Kronecker (grad student), Karl Weierstrass (grad student)
Edgar Meyer19031907 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student), Paul Karl Ludwig Drude (post-doc)
Albert Abraham Michelsonoptics, light interferometry18801881 Hermann von Helmholtz (research scientist)
Eilhard MitscherlichChemistry, mineralogy18181819 Heinrich Friedrich Link (post-doc)
Friedrich Fritz Möglich19271927 Max von Laue (grad student)
Franz Ernst Neumanntheoretical physics1826 Christian Samuel Weiss (grad student)
Ernest Fox Nichols18941896 Peter Pringsheim (grad student), Heinrich Rubens (grad student)
Edward Leamington Nichols18761878 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Ernst Max OrlichElectrical engineering1896 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student)
Max Planck Hermann von Helmholtz (research assistant), Gustav Robert Kirchhoff (research assistant)
Robert Wichard Pohl19061909 Heinrich Rubens (post-doc), Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student)
Peter PringsheimLuminescence
Ivan Puluj1876 August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (post-doc)
Michael I. PupinElectrical engineering1889 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Friedrich August QuenstedtGeology, palaeontology, mineralogy, crystallography1836 Christian Samuel Weiss (grad student)
Georg Hermann Quinckecapillarity, acoustics, optics1858 Heinrich Gustav Magnus (grad student)
Erich Regener19091922 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student), Heinrich Rubens (collaborator)
Max Gustav Hermann ReichApplied electricity1899 Emil Gabriel Warburg (grad student)
Franz Joseph Matthias RicharzSolid state physics1884 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Gustav RoseMineralogy1820 Christian Samuel Weiss (grad student)
Henry A. Rowland1875 Hermann von Helmholtz (research scientist)
Heinrich Rubenselektromagnetic radiation1889 August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student)
George Friedrich Wilhelm Rümker18511853 Johann Franz Encke (research assistant)
Carl Rungeapplied mathematics1880 Karl Weierstrass (grad student)
Alexander Stuart RussellRadioactivity1912 Walther Nernst (post-doc)
Heinrich Ferdinand ScherkMathematics and Astronomy1823 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel (grad student), Heinrich Wilhelm Brandes (grad student)
Walter Hans SchottkySemiconductor physics, Electronics1912 Max Planck (grad student)
Erwin Schrödingerphysics
Erich Schumannacoustics1922 Carl Stumpf (grad student)
Arthur Schusterspectroscopy, electrochemistry, optics, X-radiography1879 Hermann von Helmholtz (post-doc)
Sir Francis (Franz Eugen) Simonlow temperature physics, isotope separation of Uranium-2351922 Walther Nernst (grad student)
Hermann Theodor Simonelectrical engineering1894 August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student)
Frederick Slatemechanics18771879 Hermann von Helmholtz (post-doc)
Karl Snellmathematics, physics18271829 Ernst Gottfried Fischer (research assistant)
Leó Szilárd thermodynamics, biophysics, nuclear physics, and the development of atomic energy1922 Max von Laue (grad student)
John Torrence Tate1914 James Franck (grad student)
Hermann von HelmholtzPsychophysics1842 Johannes Peter Müller (grad student)
Max von LaueX-ray diffraction1903 Max Planck (grad student)
Ferdinand von RichthofenGeomorphology1856 Gustav Rose (grad student), Heinrich Gustav Magnus (research assistant)
Emil Gabriel Warburg1867 Heinrich Gustav Magnus (grad student), August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student)
Heinrich Friedrich Weber18711874 Hermann von Helmholtz (post-doc)
Arthur Gordon Webstermagnetism1890 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student), August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student)
Karl WeierstrassMathematics
Christian Samuel WeissCrystallography
Victor Frederick Weisskopf1932 Erwin Schrödinger (post-doc)
Gustav Heinrich WiedemannThermal conductivity of various metals1847 Heinrich Gustav Magnus (grad student)
Willy (Wilhelm) Carl Werner Otto Fritz Franz WienElectromagnetism1886 Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Max Carl Werner WienRF and Communications Technology1888 August Adolph Eduard Eberhard Kundt (grad student), Hermann von Helmholtz (grad student)
Robert Williams Wood18941896 Heinrich Rubens (post-doc)
Arthur Williams Wrightphysics and astronomy1869 August Wilhelm von Hofmann (post-doc), Heinrich Gustav Magnus (post-doc)
Wolfgang H. J. YourgrauHistory and Philosophy of Science1932 Wolfgang Köhler (grad student), Erwin Schrödinger (research assistant)