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Shengwang Du (Info) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Stanford, CU Boulder, Peking University, Nanjing University Atomic Physics, Optics Physics, Quantum Optics, Nonlinear Optics, Optical Microscopy, Bioimaing pq 2016‑03‑12
David Elbaz (Info) CEA - Saclay Observational Astrophysics, Cosmology vcharmandaris 2018‑12‑31
Minhua Fan (Info) Nanjing University shengwangdu 2018‑02‑03
Ai-Min Guo (Info) Harbin Institute of Technology qassim 2016‑10‑11
Wei HUANG (Info) Peking University & Nanjing University of Technology & Fudan University Physical Chemistry, organic electronics gcshan 2013‑08‑05
Chun Ning (Jeanie) Lau (Info) UC Riverside, Ohio State Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience, Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑03‑26
Ye Lin (Info) University of South Carolina Materials Science/Chemical Engineering/Electrochemistry, Energy generation/storage devices, Modern Microscopy and Spectroscopy YeLin 2016‑08‑15
Feng Liu (Info) Institute of Biophysics, Nanjing Univ., China computational neuroscience Canal 2011‑10‑24
Liang-Duan Liu (Info) Nanjing University liuld 2019‑07‑29
Liangduan liu (Info) Nanjing University liuld 2019‑07‑29
Feng Miao (Info) Nanjing University jlau 2019‑07‑15
Ming Qi (Info) Nanjing University shengwangdu 2018‑02‑03
Zongping Shao (Info) Nanjing University of Technology YeLin 2016‑08‑15
Shiyuan Shi (Info) Nanjing University Nuclear Physics gcheng 2013‑12‑07
Peng Wang Wang (Info) Nanjing University Electron Microscopy, Materials Charaterization PengWangDr 2018‑02‑01
Xuepeng Wang (Info) Nanjing University Condensed Matter Theory canglan324 2019‑03‑30
Chien-Shiung Wu (Info) Columbia Nuclear physics rex28 2010‑10‑30
Shi-Jie Xiong (Info) Nanjing University qassim 2016‑10‑11
Yi Zhang (Info) Stanford, Nanjing University, China 2020‑03‑27
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