Columbia University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Carlos Lima Hydroclimate dynamics Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Larry F. AbbottComputation & Theory
Isaac D. Abella Physics1963 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Justin J. AbramsonBiochemistry, Physical Chemistry2010 James Curtis Hone (grad student)
Sunil K. Agrawalrobotics, rehabilitation, dynamics, control, differential flatness
Marcel Agueros
Alexis A Aguilar-ArevaloExperimental Particle Physics Departamento of Physics20022007 Michael Herman Shaevitz (grad student)
Stein P. Ahlqvist Physics2013 Brian Greene (grad student)
Christine A. Aidala2006 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Austin J. Akey Materials Science and Engineering2012 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Igor Aleiner
Katherine Alfredowater systems Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Steven Patrick AlkireParticle Physics Physics20132017 Emlyn W. Hughes (grad student)
maura allairewater systems Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Rafael V. AlmeidaGeology, Geochemistry, Geophysics Earth and Environmental Sciences2014 Nicholas Christie-Blick (grad student)
Leonard Erwin Alsop Physics1961 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Andrew Altheimer Physics2014 Gustaaf H. Brooijmans (grad student)
Boris L. Altshulerquantum theory of condensed matter physics
Jennifer AminzadeAtmospheric Sciences, Climate Change, Water Resource Management Earth and Environmental Sciences2011 David H. Rind (grad student)
Saifedean H. AmmousSustainability, General Economics, Energy, Alternative Energy Sustainable Development2011 John C. Mutter (grad student)
Hongjun An Physics2011 Charles Hailey (grad student)
John Gregg Anderson Earth and Environmental Sciences19701976 Paul G. Richards (grad student)
Orson L. Anderson
Herbert L. AndersonParticle Physics1940 John Ray Dunning (grad student), Enrico Fermi (grad student)
Jeff J. AndrewsBinary Evolution2015 Marcel Agueros (grad student)
Sarah M. AngeliniFluid and Plasma Physics Applied Physics2014 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Aaron Angerami Physics2012 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Elena Aprile
Derek Araujo Amber Dawn Miller (grad student)
Louis-Francois Arsenault physics Andrew John Millis (post-doc)
Ana Asenjo-Garcia
Arthur AshkinLaser trapping, solar power1947 Sidney Millman (research assistant)
Julius Ashkinparticle physics1943 Willis Eugene Lamb (grad student)
Paul D. AsimowMineralogy, Geophysics Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory19971999 Charles H. Langmuir (post-doc), David Walker (post-doc)
Daphne C. AvgoustiBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Genetics Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics2012 Alla Grishok (grad student)
Winslow F. Bakerparticle physics Nevis Cyclotron Laboratories19581960 L. James Rainwater (grad student), Carlo Rubbia (collaborator)
H. Dean Baker
Charles BaltayExperimental Elementary Particle Physics
David A. BalzariniFluid and Plasma Physics Physics1968 Lee R Wilcox (grad student)
William M. BannonEthnic and Racial Studies, Mental Health, Black Studies2005 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Xiaojia Bao Sustainable Development Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Jonathan R. BarbourGeophysics, Hydrology, Physical Geography2008 Colin P. Stark (grad student)
David S. Bard1995 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Alan Hildreth Barrettradio astronomy, and the spectroscopic study of the interstellar medium1956 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Imre Bartos Physics2012 Szabolcs Marka (grad student)
Carl Barus18741876 Ogden Nicholas Rood (research assistant)
Dimitri N. Basovquantum materials
Robin E. BellGeophysics
Jennifer L. BellamySocial Work, Mental Health2006 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Andrei Beloborodov
Noemie Benczer-KollerNuclear Physics1958 Chien-Shiung Wu (grad student)
Andre A. BenderGeology, Geophysics2000 Nicholas Christie-Blick (grad student)
William R. Bennett Faculty of Pure Science Faculty of Pure Science1959 Vernon W. Hughes (grad student), Chien-Shiung Wu (grad student)
Charles Raymond BentleyAntarctica, glaciology, ice drilling1957 W. Maurice Ewing (grad student)
Segev Y. BenZvineutrinos Physics20032007 Janet Marie Conrad (grad student), Stefan Westerhoff (grad student)
Judd Bernard1990 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Sean L. BerryGeneral Physics, General Biophysics, Radiology Applied Physics2012 Cheng-Shie Wuu (grad student)
Richard BersohnPhysical chemistry1950 Willis Eugene Lamb (post-doc)
Nir Berzak1979 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Amitava BhattacharjeeFluid and Plasma Physics, Geophysics
Joseph L. BirmanCondensed Matter Physics1952 George E. Kimball (grad student)
Francis Bittermagnetism1929 Albert Potter Wills (grad student)
Allan Blaer
Frederic Columbus Blake1906 Ernest Fox Nichols (grad student)
Sarah E. BledsoeSocial Work, Mental Health, Public Health2007 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Leo BlitzAstronomy and Astrophysics Physics1979 Patrick Thaddeus (grad student)
Adrienne E. BlockGeophysics Earth and Environmental Sciences2011 Robin E. Bell (grad student)
Martin Moses BlockPhenomenology in elementary particle physics: ultra-high energy hadronic collisions, cosmic ray p-air collisions, ultra-high energy cosmic ray neutrino-isonucleon collisions, analytic solutions to perturbative QCD and mathematical physics.1952 William Westerfield Havens (grad student)
Barry J. BlumenfeldElementary Particles and High Energy Physics19681974 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
Felix BoehmNuclear physics19521953 Chien-Shiung Wu (post-doc)
Aage Niels BohrNuclear physics
Daniel Isadore Bolefnuclear acoustic resonance1952 Polykarp Kusch (research assistant), Isidor Isaac Rabi (grad student)
Henry Abraham Boorselow-temperature physics Physics1934 Albert Potter Wills (grad student)
Eugene T. BoothNuclear physics
Allen H BoozerFluid and Plasma Physics
Liubomir A. Borissovneutrinos2004 Janet Marie Conrad (grad student), Joseph David Lykken (grad student)
Tulika BoseElementary Particles and High Energy Physics2006 Harold Geoffrey Evans (grad student)
Joanne BourgeoisGeology, Sedimentology, Paleoseismology, History of Geology Geology1976 Rhodes W Fairbridge (research assistant)
Mary Cunningham Boycemolecular and nanomechanics of polymers and soft composites
Douglas A. Bramel2005 Reshmi Mukherjee (grad student)
David J. BrennerOptics Physics
Léon Brillouinquantum mechanics, solid state physics
Gustaaf H. Brooijmans
Robert Hyman BroutHigh-energy physics1953 George E. Kimball (grad student)
Harold Brown1949 Isidor Isaac Rabi (grad student)
Truman R. BrownMagnetic resonance applications
Casey Brown Columbia Water Center Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
William Fuller Brown, Jr.ferromagnetism1937 Shirley Leon Quimby (grad student)
James N. Brune1961 W. Maurice Ewing (grad student)
Frank Buchsbaum1967 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Norman Kenneth Bucknor1991 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Burton Budick
Hubert H. Burke1995 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Harmen J. Bussemaker
Jalal ButtFluid and Plasma Physics Steven A. Sabbagh (grad student)
Alessandro Buzzatti Physics2013 Miklos Gyulassy (grad student)
Jean-Pierre CaillaultAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy19811985 David J. Helfand (grad student)
Allen Christopher Caldwell
Andrea Califanogene regulatory models
Leslie Camilleri
Jeremy P. Carlostrongly correlated electron materials, superconductivity, magnetic materials, neutron scattering, muon spin relaxation2009 Yasutomo Uemura (grad student)
David L. Carter Physics1962 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Gianluigi Catelani2005 Igor Aleiner (grad student)
Cory J. CatesFluid and Plasma Physics2006 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Seth Caughron2010 Gustaaf H. Brooijmans (grad student)
Bhupesh ChandraMechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2009 James Curtis Hone (grad student)
Shailesh ChandrasekharanTheory, Lattice QCD19901995 Norman Howard Christ (grad student)
Daniel Chapman Amber Dawn Miller (grad student)
Alexei Chekhlovfluid mechanics, turbulence theory, quantitative finance
Shien-Chi Chen1984 Thomas Carlisle Marshall (grad student)
Ching-Kong ChenMechanism, Machine Design, CAD1989 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Xingang Chen2003 Erick J. Weinberg (grad student)
Hsing-Hen Chen1973 Malvin A Ruderman (grad student)
Changyao ChenNanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics Mechanical Engineering2013 James Curtis Hone (grad student)
Xuelei Chencosmology, radio astronomy, particle astrophysics Physics19941999 Marc P. Kamionkowski (grad student)
Xinzhong Chen2000 Edward A. Spiegel (grad student)
Yiing-Rei ChenCondensed Matter Physics Chemistry Richard A. Friesner (post-doc)
Michael Chengrelativistic field theory2008 Norman Howard Christ (grad student)
Gary C. Cheng Physics2013 Michael Herman Shaevitz (grad student)
Meng-Sang Chew1980 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
William ChinowskyAstrophysics1955 Jack H. Steinberger (grad student)
Mickey G. Chiu2004 William Allen Zajc (grad student)
Jae Young Choe1999 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Kang Il Choe1994 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Bin Choi Physics2013 Elena Aprile (grad student)
James C. Chonko2006 Charles Hailey (grad student)
Norman Howard Christrelativistic field theory1966 Tsung-Dao (政道) Lee (李) (grad student)
Nicholas Christie-BlickGeology, Geophysics
Richard Lawrence CifelliPaleontology, Geology1983 Malcolm Carnegie McKenna (grad student), Frederick S. Szalay (grad student)
Owen C. ClanceyMedical Biophysics, Computer Science, Radiation Physics Applied Physics2011 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Susan Eleanor ClarkMagnetic Fields, Interstellar Medium Astronomy Astronomy20122017 Mary E. Putman (grad student), Joshua E. Peek (grad student)
Saul D. CohenLattice QCD20012007 Robert Dale Mawhinney (grad student)
Brian Andrew ColeParticle Physics
Derek Colley
Martin L. CollierPetrology, Geochemistry Earth and Environmental Sciences2012 Marc Spiegelman (grad student)
Eugene David ComminsAtomic, Molecular And Optical Physics1958 Polykarp Kusch (grad student)
Janet Marie Conradneutrinos
Mark S. Cooke2010 John Parsons (grad student)
Leon N. CooperLearning & Memory1954 Robert Serber (grad student)
Jean CottamExperimental & Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology2001 Steven M. Kahn (grad student)
Elizabeth A. Cottrell2004 David Walker (grad student)
Calin-Radu Cristian2002 Robert Dale Mawhinney (grad student)
James A. CrittendenElementary Particle and Accelerator Physics Physics19801986 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
Arlin P S CrottsAstronomy and Astrophysics
Herman Z. Cummins Physics1963 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
John Patrick CunninghamComputation and Theory, Theoretical Neuroscience, Cognitive/Systems Neuroscience, statistical Machine Learning, Motor Systems
Alessandro Curioni2004 Elena Aprile (grad student)
Kristina R. CzuchlewskiGeophysics, Geotechnology2005 William Menke (grad student)
Jay Gregory Dash Physics1951 Henry Abraham Boorse (grad student)
Philip S. DatserisMechanical Design and Optimization; Robotics and Automation; Artificial Intelligence as Applied in Engineering Design1977 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Bergen Davis1901 Frank Leo Tufts (grad student)
Cory Dean
Bryan A. DeBonoFluid and Plasma Physics, Electricity and Magnetism Physics Applied Physics2014 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Frederik Denef
Onur DenizhanRobotics, Dynamics, Control
Maria Cristina Depasier Physics Edward A. Spiegel (grad student)
Samuel Devons
James H. DickersonExperimental solid-state physics.2004 Irving P. Herman (post-doc)
Joy Didier Amber Dawn Miller (grad student)
Mark DijkstraAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Zoltan Haiman (grad student)
Armand L. Dil Pare1965 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Magdalena Djordjevic2005 Miklos Gyulassy (grad student)
Lew Dobrjanskyj1966 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Jeremy Dodd
Scott DodelsonCosmology1988 Gerald Feinberg (grad student)
Fabio Dominguez Physics2011 Alfred H. Mueller (grad student)
Fred Arthur DonathStructural geology
Jennifer L. DonovanAstronomy and Astrophysics2009 Jacqueline Henriëtte van Gorkom (grad student)
David E. DorfanAstronomy and Astrophysics1967 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
James Doss-GollinHydroclimate dynamics Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Lorna Dougan20062008 Julio Fernandez (post-doc)
George Christ Dousmanismasers Physics1956 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Ralph L. Dratch1973 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Wen-xuan DuGeophysics2002 Lynn R. Sykes (grad student)
Steven Dubowskydynamics, design, and control of high performance machine systems, robots, and manipulators1971 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Gerald DuganElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1973 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
Irene Dujovne2005 Aron Pinczuk (grad student)
Robert N. Dumoulin Physics2011 Amber Dawn Miller (grad student)
John Ray Dunningneutron physics, gaseous diffusion for isotope separation1934 George B. Pegram (grad student)
John Ray Dunning,Jr. John Ray Dunning (research assistant)
Thomas G. Ebreyvisual pigments, bacteriorhodopsin
Thomas G. EckAtomic Physics, Solid State Physics, Surface Physics1958 Polykarp Kusch (grad student)
Dmitri K. Efetov Physics2014 Philip Kim (grad student)
Timothy P. EichlerPhysical Geography, Atmospheric Science Physics2000 David H. Rind (grad student)
Peter Eisenberger
Bob I. EisensteinExperimental high-energy physics; weak interactions of B mesons.1964 Allan M. Sachs (grad student)
Todd Elder2018 Allen H Boozer (grad student)
Solomon G. Endlich Physics2013 Alberto Nicolis (grad student)
Tatia Engelmore Physics2011 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Michael EracleousAstronomy and Astrophysics1992 Jules P. Halpern (grad student)
Resul Eryigit1997 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Harold Geoffrey EvansGeneral Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
W. Maurice Ewinggeophysics, oceanography
Brian C. FabienDynamic System Optimization1990 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Maxim Factourovich Physics2015 Szabolcs Marka (grad student)
Gioacchino FaillaRadiation research, Biophysics
Rhodes W Fairbridge
Wenchun Eugene Fang1989 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Wenjuan Fang2009 Lam Hui (grad student)
David Farnham Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Mina Fazlollahi2013 Harmen J. Bussemaker (grad student)
Gerald Feinbergnuclear particles Physics1957 Tsung-Dao (政道) Lee (李) (grad student)
Bernard T. Feldhigh-energy physics1945 Willis Eugene Lamb (grad student)
Paul D. Feldmanspace ultraviolet astronomy and spectroscopy1964 Robert Novick (grad student)
Enrico FermiParticle Theory
Rafael M. FernandesTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Andrej Ficnar Physics2014 Miklos Gyulassy (grad student)
Barry M. FineMolecular Biology, Oncology2008 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
Ian S. Fischerdual-number analysis of mechanisms, particulate and multiphase flows1985 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Prudence W. FisherSocial Work, Guidance and Counseling Education, Individual and Family Studies2000 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Val Logsdon FitchParticle Physics1953 L. James Rainwater (grad student)
George T. Fleming2001 Robert Dale Mawhinney (grad student)
Bonnie T. FlemingExperimental Nuclear and Particle Physics2002 Janet Marie Conrad (grad student)
Harvey FletcherStereophonic Sound
Jacqueline S. FloydGeophysics, Geology2003 John C. Mutter (grad student)
Barrett C. Foat2007 Harmen J. Bussemaker (grad student)
Henry M. Foley
Joseph A. FormaggioHigh Energy Physics2001 Michael Herman Shaevitz (grad student)
Jacob H. Forstaterimmobilized biocatalysis, polymer dynamics, nanopore sensors, nano-bio interactions Chemical Engineering20142016 jingyue ju (post-doc)
Matthew S. FosterCondensed Matter Theory Physics20062008 Igor Aleiner (post-doc)
Kostas Fountas Michael Herman Shaevitz (grad student)
Zeev Fraenkelnuclear physics Columbia Radiation Laboratory1956 Norman M. Kroll (grad student)
Arthur J. Franke Physics2013 Michael Herman Shaevitz (grad student)
Justin Frantz2005 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Ferdinand Freudensteinkinematics1954 H. Dean Baker (grad student)
Richard Friedberg
Shaohua Fu2004 P. Michael Tuts (grad student)
Yasunori Fudamoto2000 Yasutomo Uemura (grad student)
Junichiro FujitaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Optics Physics2000 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Robert W. FullerQuantum physics, citizen diplomacy, social reform
Nicholas C. Fuller2002 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
James C. G.Geophysics
Ophir GaathonCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering Applied Physics2012 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Alexander L. GaetaQuantum and nonlinear photonics and optics
James Martin Galliganmetallurgy
James E. GangwischMental Health, Social Work, Public Health2003 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Xuan Gao2003 Aron Pinczuk (grad student)
Mingcheng Gao2003 P. Michael Tuts (grad student)
Andrea M. GarofaloFluid and Plasma Physics
Ioana M. Gat2003 Yasutomo Uemura (grad student)
David Gates1994 Gerald A. Navratil (grad student)
Amy Gerstein MontiaMolecular Biology2007 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
Joel Gersten
Stanley Geschwindexperimetal condensed matter physics, light scattering in solids, electron paramagnetic resonance, optical spectroscopy and inelastic light scattering, magnetic linear chains1951 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Suvi T. GezariAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Jules P. Halpern (grad student)
Saba GhassemiMaterials Science Engineering, General Biophysics, Nanotechnology Mechanical Engineering2011 James Curtis Hone (grad student)
Gurdev Singh Gill1981 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Joseph Anthony Giordmainenonlinear optics1960 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Dave GoldbergGeophysics
David Goluskin Applied Mathematics2013 Edward A. Spiegel (grad student)
James Power Gordon1955 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Douglas Owen Gough Astronomy Edward A. Spiegel (research scientist)
Konstantin GoulianosElementary Particles and High Energy Physics Physics1963 Melvin Schwartz (grad student)
Michael Grad Mechanical Engineering2013 Qiao Lin (grad student)
John P. GranvilleGeophysics2004 Paul G. Richards (grad student)
Benjamin D. Greenbaum2006 Allan Blaer (grad student)
Brian Greene
Brian A. GriersonFluid and Plasma Physics2009 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Daniel R. GrischkowskyUltrafast Science with Lasers1968 Sven R. Hartmann (grad student)
Alla GrishokBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Genetics
Silas K GrossberndtHigh energy QCD scattering Physics Physics20172014 Alfred H. Mueller (research assistant), P. Michael Tuts (research assistant)
Rebecca GrossmanAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics Physics2011 Eduardo Ponton (grad student)
Richard R. GroteElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Electricity and Magnetism Physics, Optics Physics Electrical Engineering2014 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Gilles GuerinGeophysics2000 Dave Goldberg (grad student)
Huidong Guo2006 Erick J. Weinberg (grad student)
Anupma GuptaGeology, Geophysics2001 Christopher H. Scholz (grad student)
Miklos GyulassyHigh Energy Nuclear Theory
Salman HabibGeneral Physics
James C. Hackworth2006 Erick J. Weinberg (grad student)
Charles Hailey
Zoltan HaimanAstrophysics Physics
Gabor Halasz2009 Harmen J. Bussemaker (grad student)
William HallockPhysics
Jules P. Halpernpulsars, neutron stars; gamma-ray bursts; active galactic nuclei
Timothy Halpin-healy
Erika T. Hamden2014 David Schiminovich (grad student)
Silja Hame V. Faye McNeill (grad student)
Donald Ross Hamiltonnuclear physics1939 Isidor Isaac Rabi (grad student)
Ming HanPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2000 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Shervin Hanachi1986 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
J. A. Hanks Physics2012 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
John Happelfluid dynamics, chemical kinetics and catalysis
Masahiko Haraguchi Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Sven R. Hartmannphoton echoes
Edward P. HartouniElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1983 Wonyong Lee (grad student)
Peter Havasrelativistic theory of elementary particles1944 Willis Eugene Lamb (grad student)
William Westerfield Havensnuclear science and engineering1946 John Ray Dunning (grad student)
Dennis HayesGeophysics, Hydrology, Geology
Christopher P. Hays2001 P. Michael Tuts (grad student)
Rui He2006 Aron Pinczuk (grad student)
Michael J. HebenCondensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering, Physical Chemistry
Luther Grant Hector1924 Albert Potter Wills (grad student)
Chris C. HegnaFluid and Plasma Physics, Nuclear Engineering1989 Amitava Bhattacharjee (grad student)
Miroslav Helbich2004 Frank Joseph Sciulli (grad student)
Ian A. HennessyMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2002 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
Erik A. HenriksenCondensed matter physics, graphene2008 Horst L. Störmer (grad student)
Irving P. Herman
John E. Hibbard1995 Jacqueline Henriëtte van Gorkom (grad student)
Hiroyoshi Hiejima2001 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Seth Hillbrand Physics2014 Amber Dawn Miller (grad student)
John P. Hilton Mechanical Engineering2013 Qiao Lin (grad student)
Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin2004 Aron Pinczuk (grad student)
David G. HitlinExperimental High Energy Physics1968 Chien-Shiung Wu (grad student)
Michelle Ho Columbia Water Center Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Cindy HodakoskiMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Studies2012 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
James Curtis HoneGraphene, 2D materials, NEMS, nano-biology
JaeSub Hong2002 Charles Hailey (grad student)
Arnold HonigCondensed Matter Physics1954 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
William Alexander Horowitz Physics Miklos Gyulassy (grad student)
Radley M. HortonAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography2007 David H. Rind (grad student)
Diedi Hu Physics2015 John Parsons (grad student)
Mingyuan HuangMechanical Engineering2009 James Curtis Hone (grad student)
Xian Huang Mechanical Engineering2011 Qiao Lin (grad student)
Emlyn W. HughesParticle Physics1987 Jack H. Steinberger (grad student)
Vernon W. Hughesparticle physics1950 Isidor Isaac Rabi (grad student)
Lam Hui
Brian Humensky
Thomas B. HumenskyAstronomy and Astrophysics, Astrophysics Physics
Kiyohito Iigaya Physics2014 Yasutomo Uemura (grad student), Stefano Fusi (grad student)
Osman Tugay Inal1969 James Martin Galligan (grad student)
Mohammad A. Islam2003 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Tomoyuki IzuharaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2004 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Mark JacksonSuperstring theory, cosmology, quantum computing Physics Brian Greene (grad student)
Miranda JacksonAstronomy and Astrophysics2005 Jules P. Halpern (grad student)
Harold JacobyAstronomy1896 John Krom Rees (grad student)
John A. JakobGenetics, Oncology2004 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
In S. Janggene regulatory models Electrical Engineering2012 Andrea Califano (grad student)
Ali Mortimer JavanLasers1954 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Julia Jean-FrancoisSocial Work, Health Care Management2008 Edward J. Mullen (grad student)
Tianxia JiaGeophysics Earth and Environmental Sciences2011 Arthur L. Lerner-Lam (grad student)
Shengguo Jia2008 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Ganqing JiangGeology, Geochemistry2002 Nicholas Christie-Blick (grad student)
Mario A. Jimenez-Garate2001 Charles Hailey (grad student)
Wen JinGeophysics, Geology2000 William B. F. Ryan (grad student)
Xiao-Yong Jin Physics2011 Robert Dale Mawhinney (grad student)
Chad Johnson2009 Gustaaf H. Brooijmans (grad student)
Fred M. Johnson1958 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Bradley Johnson
Ilon JosephFluid and Plasma Physics2005 Allen H Boozer (grad student)
Laureline Josset Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Daniel N. KabatTheory Physics, Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics
Steven M. KahnExperimental & Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology
Mohan S. KalelkarElementary Particles and High Energy Physics1975 Charles Baltay (grad student)
Peter M. Kalmus2008 Szabolcs Marka (grad student)
Theodoros KalogeropoulosExperimental Particle Physics
Marc P. KamionkowskiCosmology, particle astrophysics, astrophysics, particle physics
Arthur Robert Kantrowitzhigh-intensity molecular beams, shock-wave physics, and high-temperature gas dynamics Physics19341946 Edward Teller (grad student), Isidor Isaac Rabi (research assistant)
Yi-Han KaoCondensed Matter Physics1962 Seymour H. Koenig (grad student)
Christina KaramperidouHydroclimate dynamics Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (grad student)
Zvi KarczGeology2005 Christopher H. Scholz (grad student)
Garry KarnerGeophysics, Geology
Ioannis Katsanos2008 John Parsons (grad student)
Oksana N. Katsuro-HopkinsFluid and Plasma Physics2007 Gerald A. Navratil (grad student)
Samuel Katz1956 W. Maurice Ewing (grad student)
Richard F. KatzGeophysics2006 Marc Spiegelman (grad student)
Bruria KaufmanTheoretical Physics: Spinors and the Ising Model, General Relativity, Asymmetric field theory, Mossbauer effect, Mathematical Linguistics Mathematics1947 Lars Onsager (grad student)
Laura Kay
John W. Keck2001 Charles Hailey (grad student)
Maxwell KelleyAtmospheric Science Physics, Geophysics2003 David H. Rind (grad student)
Lisa M. KennedyGenetics, Human Development Genetics and Development2013 Alla Grishok (grad student)
Sangsig Kim1996 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Young Duck Kimvan der Waals materials,Condensed matter physics, Quantum transport, Ultrafast optics20132017 James Curtis Hone (post-doc)
Philip KimCondensed Matter Physics
Bosang Kim2001 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Soojun Kim Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Changhoan Kimrelativistic field theory2004 Norman Howard Christ (grad student)
Ali A. KinkhabwalaExperimental & Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology2003 Steven M. Kahn (grad student)
Don Kirkhamtheoretical soil physics1938 Shirley Leon Quimby (grad student)
Paul P. Kisliuk1953 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Matthew Klein Physics2017 Emlyn W. Hughes (grad student)
Hans Kleinpoppen
Kevin R. Knox Physics2011 Philip Kim (grad student)
Serdar KocamanElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2011 Richard M. Osgood (grad student)
Yuri KovchegovElementary Particles and High Energy Physics, Radiation Physics, Quantum Physics1998 Alfred H. Mueller (grad student)
Robert Harry KraichnanTheoretical Physics, Theory of Fluid Turbulence, Field Theory and General Relativity
Theodore J. Kramer Materials Science and Engineering2013 Irving P. Herman (grad student)
Roban H. KramerAstrophysics Physics2010 Zoltan Haiman (grad student)
Kathryn KreckelAstronomy and Astrophysics Astronomy2012 Jacqueline Henriëtte van Gorkom (grad student)
Norman M. Kroll1948 Willis Eugene Lamb (grad student)
Ralph de Laer Kronigtheoretical physics1925 Albert Potter Wills (grad student)
Theodore Hugo Kruse1959 William Westerfield Havens (grad student)
Min Kuo V. Faye McNeill (grad student)
Tzu-Ling Kuo Physics2011 Allan Blaer (grad student)
Polykarp Kusch
Minho KwonPhysics2020 Sebastian Will (post-doc)
Hyun Han KwonHydrology Earth & Environmental Engineering Upmanu Lall (post-doc)
Yue S. Lai Physics2012 Brian Andrew Cole (grad student)
Upmanu LallCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Geophysics
Willis Eugene Lamb
Matthew J. LanctotFluid and Plasma Physics2010 Gerald A. Navratil (grad student)
Kenneth Landeastrophysics1958 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
John Darlington LandstreetAstronomy and Astrophysics1965 Lodewijk Woltjer (grad student)
Herbert Lashinskyplasma physics, nonlinear oscillations1961 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
June W. LauElectricity and Magnetism Physics, Condensed Matter Physics2006 Gertrude F. Neumark (grad student)
Luc L. LavierGeophysics, Geology2000 Micheal S. Steckler (grad student)
Andrew Werner Lawson1940 Shirley Leon Quimby (grad student)
Calin-Iuliu Lazaroiu2000 Brian Greene (grad student)
Allan Lazarovici Electrical Engineering2014 Harmen J. Bussemaker (grad student)
Harold Lecarion channels Physics1963 Charles Hard Townes (grad student)
Leon M. LedermanParticle physics1951 Eugene T. Booth (grad student)
Ting Wu Lee1975 Ferdinand Freudenstein (grad student)
Hak J. Lee Physics2014 Erick J. Weinberg (grad student)
Eunjee Lee2012 Harmen J. Bussemaker (grad student)
Youjin Lee2012 Irving P. Herman (post-doc)
Seung Whan Lee2013 Irving P. Herman (post-doc)
Wonyong LeeAstronomy and Astrophysics
Tsung-Dao (政道) Lee (李)particle physics
Juliet Lee-Franzinihigh energy physics1960 Jack H. Steinberger (grad student)
Jack Leitner1957 Jack H. Steinberger (grad student)
Arthur L. Lerner-LamGeophysics
Maurice A. LeuteneggerExperimental & Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology2006 Steven M. Kahn (grad student)
Jeffrey P. LevesqueFluid and Plasma Physics Applied Physics2012 Michael E. Mauel (grad student)
Janna J LevinAstrophysics, Gravitational Waves, and Cosmology
David Alexander Levinthal1980 Leon M. Lederman (grad student)
Ludmila A. Levkova2004 Robert Dale Mawhinney (grad student)
Wanyi Li V. Faye McNeill (grad student)
Xuejing Li Physics2012 Szabolcs Marka (grad student)
Baichang Li2D materials
Xiaodong Liaorelativistic field theory2003 Norman Howard Christ (grad student)
Danny LiawMolecular Biology, Oncology2001 Ramon E. Parsons (grad student)
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Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos2003 Alfred H. Mueller (grad student)
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Sebastian Will
William Jay Willisparticle physics
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Benjamin A. Wooten
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xian yang physics20172017 Aron Pinczuk (grad student)
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