University of Kentucky

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christal BadourPTSD, substance use disorder
Rick A. Bevinsaddiction Michael T. Bardo (post-doc)
Richard L. Blanton
David S. ChesterAggression, Rejection, Self-Regulation, Social Neuroscience, Research Methodology Department of Psychology20112016 Nathan DeWall (grad student)
Tricia S. ClementComparative Cognition, learning2002 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Carter W DanielsAnimal Learning & Cognition Psychology20112013 Thomas Robert Zentall (research assistant)
Timothy B. DeckmanSelf-Control, Aggression, Social Rejection20082012 Nathan DeWall (grad student)
Nathan DeWall
John W. DonahoeNeuroscience & Behavior James S. Calvin (grad student)
Brigette R. DorranceComparative Cognition, learning2000 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Aaron A. DukeMarital Conflict, Parental Problem Drinking, Sleep2013 Peggy S. Keller (grad student)
William E. Edmonston Psychology Frank Pattie (grad student)
Kate FloryADHD, child psychopathology19972004 Donald R. Lynam (grad student)
Andrea M. FriedrichComparative Cognition, learning2007 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Will Gervais
Peter Richard GiancolaAlcohol mediated Aggression
Lauren R. GilbertSleep, Stress Peggy S. Keller (grad student)
Eric A. Haak2011 Peggy S. Keller (grad student)
Daren H. KaiserComparative Cognition, learning2000 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Thomas J. KehleEducational Psychology Education, Middle School Education, Mathematics Education James R. Barclay (grad student)
Peggy S. KellerMarital Conflict, Parental Problem Drinking, Sleep20062008 Mona El-Sheikh (post-doc)
Marc T. KiviniemiRisk perception, Intervention development, Health decision-making
Conan KornetskyPsychopharmacology; drug and alcohol abuse19481952 Abraham Wikler (grad student)
Erik M. Lundevolutionary psychology, aggression, sexual fluidity, homosexuality, sexual aggression, ovulatory effects
Julie A. MarusichBehavioral Psychology, Pharmacology20082010 Michael T. Bardo (post-doc)
Holly C. MillerComparative Cognition, learning2010 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Saul MillerSocial Psychology20062011 Jonathan K. Maner (grad student)
Joshua D. Millerpersonality, personality disorder, antisocial behavior19962002 Donald R. Lynam (grad student)
Stephanie N. Mullins-Sweatt Psychology Thomas Widiger (grad student)
Frank Pattie
Lelon J. PeacockPhysiological and Comparative Psychology1956 James S. Calvin (grad student)
Jessica R. PetersMindfulness, Borderline Personality Disorder, Substance Abuse, Rumination
Rebecca M. Rayburn-ReevesComparative Cognition, learning Psychology2011 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Stephanie B. Richmanrejection, self-concept, relationships2014 Nathan DeWall (grad student)
Rebecca A. SingerComparative Cognition, learning2008 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Jessica P. StagnerComparative Cognition, learning2013 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
John Stern
Tim Trull Thomas Widiger (grad student)
Janice E. WeaverComparative Cognition, learning2003 Thomas Robert Zentall (grad student)
Thomas Robert ZentallComparative Cognition, learning