Oregon Health and Science University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sue AicherCentral autonomic reflex pathways, pain pathways, neuroanatomy2005 Michael C. Andresen (collaborator)
Peter G. Barr-Gillespiehair cell transduction
Timothy Butler20112016 Paul Thomas Spellman (grad student)
Philip F. Copenhavercell migration
Michael Danilchik
Ben Doron Peter Kurre (grad student)
William Harvey Fleming
Erica T. Goddard2017 Pepper Schedin (grad student)
David K. GrandyMolecular pharmacology of neurotransmitter receptors
Beth A. HabeckerAutonomic neuron plasticity, neurotransmitter/receptor expression
Michael Heskett2016 Paul Thomas Spellman (grad student)
Noah Hornick Peter Kurre (grad student)
Lance A. JohnsonPathology Behavioral Neuroscience Jacob Raber (post-doc)
Thomas M. KeckPharmacology, medications development, drug addiction, GPCR signaling Physiology & Pharmacology20042009 David K. Grandy (grad student)
Martin J. KellyGonadal and metabolic hormone modulation of hypothalamic neuronal excitability and control of homeostasis
Peter Kurrecancer biology
Kay Larkin Cell & Developmental Biology19941999 Michael Danilchik (grad student)
Braden T. LobingierNeuronal membrane traffic
Alexey J. MerzCell biology, Membrane biology, Membrane fusion, Golgi, Vacuole2000 Maggie So (grad student)
Asia Mitchell20122018 Paul Thomas Spellman (grad student)
Catherine MorgansThe molecular events underlying synaptic transmissions in the retina
Christopher S. NavaraCell Biology, Molecular Biology19951997 Gerald P. Schatten (post-doc)
Alex NechiporukDevelopment, Lateral line
Oline K. RonnekleivEstradiol regulation of hypothalamic circuits controlling fertility and motivated behavior
Charles E. RoselliNeuroendocrine, brain sexual differentiation, androgen action
Pepper Schedincancer biology
William Skachoncology, cell biology19891992 Vishwanath Rao Lingappa (post-doc)
Peter SutovskyAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Molecular Biology19941997 Gerald P. Schatten (post-doc)
Francis ValiyaveetilIon conduction and gating in K+ channels
Xiangshu XiaoChemical biology, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry