University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Taher S. AbabnehPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Jorg C. Woehl (grad student)
Joseph H. AldstadtAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry
Michael Allen1992 James M. Cook (grad student)
Jessica L. Ammerman Chemistry20022004 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Alexander ArnoldOrganic Chemistry
Patrick M. BarrePhysical Chemistry2002 Peter Geissinger (grad student)
Judith M. BatesBiochemistry2009 Graham R. Moran (grad student)
Anna BenkoOrganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry2007 Alan W. Schwabacher (grad student)
Yingzhi Bi Chemistry1994 James M. Cook (grad student)
Eric D. BlochInorganic and Solid State Chemistry
A BlumenfeldPhysical Chemistry
Gregory J. BodemerBiochemistry2008 Andrew A. Pacheco (grad student)
Vassil I. BoiadjievPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2000 Wilfred T. Tysoe (grad student)
Jorge A. BoscoboinikPhysical Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science Engineering2010 Wilfred T. Tysoe (grad student)
Werner Wilfried Brandt
Michael Cain1982 James M. Cook (grad student)
Olivia Campos1978 James M. Cook (grad student)
Hui Cao2003 James M. Cook (grad student)
Christine A. CarlsonPhysical Chemistry, Optics Physics, General Biophysics2010 Jorg C. Woehl (grad student)
Terrill S. Clayton2011 James M. Cook (grad student)
James M. CookAlkaloid total synthesis
Eric Cox Chemistry1997 James M. Cook (grad student)
Karen Crozier-ReabeBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology2009 Graham R. Moran (grad student)
Kevin M. CzerwinskiCanthinones1995 James M. Cook (grad student)
Li DengAlkaloid organocatalysis Chemistry19871990 James M. Cook (grad student)
Uwe DeppenmeierMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Mahendra Deshpande Chemistry1985 James M. Cook (grad student)
Hernando Diaz-Arauzo Chemistry1991 James M. Cook (grad student)
Mark DietzGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Linda Dorn1991 James M. Cook (grad student)
Raison DsouzaQuantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, Femtochemistry, biophysics
Daniel E.
Daniel E.
Rahul V. Edwankar2010 James M. Cook (grad student)
Chitra R. Edwankar2011 James M. Cook (grad student)
Garrett Finn Chemistry20192020 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Luke Fisher Chemistry19951999 Thomas A. Holme (grad student)
John A. Frost20072011 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Xiayong Fu1992 James M. Cook (grad student)
Octavio J. FurlongPhysical Chemistry2010 Wilfred T. Tysoe (grad student)
Sarah L. GarveyAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Mark Dietz (grad student)
Michael T. GarveyPhysical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 Wilfred T. Tysoe (grad student)
Peter GeissingerPhysical Chemistry
April R. Grant Chemistry20102012 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Timothy GrundlGeochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Organic Chemistry
Filadelfo Guzman1984 James M. Cook (grad student)
Timothy J. HagenMedicinal Chemistry1988 James M. Cook (grad student)
Linda Hamaker1990 James M. Cook (grad student)
Mohammad M. HaqueBiochemistry Chemistry2014 Xiaohua Peng (grad student)
Jason G. HarbAnalytical Chemistry20002004 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Cory HawkinsGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Mark Dietz (grad student)
Xiaohui He2000 James M. Cook (grad student)
Panqing HeBiochemistry2009 Graham R. Moran (grad student)
Paul E. HenningPhysical Chemistry2009 Peter Geissinger (grad student)
E. Alexander HillPhysical Organic Chemistry
M Mahmun HossainOrganic Chemistry
Tasneem Hossain-KumarOrganic Chemistry2007 Alan W. Schwabacher (grad student)
Shengming Huang2007 James M. Cook (grad student)
Mohammad Mohiminul IslamAnalytical Chemistry
Rajwana Jahan Chemistry and Biochemistry20122019 James M. Cook (grad student)
Yun Teng Johnson Chemistry2009 James M. Cook (grad student)
Edward Merle Johnson Chemistry2012 James M. Cook (grad student)
Rebecca L. Johnson Chemistry20002001 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Kayunta Johnson-WintersBiochemistry2006 Graham R. Moran (grad student)
Mohd Shahjahan Kabir2011 James M. Cook (grad student)
Helen J. Kaczmarek SableBehavioral Toxicology and Pharmacology2001 Rhea E. Steinpreis (grad student)
Jerry L. KasterEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Zoology Biology
Lisa K. Kendhammer Chemistry20092013 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
J Val KlumpEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Zoology Biology
Daniel Knutson Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry20142020 James M. Cook (grad student)
Greg G. Kubiak Chemistry19801986 James M. Cook (grad student)
Manoj Kumar Chemistry Stephen W. Ragsdale (post-doc)
Joseph T. Laboets Chemistry20172019 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Greg Lannoye1987 James M. Cook (grad student)
Shieu-Jeing Lee Chemistry1984 James M. Cook (grad student)
Xiaoyan Li2004 James M. Cook (grad student)
Guanguan Li Chemistry and Biochemistry20122019 James M. Cook (grad student)
Xuebin Liao2007 James M. Cook (grad student)
Sherry Lifer1987 James M. Cook (grad student)
Xiaoxiang Liu2002 James M. Cook (grad student)
Chunrong Ma2000 James M. Cook (grad student)
Jun Ma2006 James M. Cook (grad student)
Richard A. MacKenzieEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry, Zoology Biology2001 J Val Klump (grad student)
Veronica Marco Chemistry20122014 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Megan M. McCallumAnalytical Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biochemistry Chemistry2013 Alexander Arnold (grad student)
Jeffrey W. MeeusenPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2009 David H. Petering (grad student)
Jonathan Mielke
Shama Parveen MirzaAnalytical Chemistry
Randall Mitschka19761978 James M. Cook (grad student)
Graham R. MoranBiochemistry
V. V. N.
V. V. N.
Mohammad A. NamdarghanbariBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2014 David H. Petering (grad student)
Andrew B. NowakowskiBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 David H. Petering (grad student)
James Oehldrich Chemistry19741976 James M. Cook (grad student)
Scott Van Ornum1998 James M. Cook (grad student)
Andrew A. PachecoOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry
Alan J. PawlakInorganic Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Mark Dietz (grad student)
Xiaohua PengBiochemistry
David H. PeteringBiochemistry
Michael M. Poe Chemistry and Biochemistry20092016 James M. Cook (grad student)
Melissa A. PressmanAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry19982003 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Vincent M. PurperoBiochemistry2006 Graham R. Moran (grad student)
Diab Qadah
Diab T. Qadah Chemistry20052009 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Stephen W. RagsdaleBiochemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry
Md Toufiqur RahmanOrganic Synthesis Chemistry and Biochemistry20112018 James M. Cook (grad student)
Stephen Michael Rajesh chemistry Subbu perumal (grad student)
Sundari K. RallapalliAlkaloid total synthesis Chemistry2012 James M. Cook (grad student)
Ujala RanaBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2011 David H. Petering (grad student)
Maria V. RigoPhysical Chemistry2009 Peter Geissinger (grad student)
Aaron R. Roerdink Chemistry20002004 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Beth A. Ruddy Chemistry20032007 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Shawn C. Salske Chemistry20172020 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Scott A. Schlipp Chemistry20072011 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Ryan R. Schmeling Chemistry20102016 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Christopher A. SchultzGeochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Organic Chemistry2000 Timothy Grundl (grad student)
Alan W. SchwabacherOrganic Chemistry
Paul B. SchweigerMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2009 Uwe Deppenmeier (grad student)
Richard SniatynskyPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2010 Andrew A. Pacheco (grad student)
Dave Soerens1978 James M. Cook (grad student)
Natalia SteinOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Andrew A. Pacheco (grad student)
Yun-Chou Tan1988 James M. Cook (grad student)
Malati Thapa Chemistry20182020 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
V. V. N. Phani Babu Tiruveedhula Chemistry and Biochemistry20102017 James M. Cook (grad student)
Timothy J Trinkleinanalytical chemistry, data science Chemistry20172018 Joseph H. Aldstadt (grad student)
Mark L. Trudell1989 James M. Cook (grad student)
Wilfred T. TysoePhysical Chemistry, General Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Frank Ungemach Chemistry19741976 James M. Cook (grad student)
Michael Van Linn2009 James M. Cook (grad student)
Mani Venkatachalam1986 James M. Cook (grad student)
Tao Wang2001 James M. Cook (grad student)
Xiangyu (Annie) Wearing2004 James M. Cook (grad student)
Robert Weber1984 James M. Cook (grad student)
Jarett WilcoxenBioinorganic Chemistry, Enzymology, EPR
Chistopher M. Witzigmann Chemistry and Biochemistry20092016 James M. Cook (grad student)
Jorg C. WoehlPhysical Chemistry
Chuanwu XiaBiochemistry2002 David H. Petering (grad student)
Daisy Yang-Lan19741976 James M. Cook (grad student)
Wenyuan Yin2007 James M. Cook (grad student)
Matthew D. YoungblutBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Andrew A. Pacheco (grad student)
Peng Yu19941999 James M. Cook (grad student)
Chunchun Zhang2004 James M. Cook (grad student)
Weijiang Zhang1994 James M. Cook (grad student)
Lin-Hua Zhang1990 James M. Cook (grad student)
Shuo Zhao2001 James M. Cook (grad student)
Chunqing ZhaoBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2000 David H. Petering (grad student)
Jianyu ZhuBiochemistry2004 David H. Petering (grad student)
Joshua J. Ziarekbiochemistry, protein chemistry, NMR, structural biology, conformational dynamics20042007 J Rudi Strickler (research assistant)